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  1. Why does neil lennon persist with an unfit james forrest and why has he experimented with yet another different defensive partnership?

  2. Big night for Joe and Broony – they will need to cover a lot of ground! Game is on FS1 here in US – advert for soccer shop before game starts shows the Celtic strip and scarves and immediate segue into Champs league music – superb stuff

  3. bankiebhoy1


    19:28 on


    28 August, 2013


    Best o’ Luck Bhoys




    I’ll second that

  4. Shakhter Karagandy,



    Welcome to Celtic Park, home of the famous Glasgow Celtic.



    Paradise for us.


    Hell for you.






  5. Just in to say







    14:10 on 28 August, 2013





    If you fancy the game, get my number from paul67… Wee freebie






    Thank you for yer wonderful offer but, I wouldn’t be able to go anyway as I’m working as well as waitingfor the liquidators to arrive :)))



    I hope that the hoops do it for grand ole fholk like ghoodself.


    Thanks again – one day I promise we’ll meet up – yer a Celt from the top drawer.



    Enjoy yer night Amigo – Hail Hail – Off oot tae work

  6. Leaving work in 5 minutes to watch the game, can’t wait!



    Lots of attacking options on the bench if we need to change it up a bit.



    3-0 Celtic!




  7. Paddy Gallagher on





    19:34 on 28 August, 2013




    Hows that sheep lookin’…………?





    To the slaughter :-)

  8. Sky Italia ‘experts’.



    Paolo Rossi – 2-0 Celtic, then extra time;



    Gianluca Vialli – 4-1 Celtic.




  9. Kev Jungle, You are right there, kikinthenakas is an absolute gent. Proud to have him as a pal.

  10. kevinlasvegas Supporting Wee Oscar Knox on

    Good Luck Bhoys,Its all about tonight.We are due a performance, Lets see if Lenny’s Lions can purr us into the Champs league.









    Hail Hail………………..



    8 mins







    19:32 on


    28 August, 2013


    God Bless RTE 2……………


    for all those not watching keep the info coming.please!!!!

  12. twisty…………..






    I’ve a riduculously early start with a drive to Dublin, so nowt stronger than ‘Rosie Lee’ for me.




  13. BobbyLennoxtownbhoys on

    I just slit a zombies throat,ye canny get done with murder to someone already dead!! I hope lol

  14. greenyinfurrafenian on

    cant be at celtic park. shortbreid state radio for me. YNWA being played, c’mon the timmalloys!!




  15. Nervous in Philly. Think the floodgates will open. Talent and big game experience should carry us through

  16. Dad (90) in Forfar says 3-0 …loads of family there in Paradise ..ma goodself Germany …come on you Bhoys in Glasgow ….Braw! braw! braw!

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