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  1. The RBS players look as happy as us! Look at them! Playing at Celtic Park is a highlight I reckon.

  2. Seems our penalties are mince like our other dead ball situations.Kudos to Ollie for staying alert to finish rebound.


    Think we need to find a dead ball coach.


    Not sure about getting through as our resources are thin and league is priority.


    Let’s hope we actually sign some first team players in window and not merely cheap prospects.

  3. Shortbread sick.



    Roon yeese.



    I was kinda expecting to go out. And not too bothered. Now happy with another tie.



    We got some good fortune.



    Please be a kind draw.



    Hope Ryan and mik are ok.

  4. What a morning!


    No CTV…gutted


    Leipzig score … gutted


    No link … gutted


    Down 2-0 …gutted


    But we’re through … dumbfounded.


    Fitba’s a funny gemme.


    My wee bottle of Auchentoshan opened after all.


    H.H Mick

  5. We are through and nice to have European football after Christmas but that Salzburg team are very, very good.

  6. I hate to be negative on a night when we have qualified, I hope the so called fan that threw the item at the Salzburg player is barred from Celtic games for life.

  7. Don’t think I can ever remember us getting the break we needed in a situation like tonights. Might find it upsets a few people.

  8. Bhoys !!!


    We,re through.Yes


    And we have a new name on bbc scotland btw.


    Its Defeated Celtic!!!


    Incredible cos we,re not.







  9. Brown interviewed alongside Craig.


    He hasn’t apologized for his error.


    Annoyed about it. Poor concentration.

  10. Celtic can be drawn against:
































    Night all.


    Hail Hail

  11. CASTLEBHOY – agreed. Normally in a situation like tonight when we get thrown a lifeline you could guarantee RBL would have got a penalty in the last minute of ET.


    Let luck be a lady tonight.

  12. Much better second half and deserved a bit of luck. Are Salzburg really as good as they looked or were too many of our players off form. Hope young Christie has not got a serious injury.

  13. Sammy Wilson up now on BBC saying now he wants to change the backstop agreement you can’t have Celtic still in Europe and rangers crashing out even we they always wanted a Brexit.



    We surrendered.

  14. What a great night for us in Cape Cod. Showed us that we do need Scott Brown in our team. We were lightweight as expected until he came on. Also, first touch from the forwards was missing. Where were SS, TR. RC and even JF in the first half?


    Just glad the ‘Old Firm’ is no longer in Europe but we are.





  15. Dejected we lost tonight.But we are in the draw come Monday.Salzburg are a very good side and showed that tonight.Plus side………any snide remarks tomorrow at work should be met with a smile and ‘ Roll on Monday for some but not for others.

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