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  1. THELURKINTIM on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 6:56 AM and 7:21


    Deleted language and unnecessary name calling

  2. lucky cody,



    yer wrong…..once upon a time I worked in an engineering consultancy…..called Woolgar Hunter……u can be sure that they’ve covered themselves liability wise…..the roofs may b falling apart…..it’s now up to the GCC & SAG with the Clumpany to decide on an appropriate course of action…..;-()










  3. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Dembele or Griffiths… Or both?



    Doesn’t matter either way we should out gun them at the back. If I were BR I’d be finding a way to get both on ideally.. Start with one.. Get in front bring the other on score more.. If that doesn’t work revert to one up front by taking the preferred start off. If it does work then let them fill their boots.


    3 at back might create the capacity to play two up front. We should after all be taking the game to them for 90minutes.


    For me Griffiths is the better finisher but Dembele has attributes that Hunco don’t seem equipped to cope with.


    I’d love to see them both score a Hattrick.. And that is a possibility.


    Cant remember feeling so confident before a Hun game. Probably because NOTHING AT STAKE FOR US.


    Part of me would laugh if we put out a team of u18s.

  4. bloody hell….wit…..deleted…..i would ask Mod 2 to repost my comments without the offending words







  5. I see Kristoffer Ajer will be going out on loan and that the training regime at Celtic has meant he has gained 7kg since he got here.


    That’s nothing son , I’ve gained more than that since Christmas Day.

  6. HamiltonTim



    I thought Christie was excellent last night.



    Armstrong has done more to sell Nir Bitton than his agent in the last two months…

  7. MOD2,



    I don’t know what drugs yer on…..but they must be effective…..;-))












    ps…..again….please repost my comments without the offensive/offending words…..I think yer on LSDCSC ;-))

  8. This month has given Brendan the chance to give young players and those on the fringes some game time .


    Don’t think any have let themselves down but almost certainly one or two won’t be here next year.


    One of those could be Liam Henderson, he seems happier in a forward position but realistically it seems to me a more defensive midfield position would give him more of a future with us.


    One of the few at the club who is good at corners and free kicks . Good luck to him and the others.

  9. Mod2,


    I might just do that……I didn’t use profanity….so am guessin am being censored for tone…..mmmm….slippery slope….let’s all agree to agree…whit a load of sh#t







  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Inspired by the team we play on Saturday)



    ersatz /ˈɛəzæts; ˈɜː-/ 





    1. (of a product) made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else.


    2. made in imitation of some natural or genuine product; artificial 


    3. serving as a substitute; synthetic; artificial


    4. not real or genuine.





    5. an ersatz substance or article 


    6. an artificial substance or article used to replace something natural or genuine; a substitute.



    Word Origin 


    C20: German, from ersetzen to substitute





  11. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    I’m looking for a ticket for Saturday; I’m sorted but my mate that I go with hasn’t managed to get one.



    Any help would be appreciated.





  12. I too thought young Christie played well last night.


    Overall, I thought we controlled the game but thought in the latter stages we made silly errors. At 2-0 H-T I thought, game over, they (Ross County) would run out of steam or open up.


    Me personally, I would like to see us go 3 up and then just keep the Ball, I think it would lead to more goals.


    At the minute though I just can’t get enough of going to watch Celtic.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I had to leave the match early last night due to being in too much pain


    Called Mrs BT to come pick me up and by the time I left and got to Springfield Road we had scored both goals…☘☘


    There is always next year



  14. like, this was a Celtic site, now it’s an ersatz Celtic site where adult conversation is deemed contro ver shall…..mmmmm…..not happy….well am happy 55 points….BR chopping & changing…..League Cup in the bag…..6th League Championship gettin closer…..improved CL performances…..possible treble…..;-))







  15. Another fine 3 points from a second gear performance last night. Enjoyed watching young Christie take his opportunity and play very well.



    Celtic without Scott Brown are excellent but with him we are so much more composed and calm.



    Listened to the Snyde show last night and some poor Sevconians came on raging about how no one likes them. Said he could understand it from Celtic fans with the 4 year local derby stuff but he didn’t understand why other clubs hated them so much, especially hearts and hibs considering the backing Sevco gave them in their hour of need and I’m assuming he talked of Airdrie to.



    What ever happened to ‘No one likes us we don’t care’?




  16. GB being allowed into Ibrox at 8:30 to set up a Tifo, 15 of them , will take them 2 hours then they have to leave , hun scum have told them they’ll be waiting outside for them . Best leave it out imo .i wouldn’t let thems in to do similar….

  17. Borgo67



    I thought last night it’s interesting and maybe telling that Liam’s game time has been less than I expected. Maybe he just hasn’t kicked on the way we hoped he would. I see him more defensive. He can play the regista role and has the energy to break things up.

  18. He certainly has the physique of a centre half and is comfortable enough on the ball to have a chance in a BR Celtic team.



    CELTIC kid Kristoffer Ajer has revealed he is set to go on loan to an English Championship club next week after being converted to a defender.



    The 18-year-old Norwegian cost the Hoops £600,000 when Ronny Deila bought him, but Brendan Rodgers has been content to play him in the Development Squad instead of the first team.



    Ajer was bought as a midfielder, but has decided to play as a central defender, after Rodgers convinced him that’s where his future lay.



    And, after bulking up, he’s set to be toughened up further by being loaned out to the English Championship.



    Ajer said: “My aim is to become the best defender in Norway – I feel like I have taken a huge step in the last six months.



    “I come into training an hour before everyone else to improve my physical strength and then I train with the first team.



    “I have put on seven kilogrammes since I got here and I feel the training environment at Celtic is so important.



    “The fact that I have converted to a defender means it will take more time for me to establish myself.



    “Brendan Rodgers has told me he strongly believes in me for that position

  19. Story that we are being linked with the Benfica player Celis.I would be keen to know on what basis we are keen.The boy has played twice for Benfica this season,so having not featured more,could not have impressed too much.Who knows about him?.Who has watched him these two games and been impressed?.I just hope its not another attempt at “Moneyball”if true.He is 23,and valued at 2 million.PLs type of signing.

  20. Help. Can anyone tell me how to turn off annoying pop up and adverts on the blog. It takes me an age to get to the comments?

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Adblock for you Tim Tanium



    Use it as your search engine and they are gone.




    Or you could look at the story positively and say we are trying to sign a current Colombian international (6 caps since his debut in March) from a Champions League last 16 team ;-)



    It’s probably agents leaking the ‘story’ to press to try to generate interest in him. Or Celtic trying to get Portland to drop the asking price for Nagbe.

  23. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Looked at objectively… There’s no need for BR to deviate from what he’s been doing over December for the next game. I don’t think BR is searching for a first 11. I think he is identifying players capable of implementing his style and mentality. Players capable of adapting formation, shape and tactics in games.


    I hope he plays the likes of Christie who I believe has real game intelligence.



    My hope is that BR is offered £3m next year to extend his contract and develops in to a Wenger type influence at Celtic for the long term.


    I’m especially heartened to see Lawwell’s profile diminish… The less we see of his hand in matters the better. He is a valuable back of house leader if kept in his place. To that end our January window needs to be entirely directed by BR… Task one being to rid the team of the ludicrous legacy of 15 or so Midfield players… Many of whom are being stifled purely due to abundance of numbers. Henderson being the prime example. As I say a result of Delia/Lawwell’s insane lack of strategic direction.



    More important than beating the tribute act is for BR to move some good pros on.. As well as the ‘not good enough’ players. He has to improve the quality with an eye to CL… I’d be happy with 6 out and 3 in. For me defence is priority.

  24. Tim Titanium,



    if yer using a computer….dunno….an adblocker should work, apple means turning off Javascript….I use Coral Mini….a browser with adblocker…..am on a windows fone….it says it works with ios & Android systems…..guid luck ;-))







  25. Delighted with last nights result. The treatment meted out to several of our bhoys was a disgrace and left me feeling that Walsh had attended the Dallas school for future referees. During the game I kept saying to


    the friend next to me that certain players appeared to be trying to get SB sent off. I was pleased to see Craig Gordon coming all the way up to the half way line to tell him to “keep the heid”. A simple action but a sign of how all the bhoys appear to be unity in their efforts to be truly a Celtic team these days.

  26. And another thing:



    It is so unhealthy for Scottish football having one team so far ahead of the rest. Celtic should be punished with a 55pt deduction T the beginning of each season for running the club so well financially and finally bringing a top class manager in to organise players mentally and professionally until such time that Sevco are so far ahead that Celtic will die and celebrations can begin. It’s not healthy to have one strong team unless it’s Sevco whether their superiotirty stems from fairness or cheating.



    We Are The People. No one likes us we don’t care.






    Radio Clyde Sports Department.




  27. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    TIM TANIUM on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 11:46 AM



    What device are you using?