Celtic v Ross County, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.



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  1. Back in Germany for a couple of days. Watched the game on CTV and had a very good feed for 97% of the game. I thought we played some great stuff and young Christie would have been in for a shout of MOTM had he stayed on.


    The huns have another 5 minutes added on so that they can claim to have played almost as much match time as us so far this season ;-)

  2. Well done to Celtic’s well oiled machine where the only concern was the absence of Tom Rogic who would have been key in the upcoming fixture.



    Ryan Christie did well again in patches filling the Rogic slot but I’d expect BR will favour suspended Callum Macgregor this Saturday.



    The Stuart Armstrong transformation continues at pace and with the midfield stitched with man of the match Scott Brown, it was another dour fixture lit up by the home crowd and a grinding relentless win,and just the two good goals



    Svaitchenko scored against unsighted Scott Fox and led the back five who were untroubled throughout against the industrious industrial Ross County. The score line could have been much more and with luck Dembele’s late effort was one of many that could put a more accurate look on result.



    Dembele needs games and a simple switch might see both him and Griffiths on the pitch for at least a portion of Saturday where Celtic will feast on the rampage against silly billy Sevco.



    M.O.M Scott Brown

  3. Marrakesh Express on




    And you won’t read about that fine stat, just like the clean sheets record last season.

  4. Some feet on the ground perspective- Celtic have never won at ibrox against the club we play on Saturday.



    Bear that in mind.



    That said, we haven’t played them there yet.



    Still concerned about this roof thing though.



    Imagine if Sevco, with injuries to key players like (don’t laugh) hill and Wallace, decided to announce the game is off due to safety concerns.



    Wouldn’t happen would it?

  5. SFTB,



    We have now gone unbeaten domestically for all of 2016 at CP in the league.



    WOW…..a stat….that you couldn’t make up….could you ;-))







  6. RT,



    Yep….we’ve never won/lost/drawn….against this team at Ibrokes…..so this is a chance for a 1st (win) obvs….;-))







  7. Just back from CP. Enjoyable game, especially the first half where I thought County played well. In the second half they resorted to trying to injure Celtic players and with a referee out of his depth were allowed to do so. Brown, Armstrong, Forrest, Lustig and Izzy will all be nursing aches tomorrow.


    Christie had a great hour and was our MOTM whilst he was on. If Rogic isn’t fit for Saturday then he should keep his place in starting line up.

  8. What a fantastic Dec for the troops…..


    Go on Celts do the monkeys on Sat and give me a day to remember..


    Home and Away….closer each day…







  9. Into the unknown against Scotland’s newest club, no league form to go on other than the trouncing we gave them in the league at CP and another trouncing at Hampden despite the score line being false, remember we had a perfectly good goal from Erik disallowed in that game, nothing to worry, about this team is very professional a product of a manager who knows what he wants from the players and they know what is expected. Happy days.

  10. I’m losing track…….The Lions 25 unbeaten yes? Or was it blessed Martins run for another record?


    So where are we just now?








  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I don’t know if this has been covered already, but I tuned into BT at half time to see what ws happening in Perth.



    They were showing the first half “highlights”, including St. J’s penalty claims.



    Currie asked Boyd if he thought that they were pens, but he replied that he couldn’t say, as ” he was still a player “.



    Whit in the name…!



    That should be the last time he ever appears as a pundit.


    A pundit who wouldn’t give an opinion. Even if he said that the weren’t penalties, it would at least have been an opinion.



    Pity Sutton wasn’t there!

  12. Will be interesting to see if compliance officer cites CL class Kiernan for punching St Johnstone player.

  13. Teams are now beat by Celtic before the game begins. They have worked out how to limit the damage but we have also been wasteful with chances at times. Someone is going to get a real doing from us at some stage.



    Only Celtic can now stop Celtic.



    I did entertain the thought that maybe we could lie down to the dons and the minis but that would be a thoroughly dishonest thing to do. Let the rest finish where they finish on merit. In sevvies case they’ll finish where they finish as Oldco did – paying out more for players wages than they can afford…….

  14. Gary67 – they might fast track it so he can’t play on Saturday!!



    He is woeful. I have never seen a centre half so reluctant to go for headers in his own box.



    No football in him. No guts. I’d play one of the Celtic ladies against him.

  15. I enjoyed that.


    I thought rc had a way about then in first twenty. 3-4 chances.



    Mom, Brioon



    Onto Brendan,


    Wonderful pre match interview with chick young



    The summary I am in my dream job at the club I support, I spent the day at the hospice, footballer’s lead a wonderful life, and I am very grateful for it.



    He is a legend already.

  16. Watched Rangers game. Dear dear dear … dear god. It was pish.



    The ball spent a lot of time being thumped about in the midfield mostly in the air. St Johnstone tried to play it up the right wing a couple of times and Barry McKay did the same up the left for Rangers. Thumped from one 18 yard line to the other. Header from St Johnstone to Rangers …Rangers to no one, Foul, out of play and on it went. I have seen better periods of play from 9 year olds.


    Their best players are McKay, Miller and the Aberdeen players son whose name I can’t remember,


    You could forecast a heavy defeat for them but they will be wired on Saturday. Garner had his usual Ariel duels and Halliday came on and went through the back of a St Johnstone player. He was then booked a few seconds later for some undignified arguing after a St Johnstone player returned the favour.


    I am glad we are so far ahead. Glad they drew in these circumstances, it may protect our players and fans from unseemly behaviour. I would still bank on a Garner elbow or a mischeavous sending off of one of our players. An early penalty.


    They don’t have any hope. My sense is any victory would be pyrrhic.

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Thanks for the updates Bhoys.



    I thought tonight was a potential banana skin, with the players having one eye on Saturday’s game. However, there is a growing professionalism within the team, which stems from the manager’s professional attitude to everything he does. Make no mistake, this is a game that the Celtic of last season could have, and probably would have, lost.



    if we can carry this new found professional attitude into the next game, ignore the river of pash coming our way from the Meeja over the next three days, and the players play to their capabilities, I can only see a comfortable win.



    Then we can sit back during the break and have a right good laugh at the SMSM gymnastics as they try to polish the Sevco turd that is wallowing 19 points behind us.



    Happy days. :)

  18. I also think that we are not taking a favourable amount of chances created.


    As yet it hasn’t mattered in domestic footie.



    Crowd going home relatively happy with some entertaining stuff, but at some stages in the second half it was like a game of ping pong across the RC goal.



    Our expectations are now so great.


    The journey continues.




  19. SAINT STIVS on 28TH DECEMBER 2016 10:37 PM


    Brendan part 2 after match interview, he isn’t happy about our home pitch






    Bouncy and slow, it looks like it’s quite soft underneath and there isn’t enough grass. A 4 week break will help but the pitch should be better.



    Agronomy CSC

  20. What is the Stars on

    3 things needed to win on Saturday. .


    Discipline Discipline and Discipline. .



    Though not necessarily in that order

  21. glendalystonsils on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 28TH DECEMBER 2016 10:42 PM



    The 3 things Sevco need to win on Saturday…



    The ref and his two assistants..



    but all 14 won’t save them from a thumping.

  22. St Stivs..



    u missed the brilliant BR voiced Celtic Foundation half-time advert…..Walfrids Dream (faulty memory at the last part)….did I see £13.1 million raised…..astonishingly awesome legacy ;-))







  23. We can afford to lose just about 1 game in every 3 now.


    6 in a row.


    What will stop 7?


    Rangers without a credit line from a bank? No money to buy players now or in January. No saleable assets. .., a crumbling liability of a stadium.


    What do they have in their youth ranks? Any coaching staff with the gut to turn the club around with what 1 or 2 boys?


    Kudos to Rangers in a Advance if they stop this juggernaut. Celtic will earn more from the sell on percentage of one player who is not theirs than Rangers would pay in annual rent for Hampden. Our manager will


    Earn more in one year than the re sale value of any of their players. Our second choice 11 would value higher than their first 11.

  24. WiTs, only one danger on Saturday, Referee, Referee, Referee.



    Sevco are not a threat, no complacency from the players, I know the support will be up for it, I believe Brendan will have the players ready too.

  25. I know BR will not be complacent, make no mistake , for one reason or another the game at Greyskull will not be easy.




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