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  1. Ntassoolla



    You quoted my post, and for sure I’m not getting drawn into anything.



    I am quite capable of thinking for myself, I am more than able to post my thoughts on the blog, in saying that, as the night draws on, the posts tend to ramble, but being a dipso, these things are par for the course.



    If you want to quote me, not a bother, just have the decency to address me, then we can discuss things that you seem to have a problem with, ie. your perception of what I am thinking when I post.

  2. WAS the” Barca scored ” another world record TANGO moment where> 95%



    of the crowd were like “naw they havnae”



    Zombies with humour who would have thought

  3. Ntassoolla 23:58



    Izzy just because you ask a question doesn’t mean sopmeone is obliged to answer it.



    >Aye like all the questions you ignored last night. Pfft

  4. Just back home-all things considered to get to the last 16 from that group is truly remarkable.

  5. Som mes que un club on

    The bhoy from Oz



    From my seat in WS2 I could see Kayal saying to Sammi it was 0-0 at Camp Nou when he run to bench for a water after penalty went in.



    Also ‘The Suits’ at the back were watching on their in box telly!

  6. deniabhoy.



    It’s an attempt to divide about half the total money available to reflect TV revenue generated in each participating country. That money is then divided among the teams from that country. No Rangers, more for us. Celtic fans subscribing and watching in England and Ireland etc … count to the English pot and to the overall pot.


    UEFA’s own estimate is an average of 15m Euros for each group stage participant.



    So my Rangers supporting best pal who lives in France and whose subscription I use to watch on-line is contributing to ” well .. not Rangers.

  7. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    Sometimes a rest away from CQN works wonders..but never say never !



    CQN is at its best when fellow Celtic fans talk about Celtic matters..when it does that it is a peerless site

  8. One thing the result (almost) guarantees is that our best young players will be motivated to stay post January window.



    Great things are happening under Lenny.

  9. And Souness still talking as if “Rangers” are still in the SPL. Celtic are also “suffering” apparently from lack of Huns.



    If this is suffering…

  10. Kilbowie Kelt



    00:07 on 6 December, 2012



    So where is he?



    If he has given his opinion on the fiasco at sevco I must have missed it.

  11. Izzy I didn’t lob a grenade then walk away, I said I’d rather wait until later to have a spat as this isn’t the night for it. Once again I will say that the question you keep asking about my views on Rangers and recent events have been answered by me before.



    CCE You may not want me posting on here and there are others who would prefer if I didn’t post but at the same time there are folk who are happy to see me post, so for the likes of yourself and Izzy wouldn’t it be better to just scroll by my posts and ignore them while I converse with those who want to.



    GreenwellsGlory :- Salve amica mea, all is going well with me and mine, I hope the same can be said for yourself and your family in the village of churches, in reply to your last line


    humana verba sunt conductum cogitationes eius



    To the bloggers who wished me well, thanks I’ve had many a happy hour debating and arguing with you on here and hope to have more in the future.

  12. Motherwell FC ‏@MotherwellFC


    Well done to @celticfc on qualifying for the last sixteen of the UEFA Champions League. Great for Scottish football!


    Albion Rovers FC ‏@albionrovers


    Well done to @celticfc on qualifying for the last sixteen of the UEFA Champions League. Great for Scottish football!


    Retweeted by Phil MacGiollaBhain


    Liverpool FC ‏@LFC


    Congratulations to @celticfc on qualifying from the group stages of the Champions League. #YNWA


    Retweeted by Phil MacGiollaBhain


    Inverness CT Fans ‏@ictfans


    Thanks for the £235,000 Celtic. And well done! Doing Scotland proud!!


    Retweeted by Phil MacGiollaBhain



    and thanks from me, What a night.



    Hail Hail.

  13. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    let – it – go… becoming unhealthy…and BORING.



    And I actually AGREE with your point!

  14. Ntassoolla



    23:52 on


    5 December, 2012



    €2,100,000 for reaching the group stage.


    €3,300,000 for playing the games.


    €2,800,000 three wins + 1 draw.


    €3,000,000 for reaching the last 16.


    €12,200,000 total.



    Add to this the prize pot/market pool money estimated at €15,000,000.



    GBP equivalent is c.£22m.


    Add to this gate money from 6 games plus increased sponsors money from club sponsors and advertisers and the figure is around £35m



    Why is everything bold?



    Players own individaul sponsors of boots and the like will add to the players money.





    This year’s CL money is:


    €8.6m for reaching GS and playing the games


    €3.5m for three wins and 1 draw (3x€1m + 1x€0.5m)


    €3.5m for reaching last 16



    Market pool, based on a 10% increase from the time the cheating orcs participated will be around €11m, but this depends on which countries were represented this season compared to 2010/11 (and I ain’t checking).



    I reckoned it out to be €26.675m from Uefa alone and another large wedge from playing in from of 104,000 in qualifying and another 230,000 in the Groups and last 16.

  15. After going through the qualies, then battling through the group stage, no one but no one will see us as ‘easy’. Our fitness levels must be phenomenomenal for us to still be bombing around at the end of 95 minutes.


    In my eyes, that has made a huge difference ths time around, and because of these fitness levels and the undoubted quality we have in every department, front and back stage, it really is not unreasonable to believe we can go all the way.


    I’ve not seen anyone who could do better than us over 90 mins. except Barçelona, and we beat them.


    We are where we are on merit alone, and that entitles to a seat in the theatre of dreams.


    Let them come.

  16. philvisreturns


    00:03 on


    6 December, 2012


    TimJim – Most huns who post here pretend to be Celtic supporters.



    Most huns that post on here are at a wind up who’s to say Edward is not at the same.Do you actually know this guy?

  17. bournesouprecipie – fair point, but the thing I like most is qualifying for the last 16 in the CL. Wembely….

  18. Settle down there Izzy!



    No point.



    It’s always the same folk that take offence, song’s debates, Poppy debates. etc.



    The bend the knee as the incense laden thurible wafts gently as the soup gets wheeled out.

  19. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    meanwhile over at Follow Follow….



    ‘The fenian hand of Lawwell, doubtless bribed the referee to give Sami the diver a penalty..there’s no end to this man’s influence’




  20. The Comfortable Collective on

    From the Daily Record tomorrow (probably)



    “Celtic are today in disarray, as it transpires that they have no idea who they will play in the next round of the Champions League. A parkhead insider said, ‘It’s true, ask any one who we will be playing next, and the answer is – I don’t know, we could be in Germany or Italy – its crest cracking stuff’.



    The powers that be, are blaiming it on EUFA with the tenuous excuse that the draw is not being held until December 20th, However, most Celtic supporters will be asking how Neil Lennon and Peter Lawell could have let this situation arise”.



    “Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, the rangers have no such dilemmas. They are playing Stirling Albion in, what many insiders are calling the biggest game to hit British football in years. A fat insider at rangers, who wished to remain anonymous said ‘Make no mistake, oh no, we have been preparing for this game for months, it’s the big one, and if anyone disagrees, I want to know their names”.

  21. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever




    Waaaaaaay tooo funny!



    That’s some Tim on the wind up, it’s gotta be!!!! hahahahahahahahahahhahaha.




  22. The Pot 4 teams in the draw were as follows;



    Full 2012-13 UEFA Champions League group stage draw:



    Group A: Dinamo Zagreb



    Group B : Montpellier



    Group C: Malaga



    Group D: Borussia Dortmund



    Group E: Nordsjaelland



    Group F: BATE Borisov



    Group G: CELTIC



    Group H: Cluj



    Think we did ok this year:-).



    We’ve never qualified from pot 4 before. Well done NL.

  23. Particular credit to the team for getting through tonight on own merits, not needing Barcelona favour (apart from them not losing of course!). A real achievement.

  24. cultsbhoy loves being 1st forever & ever




    Aw…..thae wee hunnies….they’re jest huvvin’ a jealous wee laugh!


    ; > )

  25. I’ve lost count but it must be somewhere close to 283 corners without conceding a goal. Go Zonal.



    Commons was outstanding, motm. Sammy was a close second.

  26. Away to my bed a very happy Tim,so a very goodnight to my fellow Bhoys,To any Huns even the so called decent ones, hard shite your going to miss your biggest game of your season against the Arabs.Why,because you cannot accept you are where you are because of your own fault,not anybody elses

  27. If I still went on the lash…tonight, I woud be steamboats, blootered, stotious.


    So, to all of you who are , I wish you happy hooped dreams and hope your hangovers are of the mysterious non-appearing type.


    In fact, I woud imagine many of you will wake up….still steamin’ and smilin’.


    Ah….the good ole days.


    The Bhoys are Back in Town!

  28. Got to admit that I wasn’t confident that things would go our way Tonight but thrilled and somewhat relieved that we are still dining at the top table of the worlds greatest football competition. All of the remaining teams will be tough to beat over 2 legs, however I reckon that most won’t relish a trip to a rockin Celtic Park as it is now becoming (again) a fearful stadium to visit.


    Now let’s look forward to a long domestic run of good results starting with Killie on Saturday.



    Off to play some poker but with one eye on CQN – HH




  29. 4.28am train back to London for a very happy Celt.


    Thought nerves again impacted our performance but what a magnificent achievement. Samaras, Commons both had outstanding games. It also demonstrated how much we missed Wanyama.


    Now it gets really exciting!

  30. Has anyone mentioned that Celtic have contributed more coefficient points to there country this year than any other team in Europe?



    QF (quarter final this time)

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