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  1. Celtic subs on 70 mins and 85mins.


    Hang on for a 0-0 draw.


    Positives taken.


    Er, that’s it.

  2. Been a while since I’ve been able to complain that we are not taking our chances. Recently we haven’t been making them.

  3. get brown off and see if ntcham is in the mood – christie is leggy as usual but at least trying to get in their faces .


    Playing with 1 up front invites their defense into our midfield – we need to stretch them in the corners – griff or klimala for me (Eddie may showing them how’s its done)

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    Watching the same performances week after week.



    We are devoid of ideas and the players look beaten.



    But hey, the superstore has lots of nice stuff for Christmas presents…

  5. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Yet another soulless, tempo-lacking ‘performance’.



    It is so clear- this team are not playing for this manager. Simple.



    How is that fixed in the short term? Only one answer. Only one.

  6. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Woeful……………predictably so.



    My guess is that there will be no changes at half-time.



    I suppose if you are blind to where the problems lie, you have no more idea of how to positively effect change.



    Roll on the last 15-20 minutes where we traditionally finally realise the severity of the situation and create a few chances. And let’s just hope that by that time we have not gifted St J a goal and that our desperation gets rewarded with a goal or two.

  7. Petrov pretty good at summing up the lack of thrust in this team. Looks really frustrated like us

  8. Goals change matches and are talisman is just not doing it at the moment.



    We need Eddy to be putting the chances way

  9. 3 – 1 – 5 – 1 not creating enough.



    Eddy spending half his time defending. crowded mid field. We need another striker !!!

  10. The league is finished. It could be recovered but wont be under Neil, it’s now bordering on insanity. Todays team selection and team setup is an abject failure on all counts. We now have a lame duck Manager and a board of directors unable and unwilling to see the incompetence in front of their very eyes. To a man, woman and child we have been let down so badly this season by the management, the players and the board. To repeat the original point, the league is finished.

  11. The Laxalt question is an interesting one.



    First few glimpses, he looked class. Now that he’s had more time at Lennoxtown he looks pretty average.



    What do we practice over there? Do the players know what is expected? Clearly, they are not executing the plan if so.

  12. StillIan get yourself into that dressing room and sort this out …Tell Lenny to go for a pie….

  13. To think we once worried that Ajer was going to be poached by BR when he left. People were up in arms, said he was captain material.


    The rumoured 18 million bid never came in.


    Not to worry, Milan are still watching him. Aye, right.

  14. 0:0 half time



    We made the more open chances but, a promising open 10 minutes has seen us drop the tempo and play like a “scared” team again.



    It takes a goal, probably two to get our confidence back but, while we remain scoreless, we are vulnerable.



    Biggest plus point is that St. J have donne very little to discomfort us but we nearly gave them the opening they could not make for themselves in the last minute there.



    Need to start the 2nd half well AND get the opener- AND then kick on.

  15. AIPPLE on 6TH DECEMBER 2020 3:49 PM


    DeniaBhoy on 6th December 2020 3:48 pm


    StJ almost nick it after a Biton error.




    Bitton was mental there! WHy stop to berate the player on the decka nd not follow the ball. That was almost very dangerous




    How many times has Bitton played professional football both at club and international level? He is as naive as a school boy player (apologies to all school boy players who are not as naive as Bitton!)

  16. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Lennon, like his mentor O’Neill, cannot change a game- O’Neill had the benefit of good players who generally went in front. Very rarely did O’Neill tactically change a game and his subs were generally very late in a game.

  17. huffing and puffing , headless chickens, frimpong hasn’t got to byline once, eddy looks lost , 1 striker at home against 5 defenders , pointless.

  18. Eddie has not become poor..



    Think about it,



    What’s the common denominator.




  19. Is there anybody in any doubt whatsoever at this point? Oh right, Peter L at the back there.. soldier on eh..






    We are fucked.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Some of our players need to take this game by the scruff of the neck before St. J do. Very flat , laboured build up , slack passing . Eddy’s head seems to be somewhere else . Need Jeremie to get at their defence more , he is far to cautious at the moment . Defence is a bit better but that will be little consolation if it finishes 0-0 , which I wouldn’t bet against after that first half showing .

  21. This is grim watching. Predictable possession football in the opponent’s half with one forward up, opponent parks bus forcing us wide and to pass back, unforced errors leads to breakaways with players backtracking and lunging in.



    Need to change it Neil.

  22. hopefully lennon can find the tactics to create more chances 2nd half – its very very frustrating that we couldn’t find solutions during the first 45. Lennon and Brown should be managing and coaching the players to solve the puzzle – instead – we wait until we concede before reacting.

  23. Even if we lose, does anyone think anything will change? Lenny will say we were unlucky and that he deserves more time.