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  1. Fan a tic 7.55pm



    Apologies I missed SID’s post, did he mention we must have played more away games before the break to have the home games ? And also surely away games are more difficult than home games… am glad Sid pointed that out :-)

  2. Good evening friends.


    1. Matt Stewart’s poem – wonderful


    2. Today’s performance – wonderful


    3. About to watch my 4th TV game in 32 hours, Mon The Lyon (final leg of a Sunday TREBLE for me…..)

  3. 50 Shades of Green


    never knew Burke could run like a hare,


    I think that deserves more recognition.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Another competition, another win and another clean sheet, St Johnstone never looked like they could do better than the first two games and were swept aside from a Celtic side in the groove right from the start.


    The work done in Dubai is reaping rewards, with much improved positioning, movement, speed of passing, combination plays and a real determination to win games and win them well, most likely a result of the disappointing performance and the injustices of 29 Dec. Dare I say it, shades of the 2003-04 “get out of our way” machine.


    Come and have a go if you think you’re good enough.


    An improving Valencia side will provide a much tougher test, but they will know they have been in a game.



    Good Evening Contestants, and welcome to Week 7


    Some more big scores posted this week, thanks to some well played Jokers on Hearts, although one contestant ( yes, only one this week ) who picked Celtic with a Joker. Surprisingly, no-one was able to foresee Manchester Abu Dhabi City scudding 6 past Chelsea, who have now conceded almost as many goals in their last two away games as Celtic have conceded domestically all season, despite being the most popular pick in the 6 weeks of the competition so far ( picked 67 times…)


    Hearts were the most popular pick this week with a total of 53 contestants plumping for the Jambos ( no-one had picked them before this week ). Celtic have been the second most popular choice, having been selected 63 times, followed by Manchester United on 39 times.


    A total of 135 Jokers have been played, with only 12 left to be played…….if you haven’t purchased a second joker yet, you can still do this, right up until 3pm on Saurday 16th February.


    Enough stats. Next weeks fixtures are below. Again, tough to select 12 games thanks to many of the EPL teams having been eliminated in the last couple of rounds of the FA Cup. Quite telling that most EPL teams are prioritising money over trophies, resting some of their top players in the cup to concentrate on EPL and or Champions League wonga.



    Fixtures below. Picks should be mailed to cqnpredictor@gmail.com or via Whatsapp


    If you have yet to pay, or wish to purchase a second joker, payment details below Week 6 fixtures.


    Celticrollercoaster pick for this week is Manchester City


    Bateen Bhoy pick for this week is BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION



    Good Luck !




    Saturday 16th February


    FA Cup 5th Round


    Brighton and Hove Albion v Derby County (12:30)




    Aberdeen v St Mirren (15:00)


    Hibernian v Hamilton Academical (15:00)


    Livingston v Dundee (15:00)


    The Rangers v St Johnstone (15:00)


    FA Cup 5th Round


    AFC Wimbledon v Millwall (15:00)


    Newport County v Manchester City (17:30)



    Sunday 17h February




    Motherwell v Heart of Midlothian (12:30)


    FA Cup 5th Round


    Bristol City v Wolverhampton Wanderers (13:00)


    Doncaster Rovers v Crystal Palace (16:00)


    Swansea City v Brentford (16:00)




    Kilmarnock v Celtic (16:00)

  6. Fan a tic 8.06pm



    Fair play but our away record is not so good but surely then when we had played very little home games the away record looks worse … since the break we haven’t lost a game or even a goal that “terrible” away record didn’t look so bad ??? Or do you still think our away record is a worry ? I don’t

  7. Well done Jonny Hayes,cant get enough fans in the team.


    Burke superb,genuine threat,the type of which, hopefully Valencia will not have encountered before.




  8. Just seen Brendan Rodgers’ comments about the refereeing situation prior to today’s match. I like his arguments and admire his bluntness. Bring on the refs from Carlisle.

  9. Rimtimtim 8.15pm



    Don’t mean to be pedantic



    But “like his arguements” can you explain as I don’t seem to understand

  10. GFTB


    I never said anything about our away record being a worry.


    I was merely saying what SID had posted and why i think it will be different now.

  11. GG on 10TH FEBRUARY 2019 @ 8:32 PM



    Kilmarnock’s replay is 20th February. Moralos is available. McGregor will be banned for two league games if he loses his appeal.

  12. Fan a tic 8.28pm



    Fair play but your post did include



    SID posted earlier that we had had played mostly home games since the break and away games to Hearts and Kilmarnock will be tough.



    Which rightly or wrongly I took as a negative as there was no mention of our absolutely terrific home record .. but if you want to worry about Killie & Hearts when the champions are in this form you must have been shoiteing yourself in years gone by … in my lifetime of nearly 49yrs I have never witnessed this stuff … Brendan has never lost ONE cup game … one day he will and I for one won’t be annoyed I will be happy for all the other cup wins he has gave us

  13. celticrollercoaster on




    That’s ridiculous, St Peter of Bonus has won us the double treble…or so you would believe from some of the posts on here :-)







  14. My daughter got her picture taken wth Big Bad John Hartson after the game,a gentleman, and he was looking very trim too,a top man.

  15. What is the Stars on



    You know very well Pedro is not the problem



    Replace him with Green Brigade Chairman Padraig “Che Guevara ‘ O’Feniany and you have the same result.


    Pedro just dishes out the biscuits as per instructions of the Lord Of The Manor.


    A bit like a butler !!

  16. G-D 9.00pm



    A million miles fae Symington am from Coatbridge, played there one Friday night when David Rocastle scored for Arsenal ,,, only mentioned it as big Rab D played for them at a very young age

  17. TET 9.00pm



    If you are talking about “oor Peter”


    who would you replace him with ??



    Or does that not matter ??



    As for all the dinosaurs that think we don’t need the Huns ask Henrik, ask Dembelle, ask Burke … ask whoever you want like it or lump it the Huns are an attraction for signings and Brendan would not be here and Martin before him … like it or lump or the Sevs are an attraction …. just look at the posts when they are playing



    There are none so blind than those that cannot see …

  18. GFTB @8-50


    I also included this which gives it an entirely different context.



    SID posted earlier that we had had played mostly home games since the break and away games to Hearts and Kilmarnock will be tough.



    This is true but i also think it will be harder for them than previous games to get a result as we are more fluid and potent.

  19. What is the Stars on



    we need some sort of competition, agreed.


    And given the demographic breakdown its fairly likely that outwith Celtic a team in blue playing out of Ibrox is possibly the only one that could attract enough support and finance to mount a challenge


    However that team ( living or dead )should play by all the same rules as all the other teams both on and off the field

  20. Burke firing the afterburner for Sinclair’s second was a sight to behold.



    I think Didier was the last one to accelerate like that.

  21. Great performances from all our players today.


    Great to see the wee Dub Celtic supporter play so well. Great to see Sinky hat trick again.


    Is Oliver Burke related to Alan Wells? Some sprinter big Oliver. Great day.





    You obviously haven’t seen the viral video of Pistol Pete chasing after a pound coin he dropped on his heated driveway.