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  1. glendalystonsils on

    I know the sheep had been on a good run before meeting us on Sunday but what happened to us tonight will also happen to them at least once as the season progresses so I would still expect us to extend our 6 point lead.


    Whenever NL rested players to the bench, he found that the ones coming in just didn’t cut it and he would frequently have to bring on some of the players he had hoped to rest. I think Ronny is finding the same problem. Our best eleven are a match for anyone but dig a little deeper into the squad and the quality is not there.

  2. In saying that though, can see Dundee and Inverness and St J all causing the Sheep issues

  3. Well, that was a frustrating one.



    Shape of the team massively disrupted by loss of Izzy and the decision to drop Biton out.


    You realise watching games like tonight exactly what Izzy gives you coming forward. Never really got going.



    Easy to overreact but need to keep the head here. One bad result isn’t that damaging.



    One other observation, the audible groan when Forrest came on. Feel for the guy, but it’s clear his confidence is not there. Refusal to go on the outside……did anyone see Ronny screaming at him to get out wide when he put VVD up top? I can see a parting of the ways coming.




  4. On way home disappointed we did not learn from game in Perth plus did not learn gms off replaced by forrest already failed. On plus side wakaso worked hard

  5. Just home from the match.



    Always pleased to be at CP but tonight was one of those nights where, 30 minutes in, you were beginning to think it was not going to be. We were bright enough for 15 minutes or so but then ran out of ideas and pace. St. Johnstone gained confidence and then scored a cracker. Fair play to Tommy Wright for not parking the bus and committing many men forward.



    Crowd was on the low side and in a bad mood as the side failed to spark.



    Every time James touched the ball, sometimes even as the ball was heading in his general direction, there were groans and impatient shouts. If he rode a tackle, the response was “you were lucky there” or “you nearly lost that” but if he lost the ball…..



    Best comment heard from the permanently impatient was right at the end where Nir Bitton passed the buck to Efe whose attempted cross was blocked. The response was (To Nir) “FFS gonnae take some responsibility” then (To Efe) “But No you!”



    I hope its a wee wake up call but we have a few carrying injuries and we are going to have to cope with a different line up on Sunday.



    I still fancy our chances but only if we turn up with a braver mindset. The away crowd will definitely be more encouraging.

  6. Patrick 27



    I stand corrected.



    Gives us a chance to make up for tonight, and put the pressure back on them. Hard game up there though, I’d imagine, but certainly winnable.


    Now tonight was a defeat, nothing more, nothing less. We lost to a St Johnstone team who played well. No need for any knee jerk reactions ?



    Don’t know why Nir was benched tonight but the inclusion of Stokes was the major factor for me.



    Tony’s inclusion saw 3 changes: Stokes on the left, Armstrong moved and Johansen, in that deeper role. Neither change worked out. Stokes slows things down, his touch was poor and gauging from his body language, isn’t happy.

  8. What is the Stars on

    Thats the first time Celtic have lost to St Johnstone at Parkhead on a wednesday night march while being managed by a Norwegian.



    Think about that



    The first time in our glorious history that this has happened





    Everyone must go now.


    Ronny,PL,DD all the players and most of the fans


    We deserve better

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    Low crowd fast exit.



    What a difference a few days and one change in personnel makes, must say excellent performance from the Saints.



    Celtic should have coped better but Ross County and Hamilton have led the way for St Johnstone at CP tonight, unlike Aberdeen who played an open attacking game, and suffered.



    If you were surprised just think how John Hartson feels, but we’ve seen this movie before, and from the minute Leigh Griffiths blocked Stuart Armstrong’s goal bound shot at 0-0, it was always going to be dropped points.



    St Johnstone ran Celtic close in Perth the other week and tonight they physically dug in, and took their chance from the start of the second half. They had a pop and scored, whilst Celtic were still thinking about why they never scored in the first half. They looked the most dangerous side all night, despite the fact they played all men behind the ball, when Celtic were in possession.



    We took a massive injection with the January signings of GMS and SA, and the DU games after tonight suddenly look like a different prospect. Easy to single out the usual suspects who will be called upon in the Cup yet fall short of Celtic class, but there’s no need, when everyone can see it.



    The changes RD made were enforced due to the volume of games, and he isn’t a genius on Sunday and a Norwegian numptie on Wednesday.



    But internet experts, knock yourself out.






    M.O.M. Scott Brown

  10. playfusbal4dguilders on

    That was back to the type of team selection that got us papped out of the CL twice this season.



    Anyway enough manager bashing



    He can do that himself.




  11. Ronny’s high-tempo pressing game demands physical & mental fitness – IMO we hit a bit of a brick wall after Sunday’s result and the past months’ efforts.



    Probably to be expected – but disappointed that the ‘bench’ failed to provide the lift/cover to get us over the line or salvage the draw. We were too narrow and the game was lost middle to front. Sometimes you need to approach a game (where the opposition are strung out across the box) with a more direct plan – LG was pretty isolated tonight.



    The result won’t affect the league outcome – but we really should not be dropping points at home – a draw should be the worse case scenario. Unfortunately Celtic Park has kind of lost its ‘fortress’ status in the past few years.



    Refocus time needed for the weekend!


    The treatment of Forrest tonight was disgraceful. Horrible to listen to.



    Reminded me of the abuse Samaras used to get.

  13. Wikiweirdos



    Fitba Trolls



    Only appear on social media when the team they hate get beat

  14. Lots of theories about tonight but rather than point out not fit for purpose replacements to the settled eleven may I just say,


    Bitton not playing and Stefan not playing in his forward role were the two main reasons for our lack of guile and cohesion IMO.


    St. Johnstone were reasonable, scored a wonder goal, then comfortably defended their lead.




  15. kevinlasvegas on

    Just back from the Game, Very flat and no shape. Too many changes? Missed Izzy. Efe not the best, Nothing fell for us all night and St. Johnstone scored a cracker.It happens cant win them all.



    Hopefully thats it out our system.




  16. Blog seems as jaded as the team. Think we all need a rest. Good Night Timland, we will all wake up proud Tims in the morning. The glory or the disappointment won’t come till we see the colours on the shirt of the team that lifts the trophies.

  17. beatbhoy



    Haha no bother, the rescheduled Dundee game was only announced today



    Aye a repeat performance of the Scottish Cup victory would be grand, 9pts lead would add pressure on the Sheep against a revitalised Murderwell side



    Here’s hoping Skippy, Big Mick,Pearson and co can do us a favour…

  18. playfusbal4dguilders on




    Forrest is terribly out of form, low on confidence and his first touch makes him an easy target for the boo Bhoys.



    He is easy to read and never goes outside his man, currently offers little.




  19. Just returned from CP. Thought we played well in first half, although not at the same pace as we have been playing recently. Lost our way at the start of the second half, lost a goal to a wonder strike, then dominated again for the rest of the game. The big difference was in the second half we created very little and looked very tired. There’s a couple of individuals who’s days could be numbered.


    MOTM for us Scott Brown, by some distance. MOTM overall, their keeper, ha


    F a dozen great saves.


    St. Johnstone played as well but didn’t deserve to win the game, as the impartial sportsound were saying post match. Neat and tidy in possession and in our faces when we were in possession but created very little.

  20. Just back from the game, don’t suppose I have to look back to know who the whipping boys are, but no outfield player can be happy with their performance. Shows you how important our flying full backs are.



    GB were excellent, the rest of the support….



    16 wins out of the last 19 league games, shame on every one who booed the team off the park, shame on those who go to games and do nothing but shout abuse at our players, the sense of entitlement is hun like.



    Well done to St. Johnstone, cracking goal to win it. Game on again in the league.

  21. The continual ongoing and past injury problems with ML are a worry , how bad is EI hand injury , he was badly missed tonight I recall players playing with protective casts etc in the past. We appear to be chopping and changing the wingback positions every other game without any continuity to team selection.

  22. Patrick27



    I’m sure those 3 will be doing their best for their team, and if they can help us along the way. . . .

  23. the glorious balance sheet on

    Better to throw up this performance tonight than in any of the cup games v Dundee utd.



    Too many changes and injuries tonight. Lustig commons Guidetti izzy all injured; Bitton and Matthews could only play part of the game. So maybe no great surprise that the Deila bus took a wrong turn tonight.



    We rely on our fullbacks for a lot of our attacking play; Efe and Wakaso are not natural swashbuckling full backs. Maybe we could have went 3-5-2 at half time when Matthews went off?



    Biggest worry for me tonight was James Forrest. He seemed to have real difficulty moving as far as I could see, not long after coming on he seemed either knackered or in pain.



    Hopefully some of our injuries will clear up for Sunday.





    Yeah I get that, I watched the boy tonight. He’s off form, returning from injury and probably has his troubles off the field.



    No point in screaming at him, if his confidence is shot, frustrated clowns howling at him will only make him worse.

  25. Looking back over our dozen games or so this year, we have used a pool of around 18 players. 13/14 have played almost every game. What is clear is that RD has lost faith in some players and is sticking with the players he trusts. For example, Scepovic and McGregor are completely out of the picture. Stokes and Forrest are both out of favour.


    We missed our full backs tonight and dare I say it Guidetti as another option up front. But the main issue was tiredness caused by the 13/14 guys playing so many matches.

  26. What is the Stars on



    Just flicked on to Nolan now,


    good point about Craigavon and the UVF gun running

  27. Magnificentseven on

    Same old same old on here tonight, on course for the treble but the trolls still revel in what will turn out to be a meaningless defeat, enjoy, it will be short lived

  28. What is the Stars on

    Who are the trolls



    I have never met one


    Can someone please point one out

  29. Not long in, have we scored yet


    That was some strike for them though



    Now I’m a bad loser with all things Celtic


    But even my daughter commented on Stokes very poor attitude tonight, highly talented player, but with an attitude like he had playing tonight, he is no use to us

  30. Magnificentseven on

    What is the Stars





    23:00 on



    4 March, 2015





    Who are the trolls




    Was that too difficult a question?

  31. Another thing



    Why not just drop Liam Henderson into Nir Bittons place, and leave rest of team in own positions ?


    Like someone stated earlier, Johansen is not a holding midfielder, we seen that at start of Ronnies reign