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  1. What is the Stars on




    What was your question ?



    My question was “Who are the trolls” ?



    You then said ” Was that too difficult a question”



    I dont get it

  2. BCW



    I think you also posted at 22.25ish about Stokes


    There was 5 of us sitting, and everyone commented on his lack of effort and poor attitude


    Yet he has superb skill if only harnessed with focus on his role in the team, when playing

  3. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Just back in from the game ……get the impression Europe and Aberdeen game took their toll. Sunday’s game should be interesting….hopefully, the Bhoys will be rested, regain their focus ….and up the pace considerably….

  4. Magnificentseven on

    What is the Stars





    23:05 on



    4 March, 2015




    It’s not that difficult to see the trolls, they only come on when we lose and they spout about how bad we are.



    Fair play to you though, you made your feelings on our manager clear from the beginning, but at least you are here when we are winning and don’t hide like a troll does, the treble is very much on, I hope you are ready :-)

  5. What is the Stars on




    Thats ok,league is in the bag,treble could be tricky



    Ronnys had a good run recently



    needs to bounce back now

  6. Disappointed with the result, I suppose some players just ran out of steam against a solid performance by St Johnstone. It happens after a so many games on the hop.



    Could be worse, watching a documentary on the maltreatment of families struggling in London.



    Shocking the way they are being treated to clear the way for the rich.

  7. Magnificentseven on

    What is the Stars





    23:14 on



    4 March, 2015




    We will bounce back, results like tonight happen, especially after a couple of really big games, the big games matter more, I am confident we will win those

  8. viewfaethewindae on

    Armstrong’s a player, Effy is fast but can’t play football, The Grif isn’t the answer and tonight was a game too far. We need Issy and Lustig back for the run in.


    Just opened the wine, not a good sign at this time of night, still it’s always good to watch the Celts





    Really frustrating night for everyone.



    The inclusion of Tony Stokes in that wide left position had me bamboozled before, tonight just reinforced my view. He is being asked to play there without pace or a trick. His behaviour (gesticulating to team-mates and sluggishness) tonight didn’t look good under observation. Hopefully, I’m misreading it.

  10. With Armstrong & GMS now missing the two cup ties hopefully KC is fit to take the right side positions and Henderson gets the nod on the left. If Matthews isn’t fit then we should play Fisher.

  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    Bad night all round from the team. Tony Stokes had a particular stinker tonight.


    Looked like he was not trying. Poor show.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Big cup winners



    22:33 on 4 March, 2015


    The treatment of Forrest tonight was disgraceful. Horrible to listen to.



    Reminded me of the abuse Samaras used to get.





    Mate, I’ve said it before on here – I am baffled as to why a fairly large number of people go to Celtic Park – it most certainly is not to support Celtic.



    Do these brainless idiots actually think that hurling abuse at Celtic players constantly will help the Celtic cause in any way, shape or form?



    It won’t – it will hinder Celtic, drain our players of confidence, and ultimately help our opponents.



    If their intention is to hinder Celtic and help our opponents, then they should go and sit in the away end with their pals, who will welcome the abuse they direct at the Celtic players, and they will fit right in with them.



    All they’ll need to do is to take off their Celtic scarfs, but that will be no hardship, since they clearly hate Celtic, and our players, anyway.



    That must be the case, otherwise they wouldn’t spend the whole night calling them “useless c**ts”, “f**kin’ a***holes”, “w**kers”, and the like. Just like listening to how the Huns, Hearts and (latterly) Sheep fans refer to our own Celtic players.



    With friends like these, who the Hell needs enemies?



    Hail, Hail


    Big Georges Fan Club







    That is not supporting, that is hindering

  13. iPaddy McCourt on

    I’m sick of Stokes and his stinking attitude. Should be first out the door in the summer. Ballbag of an individual too.

  14. WITS – our separated brothers and sisters have a ways to go yet. Equality seems a very bitter pill for them.






    That said I know a lot of protestants up here who don’t identify with their leaders.



    Two more generations will do the trick…

  15. The short turnaround after our last two games has taken it’s toll. Hopefully the extra rest before Sundays game will see us back on form.

  16. A blip…


    But I heard the last 5 mins and when you hear the likes Wakaso and Efe names you don’t feel things are going to be redeemed…

  17. johann murdoch on

    Bad day at the office – we’ve had them before and we will have them again


    Trebles still on hh

  18. Why were we so slow to react to attack and block the ball prior to the goal on the edge of our box,who job is it to mark opposition players on the edge of our box at corners



  19. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;-


    Not one of our best nights but I do believe we are still developing. A spark of brightness for me was the performance of Wakasso, I think he could be developed at left back then again maybe it’s just me.





    Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem

  20. Craigellachie10 on

    Unfortunately didn’t make the game tonight. Managed to hear most of it on the radio although often find that shortbread’ s version bears little resemblance to reality.



    Firstly it seems that St Johnstone thoroughly deserved to get something from the game. In fact if I were a hun I’d rather see Tommy Wright managing the Sevco carcasses than any of the other candidates.



    I think today possibly was a game too far, the recent spell has been high intensity and Thursday’s game followed by Sunday’s was a particularly draining few days.



    I can understand that tonight’s game unwittingly would be seen as a game of less demand by the players. That together with the injuries and changes makes this result less surprising.



    Hopefully tonight’s result makes us more determined and focused for the upcoming Arab trilogy!



    It has happened in the past, I remember scoring 7 against St Mirren in the league one week, and losing a cup tie to the same opponents the following.

  21. Sombre drive back from the game tonight pondering nothing going right and much going wrong..



    1 why change the heart of the team – Broony and Bitton – who have been the fulcrum for recent performances? Not a fitness thing



    2 Why oh why start Stokes ??? He just isn’t up for it. And made worse that Efe was behind him. At least Leigh charged all over the park on a poor night and yet Stokes didn’t seem to get the message. He will be off in the summer – not a Ronny style player



    3 Why oh why bring on Forrest ??? He was a virtual spectator and Ronny kept signalling for him to stay wide yet he patrolled the center of the park leaving the crosses to Efe – unfortunately. GMS can’t play again until home v Arabs so why not leave him on ?



    OK – a bad day at the office against a stuffy team who did their homework and got a result. Not the end of the world. After Sunday we have a week to rest and prepare for the Cup Final and also for our next league match, so no holding back on Sunday !



    Hopefully the players will be stung by tonight and by Ronny’s criticism and take it out on the Arabs. Also Ronny needs to remember – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it !!

  22. The Comfortable Collective on

    There really are some bonkers people over on the Sevco Media site.



    There is a thread on how long it will take Sevco to be ‘back where they belong’ at the top of Scottish football.



    Estimates range from 1 year to 8 years, but as one wise sage points out, when Souness came in it turned things round overnight and it could happen again.



    Fair point, but Souness did buy the England captain and goalkeeper (Butcher and Woods) to win the league in his first season.



    So, if Sevco buy Wayne Rooney and Michael Hart, they should do alright.



    Seems logical to me.