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  1. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Sleeit Dave sees the gap widening again !


    Would love to be a rat in his house when he heard the famous Norwegian Rosenberg struck the blow for freedom !

  2. I’ve been as sick as a pig for last 3 weeks, will probably be still sick tomorrow but funny enough last couple of hours I felt fine.


    Can’t push it though it’s antibiotic time & bed. Not easy being a Tim but always worthwhile.


    Good Night & God Bless All.

  3. James Gang



    Nobody is celebrating our defeat tonight any more than we are clebrating our losses in Leipzig and Salzburg.



    We are celebrating a qualifying achievement of a 6 game tournament. That was a tall order when this group started , yet we did it. That is worth celebrating!



    3 wins and 3 defeats – why focus at all, as a fan, on any of these defeats? When a league is won – you do not refuse to celebrate because you dropped points in some games. Thuis was a league- The Europa League- Group B and we qualified.



    Look inside yourself a bit deeper and you might just find a smile waiting to be cracked.

  4. Ps.



    The disco lights don’t come across as anything special on TV at all. Bring back the GB banners and the creative unveiling.



    Even spoils the walk on.

  5. What is the Stars on

    I didn’t hear Sean South being sung tonight but as we all know its a favourite of Celtic fans.


    Sean Garland who died today was the last surviving member of the squad who were on the Brookeborough raid on that “dreary new years eve ” over 60 years ago.

  6. SFTB



    Sorry mhate. Ain’t happening. I think the Ryan Christie thing is a big part of it to be honest.



    HH jg

  7. Definitely last point.



    Does Stevie g get his mum to brush his hair and do his jacket right up before he leaves the tunnel.



    Anyone older than 10 got a haircut like that.



    Vain twat. And it doesn’t work.

  8. JG



    It’s a shame for Ryan. It’s a shame for Kouassi, Arzani, Johnston, Bitton and Boyata with their injuries and Leigh with his difficulties that they all missed out on ceebrating this achievement.



    I wish them all well.



    But one man’s misfortune is another’s oportunity. We might have to trust game time to a Morgan, Hayes, Hendry or a Youth team prospect as we utilise our squad to manage the games we must face.



    On December 17th we will be drawn against a big team in the next round of the Europa. It might be Chelsea, Dinamo Kiev, Sevilla, Genk, Frankfurt, Villareal, Betis, Arsenal, Zagreb, Zenit, Salzburg, Leverkusen, Bruges, Inter, Napoli, Galatasaray, Benfica, Shakhtar, Plzen or Valencia.



    That’s what we earned over our 6 match campaign- Ryan Christie earned that too.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    GLENDALYSTONSILS – agreed – thay are razor-sharp. Never give you a second on the ball. A lesson for us.






  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    A wee bit of me had a chuckle at the end at the people who had stormed out in the huff hurling abuse at Celtic players when we went two nil down.



    Then I felt guilty about it.



    Then I felt sorry for them.



    Will people never learn never to give up on Celtic?






  11. What about trying for moussa on loan till the end of the season.



    Barely features for his team. Game time would be good for him and his tweets tonight are Celtic sympathetic for sure.

  12. European football after Christmas is always worth celebrating regardless of what happened tonight, just about everyone on here is old enough to remember a time when we had no hope of it.


    My thoughts are with Ryan and Leigh.

  13. SAINT STIVS on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 11:45 PM


    What about trying for moussa on loan till the end of the season.




    If we can forgive the Belgian ? I’m sure we can forgive MD.




  14. We’ve qualified for the last 32 of the Europa league. We’ve one the League Cup and are currently sitting top of the league with a game to spare. Not bad considering our slow start to the season. Here’s hoping things can only get better. Hh

  15. Ryan along with others struggled the first half but I felt he was getting to grips with it just before his injury, as was the team. When we are second best, especially at home, we tend to exaggerate the gulf. Not saying we would have won but l felt a draw was within our capabilities.

  16. StStivs


    Are we only allowed an opinion if we have coached or played at a professional level?


    I have said for over a season our spacing is an issue.


    Tonight it was glaring.


    I praised the opposition for their positive excellent play.


    Our negative possession style, spacing and lack of off the ball movement encouraged them.


    We are guilty of stretching the field which gives good teams space to exploit.


    Tonight we also invited them onto us with a lot of square and backwards passing.


    This tactic is fine if you are using it to draw them in and then moving it to players ahead quickly creating space.


    We with little movement ahead we usually end up with pass to goalie and/or a hopeful punt.


    Recently with the Benkovic and Bhoyata partnership we have being player higher up the field so losing the ball ahead was not such a problem as the opposition did not have acres of space to work with.


    Maybe Bhoyata’s absence affected us?


    We can praise the coach for a lot of individual players improvement but i think more time needs spent making us a more cohesive unit if we want to compete at a decent European level.

  17. Sinclair had a decent first half


    Many want to watch again, he constantly dragged their right back inside creating huge space for a left back to attack many will not like this- Izzy would have attacked the space, instead of going backwards or across the field like Kieran

  18. Yes Tom Rogic was closely marked




    He still had a very poor game, with poor first touch too often




    I noticed him rubbing his knee on 3 occasions, so is he fully fit ???

  19. We seen tonight, still a big role for Broonie in our team




    Good luck to both Mikael and Ryan


    Now our goalie


    He had quite a few good saves his job.




    I still cover my eyes when the ball is played back to him, Salzburg recognised this and attacked him when he had possession of the ball


    I think it’s time for a elongated run in the team for Scott Bain

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