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  1. Oh what a night



    Been saying for awhile that Stokes is most important player in squad and once again he comes up trumps.



    I thought Charlie Mulgrew had his best night in Celtic jersey. Didn’t put a foot wrong and played as a leader.



    Still don’t think we should have been in our pre-match position of 0-2 but it helped make it an exceptional night.



    And thankfully we didn’t spoil Big Billy starring role tomorrow at the draw.



    Bring on:





  2. Drove to the game tonight so asked Mrs TT to buy me a few ciders to consume while watching the best bits on Sky Plus later.



    Expected Magners. She bought Aspall Suffolk Cyder – 7% volume!



    Two bottles gone already. At this rate the final score might be a surprise for me!



    Thank God I’m off work tomorrow.




  3. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Just back in. Thanks again for another magic night Celtic. Incredible just what our team has achieved since Neil took over. I heard the bbc interviews and Neil sounded a bit fed up with the negative press Celtic are getting. To hell with them. My grand children will be singing songs about you Neil. Thanks again. HH.

  4. Stokes also involved in the second goal. repeat of his Cup Final performance.


    Liam Brady scouted Stokes for Arsenal and reckons the best has yet to come.

  5. don’t want barca, don’t want ac milan, don’t want benfica, don’t want shaktar donetsk and i don’t want cheslki. anyone else will do.

  6. Oscar Knox is my Hero - RWE on

    All the players played their hearts out and the fans sang and cheered their hearts out.



    So proud of Celtic and our fans. The singing, chants & cheers never stopped.



    I have a headache now after all the shouting and leaping about I did.



    I was one of the lucky ones as I was able to share it with family.



    For all you Tims all over the world who were in bars, hotels or clubs on your own…



    Hail Hail



    And I hope that you made new pals.

  7. Well, I did say before the match that I would take 4-1!



    Amazing performance. Well done to Neil and the team.



    I listened tonight on Radio Shortbread. For once I thought they did a very


    good job.

  8. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    Still pashed here west coast USA, celebrating going on 12 hours noo.



    The bourbon has never tasted so sweet.



    Work won’t see me tomorrow.



    Gog bless Lenny and the team. What a game, watched it twice and all three goals just get better and better.