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  1. Nailbiting stuff. Salzburg are really a CL quality side.


    Disappointing that Rogic and Sinclair are almost invisible. Ajer showing he hasn’t played for months.


    Brendan needs a good teamtalk..

  2. Austrian drink company Red Bull able to pump in cash. Club uses cash for decent players, not necessarily transfer fees. But wages.


    Makes them a good team.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    ‘GG on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 8:50 PM


    Brendan scribbling notes



    Aye……..hope it’s a shopping list for January . Too many rabbits in the headlights in hoops.

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    well done celtic, jept them out – they are a good team – probably doped to the hilt the roasters by red shit$

  5. Been given the absolute runaround here by a team that have nothing to play for. We look like the away team clinging on for a draw. Forrest and Gordon the only ones looking like they are on their game.

  6. Various bodily apertures nippin.



    Expect to see changes from Brendan at half time. The next 45 seems suited ideally to Broony.



    Tommy Rogic is a great player for us, but this type game just not cut out for him, unfortunately.

  7. Broony on at HT.Calmac moved a wee bit further forward.Eddi trying like a bear.Jamesy flashing when he getsbthe ball.I would sub Christie.Sometimesbthese games come too soon.

  8. Up with the lark this morning or was it the kookaburra


    here in Oz? opened my sannies and a can, and then CTV


    don’t have the game on, what a bummer.


    So nervously following all your updates ghuys, keep them




    H.H Mick

  9. hope the real celtic turn up in the second half,we were showing signs of it towards the end of the first half

  10. They are under minimum pressure, we have to get stuck into them more. Last few minutes of first half was a lot better, we need to start that way 2nd half.


    Brooney for Tom looks the obvious change.

  11. TICTAEWIN on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 8:52 PM


    Austrian drink company Red Bull able to pump in cash. Club uses cash for decent players, not necessarily transfer fees. But wages.



    Makes them a good team.






    As I said- financial doping. Call it what it is. Without Red Bull funding Salzburg, do you really think they would be fielding this team? Nah, me neither.

  12. Our players are simply not used to being given no time on the ball and hence the countless mistakes. Rogic, Christie and Calmac are accustomed to another 1-2 seconds on the ball but they are not getting it tonight.


    Gordon has been at his best.

  13. Tough shift but still in it – would be nice if we nicked a result after being outplayed for a change…..

  14. The body language of both teams is in stark contrast.


    Red Bull receive ball with positive thought and lots of movement around them for options.


    They play the ball in the knowledge that teammates will anticipate and attack space.


    We are purely reactionary so the man on the ball has to hold and hope options appear.


    We often receive the ball with a backward pass as first thought and only option.


    I said the other day not to play Rogic as he gives the ball away far to often at this level where you are often punished.


    On the positive side Gordon,Benkovic and KT all playing well and i think Ed is doing well with zero support.


    Hopefully some tactical changes will be made to close the huge gaps between back to front and make it a little more difficult for them to pass so easily.


    JF needs a rocket up his ar=e to tell him to get involved.SS does not have the heart for this kind of game.


    Like to see Brown and Ntcham for Rogic and Sinclair .



    Financially doped or not they are coached in a very positive way.


    Movement ,positioning and anticipation is excellent.

  16. Salzburg play in a weak league currently lead by 14 points yet can beat Leipzig home and away. What does that tell us







    Teams don’t need a pedigree nowadays……only wads of money.






    Spot on. All the more reason for satisfaction when we stick it to them. We are the dominant team in Scotland, because of our fan base and savvy operation, not because a sugar daddy.

  18. You can talked all day about money but if you don’t see that this team are coached to play as a team in every part of the field maybe you’re no watching the gemme:))



    Tactically astute players and coaches working in unison, that said I think we’ll score first:)))