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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Didn’t get to game tonight because I had to go to Edinburgh today. Couldn’t go yesterday after the snow. Still annoyed that I missed it even though we lost. Put it down to a bad day at the office and get on with it. We can’t complain about lack of competition and challenge if we moan about other teams beating us now and then.



    We’ll win the league.



    Night all.

  2. Snake Plissken


    21:38 on


    4 March, 2015



    Well done morons.





  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Well done St. Johnstone.




    First half was not so good on Sunda either. Quckly forgotten in WWF CFC world.



    I have seen enough to reckon we will win the league. Not because I think we are bette than NL celtic this time last year, I dont.



    Treble possibly but I wish we would talk about it less.



    Long way to go witb Ronny.





  4. Got what we deserved tonight , EA would struggle to cross the road , Wakaso never a left back, why take off GMS a goal maker/taker and have JF on who creates nothing.

  5. mike in toronto on

    poor performance tonight, even taking into account the missing players.



    After the first 20 minutes, St. J worked harder. Some days, things just dont fall for you, but getting outworked should not happen.



    The RD team is not the most skillful, but its success comes from hardwork and teamwork …. we stopped moving and working in the final third tonight.



    On the positive side, I’d rather have an off night/.lose a game tonight than on the weekend. Hopefully, tonight will serve as a reminder for Sunday that we have to outwork teams and play smarter, and we can apply that lesson on Sunday.

  6. Why did we need a wake up call when we’ve been playing so well? Don’t understand that one.

  7. Watched game on Celtic t/v, paused every couple of minutes Celtic were bad, but Celtic t/v was worse.

  8. tommytwiststommyturns on

    A timely reminder that the manager and the first team squad a work in progress. Please try to remember that before making diva comments!



    Snake – put the patch on the other eye!!




  9. Not our night tonight.


    Coach will learn from it especially who to trust.


    Do not think it’s coincidental that we are less potent and fluid in final third when guys like Stokes play and slow game down.


    Still its a wee crumb of comfort for msm this result after the besets team in Scodland got there shares suspended and their realization the king may not be.

  10. ray singh-carr,



    With you on that, we have no right to win every game and hopefully it’s another lesson learned.

  11. West Wales Celt on

    Congrats to St Johnstone, they worked hard, played well when they could, rode their luck and scored a great goal. Poor performance from the bhoys. We looked less likely as the game wore on so don’t think the ‘generous’ extra time had an impact.



    No panicking now. An off night and the preferred game to lose compared to the cups.


    Bounce back at the weekend now essential…

  12. Snake Plissken



    Time for another of your self imposed life bans.



    Your comments are pathetic

  13. It’s in games like these that you need a real striker. Stokes and Griffiths missed good chances. So far this season everyone has been chipping in with goals but none of our strikers are in the list of top scorers in the SPFL.

  14. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Followed the match on CQN … Sounds like a reality check for Ronny .



    We will now see what our management and playing staff are made off over the next three weeks



    Maybe it’s the kick up the bahooky that was needed



    One wee point – my mates an Arab – st Johnstone are their bogey team . I went to the cup final last season with him and gMS didn’t kick a ball while sa was ineffective . My mate said sj always snuff those two out

  15. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    To those suggesting that Aberdeen are back in it. We’ve now played the same number of games, we’re 6 points in front of them and we have a hugely better goal difference than them. I’d rather be in our position than their’s ……… and so would Derek McInnes.

  16. Gutted, but we are team in need of a rest. Unfortunately for Ronny our back-ups don’t seem to possess the right stuff.



    I suspect we won on Sunday largely because the adrenalin against our nearest rivals was pumping.



    We didn’t have that particular edge tonight.



    I still think we’ll get back on track but if I’m honest I worry about playing the cup games without GMS and Armstrong.



    Oiche mhaith.



    Ard Macha

  17. Come on Snake, You are better then that. We are all disappointed but calling the team morons is simply not acceptable, Calm down.

  18. Listened to the game tonight and heard few celtic players mentioned. Seems the better team won tonight. Sounds as though they stopped us playing our game.



    Wee Mhan was nestled under my arm listening and fell asleep cos he’s still a youngster. Nestled in exactly the same place that I usedd to with my Dad.



    Just needed Bob Crampsey doing the commentary and it could have been the 70s.



    I never like losing. But tonight was the ‘least bad’ one to lose at this point.



    Ho hum.



    Night timdom



    HH jamesgang

  19. Snake… No offence, but if there’s any moron around at the moment it’s you.



    Get a grip, man.

  20. Greeninbingley on

    3 games in 6 days.



    First at the San Siro wi 10 men for three quarters of it, giving a fantastic performance.



    Back off the plane at Glasgow at 3am Friday, next game Sunday, the much-hyped title decider where we looked leggy first 45 then ran them off the park second half, another fantastic performance.



    Then an away game against a side that always seems to give us problems. And we were knackered.



    And some on here are slinging around words like ‘morons’ and ‘a disgrace’.



    Dearie me. Get a grip.

  21. fieldofdrams on

    Snake Plissken, not like you mate, Jose Cuervo hacked your account?



    Disappointing outcome tonight but as our manager has shown, he’ll learn. Hopefully one of the things he’ll learn is that if he wants a fast transition, Stokes doesn’t have a place in the set-up. Poor technique, no first touch.

  22. Aye, no the best day at the office.



    Seems like the whole team decided to have an off night, shit happens.



    Many were calling for a few to get a rest, RD rested a couple, it backfired, now it’s all his fault, worse than huns some of youz.





    KTF………tho some of you never had any to start with

  23. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Calm down bhoys



    We’re not best CFC team ever …we are improving …but tonight doesn’t make us the worst



    Poor performance …uninspiring team selection …players not up to the high tempo required of the system …perhaps we should have changed the formation …who knows



    Perhaps it just wasn’t our night



    Btw …I’ll be right P’d if we produce the same rubbish on Sunday

  24. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    Well done for putting things into proper perspective. The players have indeed had a tough 6 days. The 10 man performance in Milan in itself must have taken a lot out of them.

  25. Greeninbingley



    21:49 on 4 March, 2015



    Then an away game against a side that always seems to give us problems. And we were knackered.






    It’s worse than you think, Green – we were at home, lulz.

  26. the long wait is over on

    The optimist in me suggests that tonight’s result could be as important in our quest for the treble as last Sunday.



    Season starts again on Sunday

  27. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on






    True .. Losing one game, isn’t the end of the world ..



    Stil in 3 competitions and have a realistic chance of winning them ..



    On the southside .. They’re in intensive care!



    Imagine being a current bun atm .. That would be excruciating :)

  28. Ray Singh-Carr on

    I doubt that even most Sheep fans believe they will win the league.


    It therefore beggars belief that there seem to be some on here that harbour doubts about our abilities to retain the title.


    We are still 6 points clear with a goal difference that effectively adds another point. I will go on record now to say that we will ultimately win this league by at least 10 points.


    I am more worried about the upcoming Cup matches, and the main reason I am worried is down to complacency. Tonight’s result might help in that regard.


    RD may not have learned very much about what works for us tonight, but he at least ought to have gleaned a lot about what doesn’t work.


    Panic ye not.

  29. Stairheedrammy on

    A wee disappointment after beating the sheep, seems like we threw that advantage away. NFL used to tinker with the team for cup games and never really learned that it didnt work. I hope Ronny does. First home game I have missed this season- blame me

  30. Greeninbingley



    We were at home tonight



    That’s why I said we missed a big chance tonight.

  31. evening all



    we have played some great football recently, and tonight is just a blip.



    there was always going to be one or two below par performances before anything is settled this season, so no need to start calling our players morons etc.



    if we are to have an occasional blip then far better to have it in a league game than in the cup(s) where there is no chance to make amends.



    the sheep will NOT remain unbeaten till the end of the season, i’m sure they will drop points in inverness, dingwall and we will beat them after the split.



    we’ve seen on the blog recently loads of praise for ronny and posters admitting to judging him too quick so for goodness sake lets chill, we can’t be 100% perfect every game especially if changes are made to the team. ronny will learn far more about certain players after a game like tonight than a straightforward 4-0 win.




  32. I very seldom post now…. In fact… I read Paul’s leader and then just skim….. Too many people on the blog now that don’t understand the meaning of win, lose or draw.



    We love you Celtic we do


    We love you Celtic we do


    We love you Celtic we do….


    Oh Celtic we love you.



    Win, lose or draw



    6 points clear – we will still win the league and the cups.



    Hail Hail






    Paul… I’ll email you tomorrow re cq11n COYBIG