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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    6 points clear treble on.


    Lucrative new deal. Well done Peter Lawwell.


    Hun shares suspended.


    Life is no that bad.



    There’s a little black spot on the hun today…..




  2. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    I wasn’t one for joining the Ronny who? camp earlier this season nor was I for joining Ronny as the new messiah camp after Sunday. In the list of previous Celtic managers he’ll be somewhere between Macari, Mowbray and Brady at the bottom end and McNeil, O’Neill and Stein at the top end.


    But his team suffers from the same deficiency that many recent teams have. We have no one who’s capable of unlocking a packed defence. These players don’t grow on trees.


    It’s all very well playing a high pressing game but how do you do that when you have most of the ball?


    Plan B throw crosses into the box? Is that what Scepovic was bought for?

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Right this time I’m off to do other things. I hate it when Celtic lose.

  4. Stringer Bell on

    Resting players was he right thing to do at 7o clock tonight. We have a monster game at the weekend, it will be hellish tough up there. That whole club has a point to prove to us.



    It didn’t work out, the rotation, so there will be asked. Rightly so.



    Stil, we have no divine right to win every game.



    If we win on Sunday it will be a worthwhile sacrifice.



    Ronny on the radio sounding gutted.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Tonev,Wackaso,Boerichter,Scepovic,Forrest,Pukke,Balde Fridjhonsen all in my opinion surplus to requirements.Deynair,V.V.D. and Guidetti will likely leave in the summer so a big rebuilding job for Rony and JC if we are to be ready for the CL Qualifyers. H.H.

  6. Greeninbingley on



    21:53 on


    4 March, 2015



    I knew that really. *coughs and changes subject*

  7. Given that we have been playing back to back to back games at high intensity, this result isn’t really surprising. Lot’s of tired legs and an understandable lack of focus. We are 6 points and a barraload of goals ahead and will win the league. A bit of a rest is in order and normal service will be resumed.




  8. Larssonse7en



    Mibbie so.


    But it seems when you do post its a good yin.



  9. We didn’t play the high tempo closing down game. We didn’t dispossess any of the St. Johnstone backs. They had time to pass it around and build attacks. Yet Gordon had no real save to make, they scored one of those goals that only come around a few times a year. What is now important is how we react to it. We were all of the opinion that we had a very good side, playing attractive exciting football, I still believe that and can’t wait for the Cup game.

  10. playfusbal4dguilders on

    How was the Ronny roar tonight? Missed it at the end.



    At least give the team a chance, pathetic selections.

  11. TOSB



    Saying the sheep are back in it does not equate to thinking they’re likely to win the league.



    However, they do have a chance, given that we’ve still to go to Pittodrie, and they’ll have a chance to get points on the board while we’re on cup duty twice at least.



    Are you saying they’re out of it, given their consistency against everyone apart from us?

  12. Hail Hail CQNers



    Come on guys. A wee bit of perspective.



    We have lost a match against a half decent team. But we are 6 points clear of the pack with a goal difference worth another point. We’ve had a very heavy schedule which we’ve coped with until tonight.



    Disappointment. But we are now heading into the important part of the season with Scottish Cup and League Cup ties coming up.



    We will know after these games have been decided whether these guys have the strength of character to leave performances and results like tonight behind.



    I am in absolutely no doubt. Celtic will prevail.



    Congratulations to worthy opponents tonight and Hail Hail to Tims everywhere.

  13. Dia dhaoibh, a Chairde,



    Couldn’t get a stream so didn’t see how we performed. Disappointed we lost but it happens.



    Ar aghaidh linn go dtí an chéad chluiche eile.



    Árd Macha; Loving the diary posts. Coinngh ort

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I think RD – correctly – wanted to look at a couple of new options tonight


    Probably thinking about Sunday and assessing one or two Stokes Wakaso Forrest


    But 2 things confused me


    1) no change to the game plan when we are behind – stick VVD up front is our only tactic


    2) not sure why RD subbed GMS ? I don’t think he can play Sunday ?



    But fair play St J they worked for their win




  15. Didn’t see the full game but from what I saw:



    – We weren’t as fluid as normal (fullback changes didn’t help one bit)


    – St Johnstone frustrated us and also got away with a lot


    – The ref didn’t offer any protection and some decisions were baffling


    – It was one of those nights, it happens but we will bounce right back.

  16. Just looked the Sheepies don’t have a game this weekend so can’t make up any ground



    6 points plus goal difference still a healthy lead at this stage

  17. Greeninbingley on



    22:00 on


    4 March, 2015



    Well said. I also think the Sheep will drop more points than we will in the run-in.

  18. I had a wee feeling tonight could be a banana skin.



    I didn’t expect the park to be covered in them.

  19. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Although we were poor and tired today some people really overreact! I wouldn’t like to have to justify myself to them incase I was deemed a moron or my ideas pathetic. clearly they are wise in the ways of the the world and I bow to their superior football knowledge.

  20. The goal difference is worth an extra point.


    Not that we will need it.


    Does anyone think Aberdeen will NOT drop points in the run in?


    Does anyone think that we will drop 7 more points than Aberdeen?

  21. mike in toronto on

    Not going to get too bent out of shape about today …. as long as we learn our lesson and dont repeat that type of performance on Sunday.

  22. tired legs , tired mentally and result will help us refocus – nothing will be handed to us , legends have to earn the status!

  23. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Oh, and let’s not have anymore ceremonies/games/events on the pitch. It should be a sacred ground dedicated to flowing football (not falling over on a loose surface).

  24. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Losing tonight is easily recoverable, losing either or both of the next 2 games is not. I know which game I would prefer to slip up in. Not blaming the piss poor ref for our defeat, that was down to us, but the goalscorer should have had a 2nd yellow before he scored,

  25. Given recent displays tonight must be seen as


    A) a blip


    B) confirmation that Forest, Wakaso, Efe are a recipe for defeat.



    I was coaching tonight so didn’t see or listen to the game but without seeing or hearing the game that would be my assessment

  26. Patrick27



    No, but they play Murderwell at home a week on Friday, so could cut the lead to three before we play.



    Tonight’s result will obviously give them a boost with 3 home games in their next 4.



    We’re big favourites still, but they’ll feel they’ve got some hope again.



    They didn’t look as if they did leaving the pitch on Sunday.

  27. tommytwiststommyturns on

    ….and please no more lap of honours until trophies are secured. FFS!




  28. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Having read King statement tonigh. I ask myself why does he not name his possible NOMAD.Question for the financially minded amongst us.



    Is this due to protocol or is he bluffing ?




    Surely it is in his interest to leak that information NOW. As far as the vote is concerned but not tbe fit and proper person test.



    So that is why I am asking.




  29. Mrs Thindime had a bad feeling about this game



    She said the bhoys did not work hard enough



    I did say in the Celts defence they have had a busy week



    I got one of those looks



    Seriously ghuys



    Everyday cant be a payday the Aberdeen result was always more important after Europe




  30. When you qualify for the later stages of all the cup competitions and take a break from the SPL league program fixtures you will always have more games to play to catch up , so is the tired players argument our own doing?


    I know what I prefer , so no excuses for tired players , you have to look at individual players ability.

  31. That was a goal to win any game. Craig Gordon had very little to do. The ball stuck to their goalie every time—no fumbles or knock it out balls. Players tired, and they looked like they were walking in the Bog of Allan. Just one of those nights. Better to lose to SJ than Aberdeen last Saturday. And the Norwegian Blues are in the Billy Wright. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  32. cultsbhoy… you didn’t see game but know who to blame???? blame manager and whole team. should have ket same team as much as possible. sj cannot play deep mid.. we miss his running he sets pulse for others

  33. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    The problem with being on a celticrollercoaster is that the highs are great but the lows are not so good and we tend to over react in both directions.



    We big Ronny up to be great when the going is good and when it’s not good, we go to freefall.




    Perspective is required.







  34. the question of the hard pressing game , all over the park is not about effectiveness (i think we have shown it is) – its now more about can it be sustained over a full season of games – we are about to find out!

  35. beatbhoy



    True true, but we play Dundee midweek before they play murderwell so can still go 9 points clear



    However this will be a boost to the Sheep no doubt.



    As for people saying points dropped in the run in, Aberdeen have dropped less points than us this season against the rest of the teams – ignore the 3 games v them and they’d be top