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  1. macjay,



    another story that goes no-where…..we should be alert to season defyning tackles ;-))







  2. habaneros…..jesus….they’re spicy…..my tongue asks….WHY….the simple answer is….it’s why am a Tim….an if u have to ask why….hav a habanero ;-))










  3. 50 shades of green on



    Well played tonight, Celtic. It was an entertaining 90 minutes.




    Having family committed to The Commitments meant I was flying solo at the game. Done for this year now. I think that any Celt who paid £49 to sit at Ibrox is an idiot.




    6IAR, still six to go.






    Cheers for that, Another Celtic fan calling Celtic supporters idiots, superb.





    ( Unless you are going somewhere that someone else doesn’t want to go to. )



    No wonder the blog is quiet these days, If you dont want to go, so be it people will respect your reasons, thats what most Celtic fans do, but dont slag off fans that do go, We have as much right to attend as you have to refuse to go .



    Think its about time I gave this place a wee miss, 2 many anti ” Celtic supporters ” on here.



    P.s Away fans dont sit thats for wimps.



    H.H from a household with 2 idiots.

  4. ffs…..my tale of savings from 4gig to 46.5meg…..is in the ether….Coral Mini for fones….Android, Ios or Windows….it has no spellcheck ;-))







  5. Macjay:



    A comment that followed your Scottish Female Sniper link:



    The Irish had guts vision and bravery, far more than the stupid servile Scots. Professor Lecky a British Protestant and ardent British sympathizer, said in his “History of Ireland in the 18th Century” that the object of the Penal Laws was threefold: “To deprive Catholics of all civil life; to reduce them to a condition of extreme, brutal ignorance; and, to disassociate them from the soil.: Lecky said, “He might with absolute justice, substitute Irish for Catholic, “and added a fourth objective: “To expatriate the race.” Most scholars agree that the Penal Laws helped set the stage for the injustices that occurred during The Great Famine and fueled the fires of racism that were directed against the Irish by the British. Lecky outlined the Penal Laws as follows:


    The Catholic Church forbidden to keep church registers.


    The Irish Catholic was forbidden the exercise of his religion.


    He was forbidden to receive education.


    He was forbidden to enter a profession.


    He was forbidden to hold public office.


    He was forbidden to engage in trade or commerce.


    He was forbidden to live in a corporate town or within five miles thereof.


    He was forbidden to own a horse of greater value than five pounds.


    He was forbidden to own land.


    He was forbidden to lease land.


    He was forbidden to accept a mortgage on land in security for a loan.


    He was forbidden to vote.


    He was forbidden to keep any arms for his protection.


    He was forbidden to hold a life annuity.


    He was forbidden to buy land from a Protestant.


    He was forbidden to receive a gift of land from a Protestant.


    He was forbidden to inherit land from a Protestant.


    He was forbidden to inherit anything from a Protestant.


    He was forbidden to rent any land that was worth more than 30 shillings a year.


    He was forbidden to reap from his land any profit exceeding a third of the rent.


    He could not be guardian to a child.


    He could not, when dying, leave his infant children under Catholic guardianship.


    He could not attend Catholic worship.


    He was compelled by law to attend Protestant worship.


    He could not himself educate his child. He could not send his child to a Catholic teacher.


    He could not employ a Catholic teacher to come to his child.


    He could not send his child abroad to receive education.



    * From: MacManus ” the story of the Irish Race” 1921.Devin-Adair Publishing Co., New York.



    What sort of government, demographic, human being, would impose such draconian evil will on a different demographic populated by humans too?

  6. Kitalba,



    was he forbidden to hide his faith….



    to help him get on in the world …..;;-))







  7. Kit,



    grow up….



    Catholic = what? sociatal boundries



    arn’t we breakin them










    As stated, the post is a copy and paste from a Macjay link. And being sort of grown up I appreciate that the content of the copy and paste harbours much more than a double edged sword. Refer my open question post the copy and paste.

  9. Comfortable and comprehensive victory against County.


    They were intent on making a game of it early on but we coped well and for spells we were dominating.


    I was a wee bit concerned for Brown as he took a couple of heavy knocks.


    I hope he is 100% fir for Saturday.


    His presence is reassuring and should be an inspiration as we know he relishes an intense encounter where he is a marked man.


    Bring them all on, seems to be his motto.


    Armstrong is in fine form and Christie or McGregor can be relied on alongside our captain.


    We will unfortunately miss Rogic’s shooting prowess.


    Sinclair and Dembele will be anxious to show their early season form was no flash in the pan.


    Izzy seems to improve with every game and will surely exploit Sevco’s full back on our first visit to Ibrox against the new club.


    With James and or Paddy able to torment and torture the other full backs we will stretch them across the width of the park creating openings for our forwards and midfielders.


    I am not complacent, but I am confident we will dictate play on Saturday and leave the crumble dome with all three points.


    And its a good night from me, and a good night to him.

  10. gg,



    am sorry…..yer wrongish….Christie is a liability……;-))










    You’ll have to enlighten me mate… what exactly was my ‘old world view”.



    My view has always been that oppression – of any one demographic – by any other demographic – is wrong, and the broader the scope of oppression, married with enthusiastic micro-management, gives the oppressed just cause to defy in the extreme.



    My question post the copy and paste was an invite to introspection and appreciation.

  12. jesus christ Kit,



    u want a direct symposia re Celtic & Sociatal views ffs



    read Raymond E Feist & Janny Wurts…..tradition and obligation become anathema ;-))







  13. Not at all TLT, I never introduced Celtic & Sociatal… who did?



    I didn’t ask for any symposium (nice choice of word and spelt correctly too).

  14. Kitalba,



    did u see the Celtic Foundation ad,



    we’re doing ok ;-))







  15. kit,



    seriously….it’s the one that crows…


    £13.5 million for good causes…..I might be wrong….but i doubt it ;-))










    I’m not messing with you, I just don’t know what you are referring to.



    I personally marvel at the beautiful synergy that was created when Celtic Football Club married the clubs ethos to the generosity and humility of the Celtic Support through the foundation and gave its (the supports) collective compassion, corporate direction and support.

  17. Stayinguplate on 29th December 2016 6:34 am


    HH mate from a chilly late night Oregon,


    Good summary; young Ryan has a way to go yet, but looks like he has the makings. Agree with you on Armstrong, getting better each game…good to watch!


    Great to be a Tim! Roll on Saturday.


    Keep posting, I enjoy yer comments.



  18. THECELT45 on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 6:46 AM


    Thanks mate. Sweltering and humid here today in Canberra but I think Sydney was even hotter. It is amazing that when Brendan plays players like wee Ryan and Stuart in their natural positions they do well. Not a criticism of Ronny, but I believe the players believe in Brendan and his methods. Not sure they had that same level of belief in Ronny. Hail! Hail to chilly Oregon!!!

  19. Good morning CQN, from a cold, clear and dry East Devon, workmanlike performance last night by all accounts, bring on the Huns.



  20. Stayinguplate on 29th December 2016 6:50 am


    HH back to Canberra …y’all got another Rogic out there ye want to share? :))


    Baltic Oregon is only temporary…visiting family for the holidays. Headed back to a more acceptable climate in SE Texas later next week!


    Your KO may be late on Saturday, we will be set up early here around 0400. The price ye pay for being and overseas Tim!! (Brekky beers!! ;)) )



  21. Oh! dearie me you swore TLT. You’re in the pooh now.



    With people like you, whom have never met me, validating and endorsing my Celtic credentials it’ll be a wee breeze for me to slide into the upcoming ‘fan on the board’ slot.



    I apologise that I wasn’t so condescending as to validate your (a totalstranger) Celtic credentials first, that was remiss of me.

  22. THECELT45 on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 6:58 AM



    Tom’s brother plays locally and is decent indeed, but the big ghuy has magic feet. Tom was sent to the Australian institute of Sport when he was younger but they apparently did not think he worked hard enough. The big ghuy played in the local league for a couple of years before the Nike Chance opportunity.That really set him on his way.


    Texas sounds a lot warmer than Oregon :-).

  23. kit, i’ve never met u….it’s fair to say you’re a sensitive soul….I’d luv to meat u…,;-))













    Maybe I’m reading too much into your post but I’m not gay.



    kit, i’ve never met u….it’s fair to say you’re a sensitive soul….I’d luv to meat u…,;-))



    Is that a smile or a sneer that you end with, my eyesight isn’t all that it used to be.

  25. Good morning friends from a dry but chilly East Kilbride.


    So, we reach the half way stage in the campaign having amassed 55 points, scoring 52 goals in the process. 1 more victory to round off the year then send the bhoys away to Dubai for some sunshine. Life’s Good!