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  1. Wingsy — ego tripping / unstable Nat mentalist who lives in Bath and shouts a lot.


    He does however ask a lot of good questions regarding the political performance of Not Jacinda.



    Her time as FM has been a series of disasters and policy shambles.


    CoViD19 possibly being her worst.

  2. DREW1967 on 13TH MAY 2021 8:00 AM


    Cheers Big Jimmy



    There was an excellent docu on ch4 last night..Massacre at Ballymurphy.if you didnt see it im sure you can watch it on All 4.



    well worth watching.shocking but inspiring too.




    there was a good one in RTE the other night about a bomb in Belturbet , Cavan where 2 teens were killed. It was focused on the ‘forgotten ‘ element of this bomb compared to Dublin and Monaghan around the same time. The ineptitude of the police on both sides of the border was shocking and also some clear witholding of info by the RUC. There is also a tape of a British Army captain admitting he agreed with the UDA to keep soldiers off a bridge one day so that the UDA could blow it up (to stop IRA access from Republic ; there had been killings of UDR and civilians on the NI side)



    I’d never heard of this one and some of the other tit for tats at that part of the border so the programme hit the spot

  3. Football chat — No CMcG / Plenty party.


    SB / RC / DT = Not a well balanced MF but at least they passed the ball forward.



    AM @ LB — played well but he is as raw as sushi.


    Needs support and proper handling but he has some talent and some confidence.


    Offers hope for the future — hope he gets game time to develop.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Had a few spare minutes there so decided to read the Celtic page in Wikipedia.



    What a club.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything




    I actually read it last night. It was on here that the Rev Stuart Campbell came to my attention.


    His blogging was treated as gospel and often quoted by many posters.


    I realise he is quite a flamboyant character and his blogs can be OTT. However I think we need to be careful of a dominant party and individuals systematically eliminating all forms of dissent.



    The link I got the info from :-





    Cheers and HH.

  6. Cheers Coneybhoy



    I think i get RTE on my firestick.il have a look for it.so much to learn watching these docus.

  7. Watching the footage of the fans giving Scott Brown heartfelt thanks at Parkhead last night.


    Totally understandable, and I cannot condemn it.



    Am I compromised?




  8. squire danaher on

    GREENPINATA on 13TH MAY 2021 10:54 AM



    Thanks for civil and considered response ūüĎŹūüĎć




  9. DREW1967 on 13TH MAY 2021 7:07 AM


    morning all.



    Was working last night so only seen 3min highlights of game.good to get a victory for El Capitano Broony’s last home game.couple of good finishes in there.


    DAVID66 hopefully be at the carnage next fri.what time does it all begin?





    Good Morning Drew – That’s good you if you can make it.



    I am going to meet Jimmy about 2pm



    D :)

  10. FRANKTERRY on 13TH MAY 2021 7:39 AM


    DAVID66 on 13TH MAY 2021 6:57 AM







    Morning David. I was there on Tuesday for my first one. They’re very well organised and it runs like clockwork.







    Still have a sore arm though :-)




    FRANKTERRY – Yes they are good in there I was in there for my 1st.







    D :)

  11. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 13TH MAY 2021 8:10 AM









    There will be no side effects of travelling to Barmuloch ;-)



    SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 13TH MAY 2021 8:12 AM


    And you‚Äôll need to watch out for pesky ‚ÄėUnionists‚Äô on your way over.





    Spikey – I like that :)



    D :)

  12. BIG JIMMY on 13TH MAY 2021 7:58 AM


    Maybe I should go out for some Beers between Today and Tomorrow…BEFORE those Red , White and Blue UNIONIST Chumps take over Glasgow city centre on Saturday…breaking ALL kinds of Laws…including COVID… and thereby Spiking Covid and we are ALL back in Lockdown anytime after this Saturday…Because of the Ipox Unionists who LOVE Britain so much that they are Happy to Spread Covid all over again ?



    Where would we be without those nice Unionists ?



    Pubs could be closed again very soon after this Saturdays MAYHEM !






    Big Jimmy – :)



    Seriously though that is the price we will pay because they want another “rub it in your faces Glasgow day of disruption”


    The people that are tasked with upholding the law should be doing just that. Upholding the law.



    Otherwise its everyone that pays.



    Auch you know awe that anyway… back to the grind will call you on Monday or Tuesday about the Shipbank shindig…



    D :)

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