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  1. Bitton intercepts in our box. He’s been steady tonight.


    Ryan down with a knock. Trainer on to attend.


    SS replaces Morgan. He’s been excellent

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We need a RB pronto. Defensive structure is weak. Will take time to rebuild with new players. Sooner we start the better.

  3. Good performance and result against an agricultural mob of thugs. Some excellent play from Morgan and christie ,not to much to do in defence ,with one lapsed concentration .



    Onward and upward

  4. McPhail Bhoy on

    Played well within ourselves in the second half and apart from a defensive lapse and some poor finishing it should have been 5 or 6 to 0.


    The Celtic tv co commentator, didn’t catch his name, constantly talked about Sarajevo players’ leg breakers as hard tackles! Hard tackles are not free kicks out of control attempts to maim an opponent are. He also kept saying how great their keeper was; he made a series of routine saves you would expect of all keepers. He was seriously tested twice and we scored both!

  5. A week to get ready for the next game.


    New signings can improve their fitness and defence can get chance to improve their understanding.

  6. Haven’t seen as dirty a team for a long time. Glad we don’t seem to have suffered a serious injury.


    Plenty of positives, a few issues to be addressed as well,


    Satisfied but not euphoric.

  7. Well done bhoys



    Imo….early days but…



    Bolingoli is more skillful than KT, biut defensively….particularly in Intae yer face land…he will need to adjust quickly but he has the physique & Broonie to catch his ear….

  8. FT2-1 Good guys the scoreline looks close but doesn’t reflect our dominance over both legs

  9. Bit of parson’egg show from Boli. Plenty of energy and all over the park in first half. His finishing was poor and conceded possession for their goal. But showed some promise overall. Our physio will be busy tomorrow!

  10. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Well, what a nasty, cheating, cynical bunch of bastards, Sarajevo. Hope you get relegated.



    Good performance from us, glimpses of some really nice stuff. Another fine game from Morgan



    I hope the Estonians we’re meeting next round have more interest in playing football.

  11. Ludogrets no more…


    Astana no more….


    Linfield no more…



    Riga nooooo mooooore….

  12. glendalystonsils on

    Watched the game until HT when it was 1-0 going on 4-0 . Then visitors arrived GRRR!


    Went back to with 70 mins gone to see if we had got the other 3 goals yet , only to find it was 1-1! WTF? All good in the end though and the bhoys (specially the new guys) have another 90 mins fitness and experience of CP under their belts.

  13. Ludgorets,and Astana out.Ludgorets,a biggie.Really enjoyed that.Great performances from Broony,Simo,Morgan,Christie,Boli,will be a belter.Unlucky with a few near things,just a wee bit off in the final pass,but another game under our belt.Will get sharper.


    I did say today,3 at the back with Bolingoli rampaging up and down.Liked it.Ball moved forward a lot quicker.


    Very happy.

  14. The most important question for me is ..



    Did Boli Bolingoli MBombo have a song /chant ?