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  1. Sheer stupidity from that excuse for a footballer,Power.Loses the ball stupidly,then pulls down Hagi seconds later,as he is going away from the goal.Second goal,another disaster for Saints.Pity,because in first 20 mins were giving Huns a lesson.Idiot makes an arse of it,game changes..

  2. St Mirren just seemed to stop playing after about 25 minutes. Silly mistakes let the zombies back in. Both goals were created by basic defensive errors in the build up and in the box after that.



    Kris Boyd cannot hide his feelings. You can tell from his eyes. Complete fan boy. They’ll probably win today but I’m looking forward to watching him and his team melt down as the season progresses. It’ll happen.

  3. the mistakes that leads to thems conceding should have a cumulative effect……………..


    It’s early days……………..

  4. TIMBHOY163 on 24TH OCTOBER 2021 11:19 AM



    I think the only solution to the safety of fans and the Citizens of the East End of Glasgow is for Celtic Football moving away from Celtic Park ,there is plenty of locations in and around Glasgow with good transport links ,that should be mentioned at the coming AGM







  5. Of course, if only we hud a floatin’ pitch……wi’ a Casino attached…..we could float abooot anywhere…………..


    It could be like a timmed-up LoveBoat…!



    Cap’n Stoobing CSC




    You might be right. The number of times I want Sevco’s opponents to just “hold it until half-time” before they score.

  7. I’m surprised Celtic haven’t canvassed supporters on their travel arrangements.



    It’s all about personal opinions, however imo this is the most pressing issue that should be elevated.



    It’s just sooooooooo easy to watch any game in the comfort of your own home. ( And if you want certain pubs)




  8. Was fat alf booked for his celebration? If so, as he should have been, his studs up challenge on the St mirrem player should have been a second yellow. They got away with one again.

  9. FAIRHILL BHOY on 24TH OCTOBER 2021 12:50 PM



    You’re just a bundle of joy 😂😉




    A pounding hangover and a Sevco goal will do that to a person :(

  10. Of course we’d huv tae shout…….. “All Aboard!” just before kick-Aff…………….. which might be enough to send a few






    Lifebhoys CSC

  11. Huns sitting back now.St Mirren player gers a great ball in the clear,and pulls up with a hamstring.Carried off.Roofe off,defender on.

  12. Huns delighted with this flukes win.Compare to some of our fans saying earlier in season when we scored 6 against Saints..6 against St Mirren,so what.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Solid win for the huns. Hoped they they would drop points today. However, that’s all they are solid. Other loyalist press Corps continue to imply they’ll get better. I think this is as good as it gets for them. Our best is better than their best.

  14. St Mirren didn’t believe it enough and inflicted the problems on themselves from half way through the first half.



    Sadly a polished example of subtle mibery helped to put it beyond any doubt.



    As for the scumbag who thought it clever to spit on the St Mirren player who had to hurdle the advertising board in front of the rangers support ….. he summed up what they are about. Dignity personified.

  15. Sure it was another win for them. And another poor performance.



    I will be surprised if they are 3 points clear at the top this time next Saturday.



    I will be amazed if they are clear of us at all by the end of November.

  16. JHB @ 12:27 PM,



    Some honest facts on the utter economic stupidity of separation.



    Didn’t really see the case there, did I miss something?



    Curiously though it did say Scotland’s economy needs rebuilding, why?



    If things are so great conjoined to the economic powerhouse that is England why does the Scottish economy need rebuilding!?



    Noticed a few weeks ago you were complaining about far too little being done as far a sectarianism goes among the unionists.



    Maybe you want to look up an MSP called John Dornan who seems to be getting stuck into them.



    MORAVCIK @ 12:53 PM,



    Sevco you mean ?



    NO BOBBY DOES IT PETTA is correct, it is Rangers FC, they changed their name from Sevco as part of the five way agreement.



    Hail Hail