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  1. Atmosphere very flat big ht team talk coming. Not playing very well to be honest Spartak passing very well and all over us in attack but it’s 1-1 so all to play for. Next goal crucial

  2. 0-0 HT at Camp Nou



    Barcelona will not win this game without Messi being on the pitch



    Benfica should be at least 2 goals ahead



    Barcelona’s reserves don’t look clever at all

  3. We need to get some cover for Efe. The big strikers are running him ragged.


    Sammi hasnt seen too much of the ball.


    I hope we see all out attack second half.


    Watt on after 60 mins perhaps?

  4. Muscat_Bhoy1264 on

    Sitting here in Saudi Arabia and feel like I’m really missing that link to my homeland. I just wish I could have that sort of direct link to the East End of Glasgow to stop this homesickness. ;-)

  5. Nervy performance.



    Emilio out doing is Xmas shopping at the equaliser



    We have git to make better use of the set plays, we haven’t had one dangerous corner or free kick to talk about.

  6. ach well, Did say Europa cup at game start and what ive seen tonight just backs up my opinion. Sorry bhoys,


    hope im eating those words at FT.




  7. Just when we were starting to look good we get mugged.



    Charlie has to do better with his set plays.



    This game could go either way but still think we will sneak it.




  8. Need to take off Kayal before he is sent off….he has been mince anyway,Scott Brown covering his mistakes all thru the first half.

  9. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    It doesn’t look like Barca are going to do us any favours and Benfica should be ahead – nonetheless we need to win . Spartak playing a lot better than they did at home -Samaras needs to get more involved – Changes after 60 mins – Ledley for Kayal who is on a yellow – need to keep the ball better.




  10. Not looking too good for us tonight,got a feeling that even


    a win aint gonna be good enough,seems like only one team is going


    to score in barca game

  11. Spartak are certainly no mugs. They’ve played some tidy football. Yet Id have us at 55/45.



    Crowd getting a wee bitty anxious after the equalizer.



    Less of that, get behind the Bhoys like the first 35. There young men have, and are still doin, the jersey proud.







  12. Their keeper is plucking crosses out of the air for fun, we need outswingers from corners. Unfortunately they don’t look like a side who are going to lie down and the news that Benefica are dominant in Barca doesn’t fill me with confidence but its still all to play for.

  13. timbhoy in spain on

    Benfica are all over this Barca team.Can´t believe they´re not winning.


    I´m watching Celtic on SS3 & Barca game on laptop.

  14. We’re lucky to be level.



    Lustig our best player and not for the first time this season.



    If this guy is not in the running for POTY I will be gobsmacked.



    Cmon Barca get Messi on ffs!



    Cmon Celtic!




  15. We’ve a very flat back four who are not coming forward for fear of being caught out.


    So the space behind our midfield is being controlled by Spartak. That’s where Emenike keeps receiving the ball.

  16. Heart in mouth stuff.. Enimike is a class act. I still expect Barca to stick one in sooner or later but we will have to make more of our chances to go through.

  17. Broonie won’t last the 90 so can’t see Kayal coming off. Lassad and Ledley for Brown and Commons would be my bet. Get 3 in middle and pull Sammi back a bit Lassad to support a ver isolated Hooper who took his goal well.



    Not over yer ktf

  18. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    I think we sometimes forget that the standard of player in the opposition by value is far in excess of what we can afford – they even have a £10m man on the bench.


    However it’s 11 v 11 at Celtic Park




  19. Hope the atmosphere isn’t as flat as it sounds on Spanish TV. Commentators are obviously watching it in TV studio so live sound is badly muted.

  20. Seems that the Barca players talk about wanting to see us go through


    was a lot of nonsense,i know its petty but if they dont bring Messi on i


    hope he disnae break the scoring record ;-(