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  1. Sometimes you need a wee bit of luck! ?



    Hope Christie is okay!



    Well done Celtic that was s difficult group to get out of!

  2. glendalystonsils on

    Thank you Rosenburg. We never looked like getting there under our own steam. Our big players shrunk tonight. Eddy desperately needs someone up front to play with.

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  4. Gordon made a terrible mistake, but made some brilliant saves. Ajer made a moreloes type miss, but made a goal saving tackle. Brown made a difference but Salzburg were the better team. Really good movement and top class at closing down


    Two players in particular did not earn their pay, Sinclair and Rogic. Bad night for them.


    But, we are through and the huns are not.


    Cmon the Celts.

  5. Celtic got 9pts and Leipzig got 7pts, we beat Rosenborg at home Leipzig didn’t



    Celtic are in the last 32 on merit

  6. i know some were suspicious about the whole RB thing… but, I have to say, that team tonight deserve to be playing in Europe. they played some nice football. And, even in defeat after the game, they seemed genuinely pleased walking around the stadium.




  7. 9 points and qualified.






    Now we should look to out Board and demand that the manager is backed.



    Well done Brendan and the Bhoys.

  8. Tonight reminded me of Love Street ’86.


    Was trannies then, phones now. Magic crowd reaction to the Rosenberg goal.


    Albert Kidd CSC

  9. We need another four or five of Benkovic’s quality, you can see why Brendan was keen on him a couple of seasons back..



    Over to you Pedro..



    Don’t have me come over there:))

  10. DOC



    That team were all over him the night every time he got the ball and wee Jamesy, three closing them down all the time..



    Felt sorry for OE he was outnumbered all evening..

  11. In a bizarre way I’m happy the way it all worked out. I expect Danso will be on all night celebrating. We will forget the display by the time the knock out game comes around.


    We need to spend a few quid this January though. No excuses Pedro, we need a couple of quality players in.

  12. Salzburg Manager was taking selfies with the Celtic fans in the front row with a celtic hat/scarf on. Seems they enjoyed their visit to paradise. I hope we get them again and show them we can actually play.

  13. Rogic didn’t freeze, he was targeted, restricted and smothered.



    We got 9 points, Leipzig didn’t.



    We will improve quality in next transfer window. I’m certain of it.



    Speedy recovery to Christie.

  14. GG


    I thought Rogic played as he normally does in Europe tonight.


    He gives the ball away to often on this stage.


    He would need to be in a better team and system for his talent to shine in Europe.


    He can be so skillful but needs time and space and a role where his giveaways are not so costly.


    We are not good enough for such a luxury.


    I said at the weekend i worried about his inclusion for tonight because of such.

  15. Congratulations to Rangers for taking their campaign all the way to the closing minutes of their final game before crashing out of the EL despite winning ONE of their six matches.


    Meanwhile, Celtic squeak through to the least 16 despite only winning THREE of the six matches.


    Sometimes there’s just no justice!



    I also felt sorry for Ed who did well in difficult circumstances.


    Our spacing and movement was poor all night so often our players were isolated and outnumbered.


    We are to much of a reaction team to be good enough at this level.

  17. Corkcelt 10.26pm



    Had a wee look at last couple of pages before Rosenborg scored… surely a poster with 1888 in their moniker must be a Celtic supporter :-)



    Would have loved a Leigh Griffiths to make an appearance tonight when we needed a goal … but far more important things in life



    Leigh G in our thoughts & prayers wee man

  18. Starry, as I say, they were a fine footballing team, their pressing game game was excellent.



    But we have European football after Christmas, again.

  19. FAN-A-TIC



    We can much better than we did tonight but credit to RB for just not allowing us to, that’s the difference when you play against an exceptionally well coached team.



    They sapped our confidence I thought with their pressing game, they took a wee breather then when we started to get into the game they turned up the gas and scored.



    I like watching them, good team, made us look very ordinary tonight.



    We need some quality in the new window, critical we get a striker who can take his chances in Euro games.



    We’re through and the experience will do our lads good, let’s see who we get in the knowledge that we can play better..




  20. Friday here and one of those days you would love a hun


    to say ( yeez wir lucky )


    But will i find one?


    Hunfree the peninsula is hunfree.


    Mattmonroe csc


    H.H Mick

  21. Celtic were outplayed by Salzburg easily the best side to visit Celtic Park this season, in a night where our fate from k.o. took an upward turn far away from the disappointment of the home fans, who had a tough watch, till Rosenborg equalised and saved a Cexit.



    Salzburg won the midfield and never gave an inch to us, pressed high and although BR was content to sit back for long periods in the first half when the ball broke, we didn’t lay a glove on the Austrians who oozed Euro class, all the way from the semi- finals last season.



    The fact their goalkeeper was untested kept us down the pitch in both halves and it was no surprise when they broke the deadlock after two injury enforced substitutions meant a rejigged side that was still just clinging on for breaks.



    Gone from last Saturday was Celtic’s sweeping attacking style just not possible when the player opposition takes that magical step up in Europe and there’s no room or time, for the players to tie a shoe lace.



    Celtic faired marginally better without the ineffectual Scott Sinclair as Scott Brown resumed his midfield role to add a block in front of shaky Simunovic and Benkovic who was steadiest of our back four.



    Losing Lustig to what looked like double vision? broke the back line rhythm, and Ryan Christie’s injury could be a massive blow, for arguably our best player of the season, so far. The result was tin lidded when Craig Gordon finally did what he threatens to do in domestic games every week, gift a goal and leave a foot in the door for Scott Bain.



    Football in Europe after Christmas, second in the group with nine points and the Celtic board behind the eight ball with a cue, and chequebook for re-enforcements in January.



    Hoopy Days



    M.O.M Keiran Tierney

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