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  1. Really great to see the progress on the field right now. Great to see players growing on confidence as the grow accustomed to Ange direction for how we play.



    It must be good when my only gripe is about the programme. Probably a first that this has been mentioned on CQN.



    Sad to see the match day programme become such a poor publication. Not cheap and not good either. As someone who has a collection going back to 1969 I reckon the current effort is an all time low. Errors in basic facts these days are simply inexcusable. Yesterday we had our highest score v St Johnstone at 6-0 ? and League Cup Final games from 1968/9 referenced. The league cup final was actually 69/70 ( many will remember. Wee Bertie winning it 1-0 and Stevie Chalmers leg break ). Many will also remember 7-0 v Saints at CP only 2 seasons ago ! These were 2 errors which popped out in a 2 minute skim of the programme. Such errors are a common occurrence. Not a big issue but not an example of a commercial organization treating its customer with any respect.



    It could be time to stop them completely as they are maybe an anachronism. For me if it’s worth doing then do it really well and make it the ‘souvenir’ it purports to be.

  2. B78



    i stopped buying the Programme and The View many moons ago.



    The fanzines took over for me, but even they are lost to the instant news feeds from the timternet.



    my wee bug-bear just now, as a statto, why dont we post attendnaces anymore ?



    lack of interest ?

  3. Happy with way things are going and hearing Ange saying that we are already working flat out on January targets is awesome.



    Obviously there are going to be casualties among our existing squad, I do feel sorry for lads like Stephen Walsh & Dane Murray & its hard to see any future at Celtic for lads like Ewan Henderson & Luca Connell,


    Will the likes of Scales ever get a real chance to show us if they can cut it, I reckon Taylor & maybe Ralston will be other casualties but I suppose that is the law of the Football Jungle.


    We will need to send a good few out on Loan.

  4. I think the only solution to the safety of fans and the Citizens of the East End of Glasgow is for Celtic Football moving away from Celtic Park ,there is plenty of locations in and around Glasgow with good transport links ,that should be mentioned at the coming AGM,

  5. Corkcelt- AP has a ruthless streak as well, he will pick his own team,a few guys recently had a gripe about being dropped, Welsh for one,agree it’s encouraging to hear we are proactive re January.

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 24TH OCTOBER 2021 11:05 AM


    £30 for a League Cup semi final, at 5.30 on a Saturday, is taking the pi$$






    BADA , the option of not taking the ticket is there……. You know, I know and the Board know that’s not goinng to happen, therefore (piss taking) Business as usual.

  7. Hi Bada,



    Ruthless can also look petty at times.



    I think what we are doing to Bolingoli looks petty ansd scrambling around at EuL time looking for converted wingers or RBs to play there is just daft for a stretched squad.



    On every level Bolingoli at the moment is our best LB and Juranovic can’t play that role.



    Just sayin like.




  8. TIMBHOY163 @ 11:19 AM,



    On the Lanarkshire communication links and facilities.



    A couple years back we were going back “home” to visit my ailing auntie – anyhoo the M8 upgrade had just been completed and the diversions and signage amongst other things were chaotic.



    We came to a junction that should have been ours but the satnav, maps, signage hadn’t been updated.



    It just said Euro Central. Anyways last minute I said this must be us, take the slip road!!



    It was, at the top of the slip road was a sign for Chapelhall. What a relief.



    I’ve always seen the Monklands as God’s country but the Centre of Europe!? Who knew…



    But you are right, we need to have a huge strategic think about where Celtic are going to be in the next five to ten years.



    For fifteen years our major shareholder and only Exec have been engrossed on one thing, getting Celtic to a higher league; the EPL, Pan European League, whatever, has been their only obsession to the exclusion of all else.



    Every move we have made has been analysed in this context – we’ve been wasting time treading water in the parochial and toxic old firm business model while these aims and objectives were followed.



    To the detriment of every aspect of the Club



    B78 points to a level of customer care and commercial competence that does not surprise me.



    However how is it going to change. Until DD goes his straightening strategy stays.



    Hail Hail

  9. FORMER Celtic manager Wim Jansen has revealed he is suffering from dementia.



    Jansen turns 75 on Thursday and a biography of his life in the Netherlands will be published this week.

  10. Tomboy 163,



    We will not be moving from our historical home, however I do agree it should be brought up at our AGM.



    More curbs are going to be put on using cars and available car parking will be reduced and what remains will be heavily taxed.


    This is not fantasy it will happen dressed up as a green initiative.



    It has already been agreed that more discriminatory cycle lanes will be provided in Glasgow. ( Cycle lanes discriminate against the ìnfirm and disabled )



    This issue will not go away, it deserves discussion at the highest level. Eventually people will decide actually attending Parkhed is not worth the hassle and games like yesterday will suffer as we become picky .



    I cannot believe the apathy.







    Maybe this is the plan to force Celtic into moving……



    They certainly aren’t trying to aid /ease the situation.



    A total farce.

  12. Discriminatory cycle lanes? C’mon man be serious. Most major European cities are now cycle friendly we should be too. I live in Glasgow so very rarely drive in the city and I hope fewer and fewer will in the future.


    Luckily I no longer need to commute for work so I have it easy but removing cycle lanes would be a retrograde step imo.

  13. DAVID66



    also thought I knew 1 of the fans that Ange went to after the game Stephen McGinn?? Drew1967 did you see it



    Had a look mate.aye looks like Stephen tho no seen him in while tbh.




    hope your well



    Speak soon

  14. Cracker of a day yesterday, I thought we played OK but not brilliantly, was impressed with our movement in general but our final balls lack imagination. First time in ages had a few beers in the Jessie and the Drover it felt great to be back.

  15. also regarding the amount of time wasting from the opposition in our game’s , what about the ref having to take opposition players aside to have a chat following a poor challenge act , another needless waste of time that is pointless , do you think the offender takes any notice , not a chance , just the MIB ploy to waste further time.

  16. BIG WAVY


    Agreed re. Bolingoli and Juranuvic.


    Play your best players in their favoured positions.

  17. Nice to see some picking up on my post yesterday.Ridiculous to move Juranovic to the left,whilst we have Boli ,who played very well in both his games he has played,available.Compounded by then having two right footers on the left of our defence.Tony has to make way.Farcical decision.


    Also switching Kyoto out wide.Surely its possible to have both strikers playing through the middle,interacting,making space for each other.Kyoto would thrive on Gio taking defenders away,and vice versa.Total waste of a deadly striker.Making it worse,Ange confirmed it was a bad mistake after the Ibrox game,now repeats it.


    Black marks from me.

  18. Timmy 7 noted.



    Not everybody is able to cycle regularly. Certainly not the disabled and infirm, that is why mobility cars were introduced However even mobility cars will be phased out as another cost cutting green initiative



    I think we inadvertently got a look of the future by a certain politician a few years ago.



    We already see people leaving games early due to transport issues and many are picking and choosing their games even although they have oaid for ST’S.



    It is no exaggeration to say that this issue could and will decimate the match day experience.




  19. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH OCTOBER 2021 12:08 PM



    Can’t disagree with the Kyogo position…….total waste of a deadly striker. Poss Gio to get game time and be a big ‘battering ram’ against saints and poss to give the wee fella a break but imho he was clearly uncomfortable.. However i thought that the movement was more fluid when Gio went off and Kyogo moved back

  20. MARTIN O’SEVILLE on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 9:47 PM



    Good players can play anywhere right?





  21. Maybe my eyes deceived me, but on sportscene highlights of hearts game I caught a glimpse of the back of the referees arm – tattoo of a couple of those stars you see zombies sporting. Only two or three visible but I wonder if there are 5 in total?




  22. Wreckless from St Mirren. Gave the ball away needlessly outside the box then rash challenge for a penalty.



    Sevco 1-1.

  23. Enjoyed our win/performance over a motivated but limited St Johnstone. There is a marked difference in our playing style & attitude from last season. The extent of any progress will be able to be measured come the end of January. If we are in contention for the title, that will be real ‘progress’. If we are playing better but still adrift, that will still be very much’ work in progress’.



    This season is, by far, more important than last – then it was about history and stats, now it is about our future, our rebuild and our development.



    Being able to access the CL riches with auto-qualification this season would be massive. It would redress the Covid losses in one fell swoop, providing of course that there are no more lockdowns…. which is far from certain as infection rates continue to rocket.

  24. lets all do the huddle on

    pisses me off how teams are incapable of stopping sevco scoring in the few minutes before half time



    they seem to score a lot of goals from 40 to 45 minutes



    unless its just a perception