Celtic v Shakhter Karagandy, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 16:00.

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  1. Snake Plissken on

    This won’t be easy and anyone who thinks it will hasn’t been paying attention.



    Make sure we have something to play for next week Celts.



    Solid performance, a usable result of any kind and back to Glasgow.



    Concentration crucial here.



    Hail hail

  2. Oscar Knox is my Hero - RWE on

    Oscar Knox is my Hero – RWE


    15:27 on


    20 August, 2013


    Apologies if already posted.



    Bit of fun at the end of the Neil Lennon media interview in Astana today.



    The Karagandy coach has promised to give up smoking if his team reach the group stages.


    He’s been a smoker for 35 years.



    “Mr Lennon what would you give up if your team qualifies for the Group Stage?”



    “Well I don’t smoke..so..well.. I’d like to say I’d give up alcohol but I don’t think that’d happen…..especially in Glasgow.”



    Laughter and NFL finishes up with a huge smile on his face.



    Let’s make sure their coach is still puffing away after the tie is over.




  3. Kojo


    15:16 on


    20 August, 2013


    Sammi, is Wasted in the Role of the Lonely Linwood Striker.






    Yea..That is Why he is the Only Player in Celtic’s 125 Year History to Score in 5 European away games in a Row..in that Position..



    Ps..Do Say Melted Cheese on Toast..;-)




  4. Papa John supports Wee Oscar on

    Hi Folks


    Forecast 0-1to the TIC ( own goal ) am no greedy.


    Awerabest PJ

  5. Oscar Knox is my Hero - RWE on

    For all USA based Tims



    The game is live on Fox Soccer Plus.




  6. Predictable team apart from Virgil… Not sure if I’m happy about it but they SHOULD be able to get the job done. I think Efe is a bomb scare at times but would still probably have opted for him for this one. Virgil will be a good player but hasn’t played enough and he has a weakness in his game of switching off and allowing a sticker to nip in behind him.



    Would have preferred Samaras on the left as well.

  7. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Barely making the squad now.



    I was in the starting line-up a coupla hours ago….

  8. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Long time no hear.



    You still heading to Swindon for the occasional game?

  9. Son of Gabriel on

    anybody got the starting line up?



    I’m hearing Virgil mentioned.



    Time to put the internet in the work to good use!


    Keep me posted CQN

  10. bournesouprecipie, Are you in Tipperary at the moment, if so what part. I live in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. I see the team will be wearing “Tipperary Natural Mineral Water” logo on their shirts today. That will make for a good quiz question in 5 or 6 years time.


    Greetings from the Silk Route. Easier to play football on thon plastic surface than Buskazi (sheep rugby game) which I have seen played in Tajikistan and featured on Borat.




    2-0 the ghood ghuys.



    Off “outwith” to The Steppes just now.




  12. Bournesoup,



    I clicked on your link anticipating an article about Soviet history! Oh well. Davai Celtic!

  13. BMCUW


    Howdy, venture into the metropolis seldomly now. Last time I was in for a game was the Barca home game at The Tap. It was also showing the Chelsea and Manure games at the same time !! So not the same as it used to be or when the CSC was at The Whitehouse.

  14. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    With respect,when the ball came near BOBO,we expected good things.



    When it came near Olivier Tebily,I shut my eyes.



    Though not always my mouth,unfortunately.

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