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  1. Good morning cqn from a dry but overcast Garngad



    3 points in the bag we move on.



    Get Howe in the door and let’s get moving for next season.



    I have my 2nd vaccine today at 3.30pm at Barmulloch community centre.



    Although looking forward to being vaccinated for the second time against this horrible virus I am still a bit apprehensive about the side effects afterwards. But hey ho. Probably because I’m a wimp.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  2. Morning all.



    Was working last night so only seen 3min highlights of game.good to get a victory for El Capitano Broony’s last home game.couple of good finishes in there.



    DAVID66 hopefully be at the carnage next fri.what time does it all begin?

  3. Good morning CQN



    The atrocities committed on the Palestinian people continue to disgust all decent human beings, the level of war being waged against the Palestinians deserves more opposition than mere flags being placed, the GB placed flags as a sign of solidarity, not just symbols from the GB but also practical and financial support to the Palestinians, no statements on the huge rebuild of the football dept, no statements on SFA cheating and corruption, a PLC firmly rooted at the back of the bus, now we get a statement which misrepresented those in the North curve, denies their freedom of expression why ? Celtic PLC was afraid of the consequences of having Palestinian flags in Celtic park, to cover the cowardly actions they offered a squirrel, it wisnae us, it wis awe the GBs fault, my contempt for Celtics PLC knows no bounds, I will not be attending Celtic Park next season



    Israeli defence minister given a hard time in Interview






    The large GB banner saying simply Brown 8 was somehow missed by Celtic PLC but I’m sure it wasn’t missed by Scott Brown, what a warrior Captain and Legend, 14 years at one club is a very rare quality, I have never seen Scott kiss the badge, however, I did see him put limbs body and soul on the line whilst wearing the jersey that never shrinks, Scott your Celtic shirt never did shrink, it fitted you perfectly and you played with distinction, thanks for the memories



    aff oot

  4. DAVID66 on 13TH MAY 2021 6:57 AM



    Morning David. I was there on Tuesday for my first one. They’re very well organised and it runs like clockwork.



    Still have a sore arm though :-)



    That’s my predictor burst




    Well done Celtic and Captain Fantastic Scott Brown.


    I had wee win last night with the correct score Bet of 4-0 @ 18/1 with Bet365.




    VERY well done with your bet of Turnbull 1st Goal …and Celts to win 4-0 Forecast.


    you can spend all your winnings at the Beer frenzy next week…Only Joking mate…well done.


    HH Bhoys.

  6. DREW…


    I think it will start around 2pm, with maybe some of the Bhoys coming in after work a bit later etc ?


    I plan to be there for around 1pm.


    No work for me…Im one of the ” IDLE Rich CULT”.




  7. For someone who is being Described/Deemed as a “DAFTIE” by a Poster on here…Ive did pretty well over the years for a ” DAFTIE”…


    Maybe I AINT so DAFT ?

  8. Maybe I should go out for some Beers between Today and Tomorrow…BEFORE those Red , White and Blue UNIONIST Chumps take over Glasgow city centre on Saturday…breaking ALL kinds of Laws…including COVID… and thereby Spiking Covid and we are ALL back in Lockdown anytime after this Saturday…Because of the Ipox Unionists who LOVE Britain so much that they are Happy to Spread Covid all over again ?


    Where would we be without those nice Unionists ?


    Pubs could be closed again very soon after this Saturdays MAYHEM !

  9. Cheers Big Jimmy



    There was an excellent docu on ch4 last night..Massacre at Ballymurphy.if you didnt see it im sure you can watch it on All 4.



    well worth watching.shocking but inspiring too.

  10. Where are all the Unionists Posts last night and this morning CONDEMNING ALL the Unionists who had hundreds gathering outside Livvy v Huns game last night, and setting aff Fireworks etc..


    OR…Do Unionists DARE NOT critisize other Unionists ?


    it looks like it.

  11. DREW1967 on 13TH MAY 2021 8:00 AM……


    I will try and watch it.


    I watched the Celts last night and then fell asleep watching a Movie…its an age thing.


    HH Mate.

  12. spikeysauldman on




    There will be no side effects of travelling to Barmuloch ;-)

  13. spikeysauldman on

    And you’ll need to watch out for pesky ‘Unionists’ on your way over.

  14. spikeysauldman on

    Big Jimmy



    Its the polis and the gov we should be condemning ;-)



    The huns have been setting off fireworks on a few occasions this season outside away grounds.


    Between that and the Grafitti, wouldnt be too hard to track the c*nts down.



    Here’s how the deal with Green Brigade.






    They waited on one of the Green Brigade at Glasgow Airport on his way home from a family holiday ffs.

  15. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 13TH MAY 2021 8:42 AM


    Big Jimmy







    Its the polis and the gov we should be condemning ;-)







    Careful now.

  16. DREW1967 on 13TH MAY 2021 8:00 AM



    He may have seen it already. It was first shown in 2018. Seems like a lot of people missed it the first time round.

  17. Hrvatski Jim on

    Today the Members of the Scottish Parliament are sworn in and congratulations to all of them for being elected or re-elected.



    The Herald’s lead article today leads on the further escalating costs to the Scottish taxpayer of the detention in custody and malicious prosecutions of Whitehouse, Clark and 5 others which they estimate will now cost £115 Million.



    In addition, Scotland’s judicial system must deal with the reputational damage forever more.



    A debate was held in the parliament just a few weeks prior to its dissolve with a narrow 65/59 vote in favour of a public inquiry into the actions of the Scottish Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service. The changed composition of the parliament may mean that that majority is lost.



    My own MSP, Rona Mackay, who voted in favour of an inquiry has been re-elected and I will begin again to lobby for her continued support so that this issue is maintained in her and the public conscience.



    I ask everyone to similarly lobby their MSPs, especially those newly elected, to understand the serious financial and justice implications to Scotland so that an inquiry will be established to officially identify the causes of this scandal and recommend controls that it will never happen again.

  18. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 13TH MAY 2021 8:42 AM




    I am aware of the disgraceful Roles played out by the Cops and The Scot Gov…Like NOT enforcing the Law when it comes to the IPox Unionists.


    I also accept that maybe NOT ALL Polis and members of the Scot Gov are Unionists.





  19. I just want to know WHERE is the £350 MILLION a WEEK that was PROMISED to The NHS, by UNIONIST Boris and his Cronies , be they Unionists or not ?



    Show us the feckin MONEY !

  20. BIG JIMMY on 13TH MAY 2021 9:25 AM


    ‘The above Post is a very simple Question…Where is that Brexit Money ?’






    They lied about that.



    They were a populist, nationalist movement who offered a simple solution to a myriad of complicated problems.



    They blamed everything on Brussels and Europeans. They stoked up feelings of grievance and resentment. They foster division where none existed. They relied on hostility towards those who should have been friends.



    They pandered to the lowest common denominator.



    People fell for their lies.



    You’re not so different from them as you might like to think.

  21. Ernie



    Ye i missed it first time round myself.some truly shocking footage but inspiring to watch and listen to the brave folk who witnessed and experienced these atrocities.

  22. Continuing the politics theme. Who said. :-



    It’s time to find something else to do with my life.



    “We’ve said everything there is to say and I’m not going to spend the next five years pointlessly repeating myself while Nicola Sturgeon busily turns Scotland into a vicious, spiteful, intolerant, authoritarian and misogynist country I’ll be ashamed to come from and am already afraid to live in”



    I’ll give you a clue its not a ” unionist”



    It is in fact a section of the last blog by arch nationalist Stuart Campbell ( Wings over Scotland )



    From the horses mouth.




  23. Ernie



    “They lied about that..”



    “People fell for their lies..”



    The worst thing about that is that people dont really care about lying and liars..BawJaws in particular can say what he wants.He’s going to be about a while too.

  24. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 13TH MAY 2021 8:12 AM


    And you’ll need to watch out for pesky ‘Unionists’ on your way over.




    Ive came across and met many FINE Unionists in my lifetime….Ive also encountered several NOT so Fine Unionists.


    Sadly, it will be those NOT so FINE Unionists that will be out and about in Glasgow this weekend causing HAVOC and spreading COVID……and I would WAGER that the majority of them support Boris and his Unionist gang.


    Maybe those Unionists who will bring mayhem to the public Streets on Saturday will ENSURE that they ONLY Spread Covid amongst their own…and NOT to any Innocent decent Folk….somehow I doubt it ?



  25. Big Jimmy


    The overall spending on the NHS in England has gone up by £60bn – much more than £350m per week. This of course is mostly due to Covid – will this continue post covid – I doubt it

  26. I’m confident there’ll be an announcement today or maybe tomorrow if not definitely next week or next month at the latest. 😨

  27. squire danaher on

    GREENPINATA on 13TH MAY 2021 9:59 AM



    With all due respect.



    Mr Campbell’s argument is with NS and what he sees as her prioritising of gender/trans politics, the actions of the Scottish establishment over the Salmond enquiry, and what he sees as her intransigence in pursuing IndyRef2.



    His argument – on the face of it – is not against independence. It’s what kind of independence he assesses NS proposes to deliver.



    I am well aware Mike and Bernie Winters will be along shortly to nitpick about the arguments against independence which is not what I’m taking about here.



    I’m just posting this as I guess from the tone of your post you’re probably not familiar with Campbell and his rather unique style.



    I think you’re maybe inadvertently going down the “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” line.

  28. SCULLYBHOY on 13TH MAY 2021 9:36 AM




    Do you have any football news you would like to discuss?



    Because the only one stopping you from doing so is yourself.

  29. squire danaher on

    GREENPINATA on 13TH MAY 2021 9:59 AM



    This all comes about from Campbell’s somewhat theatrical flounce of yesterday.



    Can I ask how you came across the (accurate) quote?



    From his site or via the Scottish media?

  30. GENE



    Lawwell has said season ticket renewals will go out at the end of May.



    The board would be daft to do so without a new manager in place, so hopefully an announcement sooner rather than later.

  31. Foxy @ 10 to the dozen last night



    Interesting stuff about how the world has not moved on in the last 50 years.


    In fact there is a credible case to be made that things have gotten worse.


    Much worse although regarding media manipulation / active cheerleading …



    BoJo is just a sprog producing version of TH.


    Queer / thrawn / awkward individuals that the cap doffing tendency down south have taken a shine too.



    Regarding the situation in the 6 counties — one date stands out / 18th June 1970.


    Things changed after the events of that day — TH has a lot to answer for.


    He transferred control of the army from Aldershot to Stormont and the rest they say is carnage.


    The army don’t care who they shoot — they just read the political mood music and act accordingly.



    Pre the 18th June 1970 — the desire for an escalation in violence was the preserve of the Burton’s commandos of the old school / brigade 32 county hold-outs / warmongers who were never going to let an opportunity for grievance polishing to pass without comment / incident.



    Post the 18th June 1970 date and with Stormont actively involved in their direction and control too many in the army just joined in the pogroms / score settling without asking why.



    No wonder the RN are the senior service — the BA is mid table at best / clueless at worst.

  32. Philbhoy


    ‘The board would be daft ‘





    In character then 😱