Celtic v Ross County, Live updates


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  1. Just caught the StJ pen claim there – no such thing as holding offence against the Huns apparently.



    Jee-sus, Scottish referees are pathetic spineless individuals.

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Good hard working performance. Plenty of pressing and movement.



    Our best players were in defence and midfield, with the striking department off the boil a bit.



    There is no way, under any version of the rules, that that mob should live with us on Saturday.






    FT: Celtic 2-0 Ross County (Sviatchenko, Armstrong)


    FT: St Johnstone 1-1 Rangers (MacLean; McKay)


    FT: Partick Thistle 2-0 Dundee (Booth, Doolan)


    FT: Inverness 1-2 Motherwell (Tansey; Clay, McDonald)

  4. We’ll need to be 5 clear on Saturday before McLean will quit his sleekit underhand machinations.



    The legacy of Dallas is strong in theis batch of MIB.

  5. not a great performance….competent….2 great goals….0 conceded….sign of champions…..going to Ibrokes against the Deady Thready Bears….with 55….hope awe their degenerate fans choke on it ;-))







  6. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    good performance today against the tea in eigth- deserved our win



    new rangers very good run of late ends and the game against us at the weekend will define the season – aberdeen could go within a point of them and we could be practically out of sight or they could start a new run and bring up the possibility of challlenging us though it looks unlikely now – still early in the season though

  7. ivehadtochangemyname,


    “the possibility of challenging us”


    you are having a laugh here,did you miss a smiley face

  8. Win the next 2 games and the Celts will be at 61 points while they are still in the 30s some second place that



    Mind the gap



    Love this slump




  9. The way teams are setting up against us….ES & JS both need to drive into the spaces in front of them more….mibbe draw the opposition out of position….creating space for others…..or is it a case of make the easy pass/don’t lose the baw….keep yer stats up…. ;-))







  10. THINDIMEBHOY on 28TH DECEMBER 2016 9:52 PM


    Win the next 2 games and the Celts will be at 61 points while they are still in the 30s some second place that




    Mind the gap



    O I like the sound of that




  11. Tommy Wright wont be complainig about the non award of penalties his team should have got against Sevco, how very sporting of him.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    St Johnstone should have had at least one penalty, Sevco can only get better. Aye right…..

  13. GB64,



    is it the St J geme….with a passing nod to the home team?….







  14. How many wins in a row have we slumped to now?



    I’ll be glad to see the back of December. Celtic always seem to struggle during the final month of the year.



    Sarcastic smiley face emoji thingy

  15. Mind that GAP ……………….Ha hahahahahah



    Put out the kids against the Strangers and give first team stars a wee holiday. That would sicken them.