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  1. Fan a Tic


    Every time Tom or Eddy got the ball tonight, Salzburg had 3 players on them. I think the Austrians are a great fitba team to watch.



  2. Just when you think your night can’t get any worse those pesky Fenians get beaten and still go through to the last 16 in the HL – hunbelievable ??? ?????????


    Never mind we’ll bear Salzburg in the Final.


    Apparently we scraped through according to the hurting hun reading the BBC Scotland news.

  3. Yerra Doc if Craig hadn’t given them the goal & Ajer miss a sitter we would have beaten them. But then we would have missed out on the craic when our Norwegian pals scored.

  4. Well! That was a very un-Scottish outcome.



    There is no denying that Salzburg are a level above us and no denying we deserved to lose tonight.



    But it is so unlike us to catch a break like Rosenborg’s late equaliser from This Year’s Albert Kidd, Tore Reginiussen (has the Celtic shop bought in extra s’s and n’s so I can get that name on the back of ma tap?)



    Seriously, there is a lot to be concerned about in our team’s development BUT that is not for tonight.



    I feel joy and relief and a bit of pride that we got there, even via the back door, as we earned every point we got.



    Celtic alone take the Scottish co-efficient forward. Quick re-build for the Hibs tie. We will need every player including some who did not do the,selves justice tonight.



    Well done Celtic!



    P.S. Thanks to Trad 88 for explaining things to me earlier. I stated categorically that the “Leipzig failing to win” scenario would not come into play. I am so glad that I was dead wrong about that.

  5. Salzburg targeted Tom and James as our dangermen, and with good reason.



    Good teams take advantage of this, as the other players then logically have additional space to operate in when in possession. We didn’t make this false numerical stat count.

  6. A lot of people remarking that Celtic never get the luck they got tonight with Rosenborg drawing.



    Well, the Legia debacle was a 1 in 10 thousand chance and the Sion one not much less.

  7. Cannot beat Celtic Park on European night, from depths of despair to unbridled happiness. Think we should play Rosenborg in pre season friendly as a way of thanks.



    Thats the problem of us being for the most part a reactionary team and also our spacing being to far apart and leaving us vulnerable.


    If we were better spaced our players could attack the area vacated by the 2 extra men attacking Tom or James which would give us options to bypass the pressure.


    I’m sure if we tried that tactic their positive anticipation style would have made us pay.

  9. Sin City Bhoy


    Always great to see you post. Stranger ?


    Praying for a week in Valencia wi a Celtic game in Villarreal in the middle of the week.


    Magical Espana holiday



  10. Going through keeps the feel good factor going around the club. Some big teams in last 32 so we’ll probably be up against it but delighted to get out of such a tough group. A real accomplishment over the 6 games. Well done all.

  11. I just don’t have it in me to celebrate a defeat, even one that moves us into the next round.



    Our opponents offer a perfect template to try to emulate. An excellent team. We’ve a long way to go.



    Gutted if christie’s Injury is serious.


    Craig Gordon WTAF?


    No Broonie, no grit.



    HH jg

  12. glendalystonsils on

    I think Salzburg are also one of the fittest teams we have played , the way they pressed and harried us constantly through the 90 minutes.

  13. I cannot remember seeing a team work as hard as that. The way they pressed us and worked to pick up the loose balls was incredible. They got their tactics spot on and exposed each and every weakness we have. Overall we have to say they thoroughly deserved the win.



    We managed to get through somehow, i cannot believe Rosenborg got a draw, full credit to them for their professionalism. I just hope Ryan is ok.

  14. After 6 games all that matters is we’re through to the last 32. And well done to the GB with their banner tonight ‘Leigh its ok not to be ok’ . Hh

  15. Fan a tic.



    Genuine question.



    What level did you play at and where did you coach ?



    What happens when the opposition are excelling in their jobs and our team have some really shaky performers ?



    Someone mentioned look at them nothing to play for and they chase every ball and challenge every player.



    I wish it was us.



    No version of this Celtic team could beat that Salzburg team without them have a major off day.



    We couldn’t get close to them. Our best players were bested by better players.

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