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  1. Ref blows whistle at around 90 mins and 11 seconds then shouts you’re no getting six ya fenian bassas

  2. Brilliant Sinclair, get in . More than making up for a slow start to the season, long may it continue.



    Really enjoyed that, very competent performance by the whole team.




  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    Hee hee,



    Who posted last week that his Mam always asked why the Celtic players all look happy when they get a goal, but the huns always look angry?



    I was reminded today of that post when I saw Johnnie Hays’ face celebrating the goal he made.



    I meant to acknowledge the original post but didn’t get round to it.



    The new rangers are the same as the old – they look like they’ve just committed a revenge killing when they score!

  4. Easy street well done bhoys have we broken St. Johnstone ?


    Is it now obligatory that Celtic must have a player crocked in every game and either get no free kick for the foul or when it’s a straight red card maybe a yellow?


    Another cheatin Hun with a whistle and yet again when we’re well on top not the correct amount of injury time or like today no injury time, does my knitting!

  5. That’s 6 games won now in the space of 21 days.



    21 goals scored, zero conceded.



    HH. ?

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TIMJIM on 10TH FEBRUARY 2019 3:28 PM


    So it would appear the transfer window was no to bad.





    Wait till the next minor reversal .

  7. Might even watch sportscene tonight :))))))))))))))))))))


    Thank you Brendan and the Bhoys.


    ohhhh and thank as always you for the updates today

  8. Some good play today. Some very good play.



    Our January transfer window looks to have been a success!



    When we play with the width and pace of today, we are very difficult to contain.



    Hope Burke substitution was precautionary.

  9. Repeating myself here


    Given his chance ( and injury free)


    Jonny Hayes is a very decent squad player

  10. Alasdair MacLean on






    Will be working in Invergordon, home at six, quick scoff, then off to the game.


    I don’t know how much they get from the TV, but a Monday night?


    Talk about completely ruining what would have been a fantastic social occasion in Dingwall.


    A wee town that needs all the help it can get these days.

  11. Can you see them tap lips trembling … but but but celtic only got unproven loan players…we got winners so we did…



    Up the hoops

  12. Alasdair MacLean on




    Well said.


    I give you, Defoe, and his Oscar nominee dive against Kilmarnock.

  13. Having movement is the key to get the best out of SS,


    The third goal is a great example as Ed draws everyone towards him and Sinky smartly stays at back post.


    This allowed him two options when ball broke and when he faked outside and desperate defender followed leaving him to turn inside with entire goal to aim at.


    Burke ,Weah and Toljan have all added movement and pace and game intelligence to the team.


    Also worth mentioning Christies little touch in the JF goal.He seems to have learned from Burkes example of dragging opponent out of position and laying ball off with great one touch to allow teammate to attack space.

  14. Another great performance from the Bhoys.


    The last time we humped St Johnstone they went on a fine run of wins. Hopefully history will repeat itself starting next weekend at Orcville.


    Celtic equal a run of cup victories set by a team that was financially doped and aided and abetted by a compliantly cheating ftSFA.

  15. In recent seasons we have played Dundee Utd, Aberdeen and St. Johnstone 3 or 4 times in quick succession and been perfect apart from a draw in a cup tie Tannadice? This shows an amazing focus and commitment and a big reason we are now looking at 8 in a row.

  16. hi bhoys, when broonie hit that shot I screamed so loud the dugs ran out the back door, tommy Gemmell would have been proud of that shot.hh.

  17. well done celtic, great movement and passing.



    surprised at how good ob is even out of position.



    doing well at cf and rb is a very good player.

  18. Alasdair MacLean on

    Went out for a curry in Dingwall last night. Thai as it happened.


    A few drams in the sad old pubs of Dingwall, (oh how different a night it could have been without the corruption of money / TV), then hit the MacAllans Gold when home. My dear wife left me to it.


    Anyway, a wee reviver today, and, struggling not to feel guilty on celebrating my first day off in a fortnight, I read back on CQN.



    Feel free to scroll on but I thought a post from 3AM ish today was worthy of a wider audience. Had it copied – but now have to go back and find it t!

  19. Due to physical assault and another dubious red card we had another make shift defence and another clean sheet.



    Noticed slippy broth mooth coming out with their draw yesterday in spite of the war up at the pen, dear lord they started it, as well as all that travelling, I’ve travelled further here for a shift on the building sites and no in a luxury bigot coach either.



    Now he’s naming an opposition player that should be cited for a “tackle” on the thug that’s happy jack, he’s taking a leaf out of levein and naesurnames books, 2 other slimy characters.

  20. Alasdair MacLean on

    That moment in your life when you realise how much CQN meant through the now many years.


    I want reconciliation.


    KITALBA, BMCUW and the rest. I miss you.


    Anyway, here’s the 3 AM post.


    MATT STEWART on 10TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:56 AM


    I dont come here very often…Who cares anyway..I’ve freed up enough time to stare at a blank tv screen and shout “feck off!



    A biilion years ago, inspired by the likes of Kano, Kitalba, Rioskorrie, TinyTim, WinningGemmell, BlantyreKev and a thousand others I scrawled the following…weve allowed money to spoil the simplest greatest passtime in the world…and it seems that now the only thing that matters is how much money weve got….time to remember why we never want to be there.



     Echoes of Famine



    Through mists of sleep my mind’s eye wanders, and forms a shadow of a glorious past,



    I surge through clouds that veil my vision, to take my place in the supporting cast!



    In hovels dark and damp with ills, where the coin of life had the face of death,



    We sought not comforts, gold or wealth, our only wish…. a coughless breath.



    But hopes and dreams are nought but tears when no-one ventures to wipe them dry,



    Concealing lands of fertile promise, where a smile replaces the forlorn cry.



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,



    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    And did you dream your evil burdens, would stoke the flames of tyrranic fire,



    And keep us humbled ‘neath your heels, fearing ambition to aspire?



    Did you really think your wells of money could douse the covert blaze of slaves,



    Were you so blind you couldn’t see, the unity built on mounting graves?



    Or did you think your ways were just, bestowed on you by an enlightened God,



    Chosen by the spoon of birth, to be our betters and spare no rod?




    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,



    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    And when you strolled to church on Sunday, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jews,



    Whose ten commandments formed your bible, which god endowed your bitter views?



    Love thy neighbour (if he has money), thou shalt not steal (unless needs must),



    Bear no false witness (but in mammon’s service), thou shalt not covet (except in lust),



    Did you pray for those that wanted or salve your conscience of satanic greed,



    False use of power enriches power, true use of power leads those who need!



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,



    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    But in those middens, fed by honour, the flower of justice spread its roots,



    As winters’ frosts and black snow melted, the springtime nurtured rebellion’s shoots,



    Despairing chains cast off forever, those prison walls were laid to waste,



    Restored to us our fruits of labour, no more again we’ll have to taste,



    Those bitter salts of hopeless weeping, those cast off crumbs of mocking bread,



    Subserviance’s grime washed from our labours, on dignity we dine instead.



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,



    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    Hail hail




  21. Just back from the game.



    That’s about 26 cup ties in a row (LC & SC) combined we’ve won under Brendan.



    The sooner we get rid os this unadventurous tippy tappy sideways & backwards passing, the sooner we’ll get out of this slump eh? :-)



    Only problem today was the crowd was a bit sparse for the Return of the Tractor Bhoys III but they picked the wrong one to miss.



    All our usual reliables were still on form (McGregor, Brown, Christie & Bain) bit today theywere joined and surpassed by Hayes, Toljan, Sinclair & Burke with wee Jamesie having a terrific 2nd half too. Johnny Hayes was on a mission to grab a jersey and tackled like a demon as well as adding breakaway pace to the left side. He and Burke were my joint MOTM.



    In the end, St. Johnstone players’ mentality mattered for nothing as our guys were in too good a vein of form. I was still very appreciative of the smart save Scott Bain made when we were only 2 up.



    On to Thursday and a challenge that is twice as big as anything we have faced in domestic football this year. I would love to keep another clean sheet in this game.

  22. Just returned from the match.


    Very comfortable afternoon following two magnificent early strikes.


    Lots of great performances. Hard to choose a M.O.T.M.


    Ryan Christie though was superb. Broony and Callum imperious.


    Ollie is swift, very unlucky not to score but good assists.


    Toljan looks very good and Johnny Hayes played like a Celtic player.


    For the moaners, Jozo, Dedryck and Scott Bain made one slight, unpunished, mistake each.


    I’ve had worse Sundays.


    New record consecutive cupties won.


    New record minutes since last conceded a goal.


    Home tie in the quarters please.




  23. No failures today. Saints tactical approach shredded in first 10 minutes.


    Burke’s strong lung bursting runs terrified and tore apart Saints’ defence.


    Brendan thinks this boy will improve. Not a good prospect for Scottish defenders.


    Ryan and Calum today were always able to make themselves available for team mates under pressure.


    Brown as usual as imperious and indefatigable. His goal was straight from Roy of the Rovers.


    Toljan is quietly producing games of skill and confidence.


    SS was inconsistent and lacking confidence for a wee while but like the rest of the side he has grown since the Dubai break. Must have been the sand.


    Nice confidence building outing before the visit of Valencia.

  24. Burke unplayable today.



    Has all the ingredients to be a top class player. We should push the boat out to secure him on a long term deal if theres eve a sniff of a chance