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  1. PHILBHOY on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:44 PM


    It’s not the managers fault………………it’s the players.






    Thats not how it works.

  2. These guys get up to our box and shoot.



    We actually get in the box and look fir passes, why.



    Dear oh dear.



    D :)

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    Playing a reserve team who have nardly played at all together.



    Put a positive spin on this Lennon fan boys.

  4. Fs utter crap defending, not got a clue how to break this team down and they are stronger and faster

  5. I should nae laugh ….but ffs



    am no going start greeting …smiley just yet thing




  6. We have a wet tissue as our defence, we don’t look comfortable at the back under any circumstances

  7. Unless there are serious changes/improvements in our defence, I cannot see any chance of us winning the 10

  8. That was embarrassing against at team playing with half of their usual team, their own domestic league shut down and can’t win away from home in Europe.


    They have crisp passing we’re wide open in defence and midfield.



  9. wow! frimpong does everything right and has an easy pass to rogic for a tap in , passes it slightly behind him! crucial mistake.



    they go up the park and score – WHY ? Because we don’t have a ball winner in our midfield nor a no nonsense defender – absolutely shocking defending from Biton , brown and mcgregor.



    How many lessons do we need to learn – WE ARE FRAGILE BECAUSE OF THE MANAGER FORMATION AND SELECTIONS time and time again!!



    I love Brown but he has a jersey based on reputation – give out to a player who actually has the legs for midfield play – arguably the most important position in any team!

  10. Too painful to watch.


    We can’t defend




    Too save all the stress…


    Could we all switch to CNN and ask Jobo Balde to let us know the score and the player ratings tomorrow.



    The Onlooker


    #Wolfblitzer CFC

  11. JG @ 8.45



    Spot on — they are playing like a team of strangers.


    We are not playing for each other plus we look totally knackered.



    The midfield is totally honking — SB is playing from memory and CMcG is worse than a man down.



    Back to the recent past — no coaching / no set up / no leadership.

  12. No strength… Christie loses ball far too easily… Lack of pace brutally exposed after that…. Mile of it tonight

  13. Remember when Celtic Park was a fortress? Now third-rate teams turn up and turn us over.



    Thank god we weren’t in the CL.

  14. Laxalt is the only player who is trying. Something seriously wrong with this team. Would substitute Brown, macgregor and Edouard now.

  15. this must be a cunning plan ….so we are concentrating on the Ten and no tramping aboot europe…..



    smiley i think thats a ncut of a plan thing






    come on the Celtic 4 to 2 the Tic

  16. Eddie has checked out.



    We aren’t organised and can’t defend set pieces.



    We aren’t fit enough.



    We lack any semblance of a team with a coherent game strategy and style of play.



    Ten will be lost in the next few weeks.



    That’s just the brutal truth and there’s no point pretending.



    Lennon needs to be jettisoned as soon as possible.

  17. This is the managers fault.



    Our width comes from the full backs .


    They get caught upfield, time and time again .


    We then always get done on the counter .



    Eddy used to be a player .


    Now he tries to take on the team himself .



    We need a solid 4 or 5 at the back .



    Against the better teams.



    Lenny needs to wake the feck up.



    He is hanging out Central defenders out to dry.




  18. What a poor effort,thank God they don’t have a full team.



    same as JACKIEMAC can’t put my finger on it are we really that bad in Europe and decent in Scotland.



    We simply can’t defend.

  19. We don’t stop cross balls into the box, and we have a midfield that chases the ball and arrives late. No real structure to our defending. We haven’t enough pace, our passes don’t ping, take an age to get to the man.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    To think we were up in arms about the Sparta manager saying we were the weakest team in the group . He was only telling the truth .


    We are half way out of the Europa having not turned up again . Dreadful passing , disorganised defending , flat, turgid, unmotivated . Just when we thought there was a glimmer of improvement the old malaise is back .

  21. Any half decent EuL level coach will embarrass us without trying.


    We have no shape and no plan.


    Horrible to watch.

  22. we are being out played and out muscled , we are too


    timid and weak , every time any team goes at us we look like we are going to lose a goal