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  1. Wakened at 4.30am, The game kept whirling round in my mind. What a dreadful experience last night was for us all. I totally agree with CharlieMac that we had a group of individuals playing last night with total lack of formation. I do not want to single out individuals but it is clearly the case that our defence is not working out. The midfield is too weak and needs new young blood. Our right side of the pitch is easy meat for attackers and other coaches have worked this out.



    By contrast it was very evident that our opponents were well coached and had good game management skills and moving as a team. We strolled around as a set of individuals with no game plan. When is this going to change? I fear for Motherwell at the weekend as I fear they will have a game plan that will stop us.

  2. Go tell the Spartim on




    That’s the conclusion I got too, it didn’t end as expected, I suppose the message is whilst he’s here he needs our support.

  3. Go Tell



    I support the team. Only ever want us to win.


    So I’ll be desperate for a win on Sunday. Would be nice if the players looked similarly invested.



    So on Sunday I’ll be fervently hoping that NFL et al get the result. While also firmly believing that Neil is not the man for the job.



    Saddens me to say



    HH jg

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    When you’re in a hole you need your leaders to have a plan or you’re toast.



    Newsflash – there is no plan.



    All that’s left is empty rhetoric.



    Paul’s article today is preparing you for defeat.



    Time to psychologically prepare for the crushing ‘55’..



    I love Lenny, but most of us thought it was strategic mistake to make him permanent after the Cup Final. TBH it’s worked out much worse than I feared.



    And yes I know he may still win last season’s treble.



    I’ve been interested to read Hibs’ fans take. They’ve been down this same road recently.

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    PS the Board are taking advantage of no fans to keep Lenny in post when the players have so obviously downed tools.



    It’s very cynical when you consider how fans found the money to donate to the club this season.

  6. Why is this Celtic team not littered with Laxalt ( Diego ) type players?



    It is Gods Amazing Story….. btw, I hate 2 say…. its, IMHO, ending soon.