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    ‘GB sing a Celtic song’






    Which is more than the rest of the crowd do.

  2. JIMDOM on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 3:58 PM



    Fao AN TEARMAN (the payroll police).



    I posted the source at 1:31 today. The source is SalarySport.com. How accurate these are is anyone’s guess. Probably a margin if error but they appear plausible.



    Anyway, let’s get this game put to bed so we can relax a bit. St Johnstone will not come out to play until they go two down.



    Have a good one.




    Payroll police.no.was just interested in what you posted as I know one of CGs management team :-)


    Its not accurate or plausible,but not uncommon with what our meeja write/talk up regarding Shiteoot fc.





  3. I pay a lot of money for my season ticket. And some folks paid to watch the game on PPV.



    I don’t mind teams playing with 10 men behind the ball as their only chance of getting something. And I can understand time wasting.



    I looked up at the big screen and 10 minutes had been played. By my reckoning 2 minutes were already used up with the ball out of play waiting for the restart by St Johnstone at goal kicks or throw ins. That is just taking the p!ss.



    Zero time added on in the first half.




  4. BANKIEBHOY1 on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 7:00 PM



    The Farage stuff is breeks-wetting material……………..








    I believe £87+vat and he would sell what his mammys


    holds dear!




  5. AT



    It’s quite incredible.


    I’m shocked at how cheap it is to make that nugget look even more of a rocket than usual.



    I think we should do a CQN joint effort………..



    Get the thinking cap on!




  6. Lubo we need you on

    RC on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 6:30 PM


    just back from game, thoughts



    Agree with most of your comments, ref was crap



    To add…… Progress , real Progress ,signs of team starting to gel and winning mentality !



    Today was our third clean sheet in a row (No Dot Cotton jokes please :) ), small steps , but nonetheless ,very important ones.



    Big Carl was brilliant today and his side kick CCV reminds me of a young fit Paul McGrath (Ooh Ahh)…. just a thought !

  7. highlight of today ……………



    the japanese kid, heading the call back onto the park, then standng on his seat and waving his flag to a big cheer from the jock stein stand.



    hope its caught on camera somewhere.

  8. lowlight of today,



    literally hundreds leaving the ground at halftime from the lisbon lions to go for a pint.

  9. Jota was MOTM at the ground.



    My choice was a close one. Tony Ralston just in second place. A vey nice assist complemented his defensive display which was illustrated by a passage of play in the first half where he was the furthest man forward down the right wing, Calum (I think) tried to play him in but it was cut out inside our half and St J we’re on the attack.



    Ralston sprinted back and ended their threat by taking the ball off them just outside our six yard box.




    My MOTM was Tom Rogic for providing at least four moments of magic. That only he can do.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 7:36 PM


    lowlight of today,


    literally hundreds leaving the ground at halftime from the lisbon lions to go for a pint.



    I’m with you, don’t get that at all, I mean no disrespect to Parkhead but it’s not blessed with brilliant pubs anyway😕

  11. Starfelt is improving every game. Really strong today and getting more confident.



    CCV becoming all we hoped he would. Good comparison made earlier Re Paul McGrath.



    Josip J doesn’t really work as well as a left back. We miss Taylor’s energy there IMO.



    Ralston puts 200% every week and will surely break sometime soon so Juranovic and him should share the workload there and let Boli have a run on left.



    Kyogo not really the answer as a wide guy.



    The big centre will do well for us for sure. A real CF.



    Mikey J seems to be back and firing. If only he would bulk up. Encouraging signs though.



    Jota very good as always but less effective without a real left sided full back.



    Calmac really put in a solid Calmac shift at the heart of it.



    Tom and Turnbull had to work hard for it today.


    St J are a pragmatic and tough opponent. Really horrible to play against. Dirty some might say but we never gave them a chance which is a huge improvement.



    In Ange and the process we trust.



    Hibs will feel the pain on Wednesday I reckon.



    SAINT STIVS on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 7:36 PM





    lowlight of today,





    literally hundreds leaving the ground at halftime from the lisbon lions to go for a pint.







    I’m with you, don’t get that at all, I mean no disrespect to Parkhead but it’s not blessed with brilliant pubs anyway😕






    i was outside at the gb corner at halftime, so i got to witness it first hand, really suprising,



    as an aside, why the police supers stand and gawk at the gathered crowd, while pointing at individuals then putting hands over mouth to hide what they are saying is unacceptable.

  13. Park the bus etc etc on

    Well done Ange, well done the players, big G’s goal wiz a Cellic goal brilliant. 👏


    big concern….


    When does Ange develop “personal issues” ??




    has Ibrox already been “bung£ed” some of the £40 million CL bounty under the table from their OF friends ??


    Who can we trust ??


    Ourselves alone, don’t ever forget it.


    But but remember that you “won’t” get into the house of Jesus’s father, if you can’t / don’t love your enemies.


    Be “extra” wary around folk who wear purple, black & white, black & red, black & yellow.


    Even the leaders of Sinn Fein wear these colours ??


    What happened to Sinn Fein leaders who wear green white and a wee drop of orange ??


    Purple will only reign, if your weak.


    Stay strong and be vigilant.



    shaking my head productions dot com

  14. BURNLEY78 on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 7:52 PM



    I lost count of the number of times Kyogo was open for a pass that never came to him, he needs the ball to reach him,

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 7:58 PM



    You must be around my area in 110!



    On another topic semi final tickets out, bought mine online on the bus and got my favourite H2 seats👏👍👍



    SAINT STIVS on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 7:58 PM



    i have got into new viewing habits.



    1st half I go to the LL end and find a seat with nobody close by. So today I sat right behing the Kano flag (what a laugh the attending group was today, they were fascinated by everything) , at halftime i go outside see if i can find cousins.




    2nd half i go near my own seat, 122, but stand in the tunnels and watch from there.



    bizarre, but it gets some steps in, and keeps me far from the madding crowd,







    Noticed same time wasting very early on thought it was before ten minute mark……………thought about the supporters who shell out a lot of money and have to watch the time wasting so early.



    If its tied between 80 to 90 minutes i could understand.

  18. St Stivs



    Re viewing habits.



    I used to always start in lone with the penalty area at the east end of the jungle and work round to the Celtic end on the main stand side as the second half progressed. That way I could get back down Kinnear Rd where our bus was parked pronto at full time.



    Back then it was easy standing but it is amazing how many empty seats you can find though doing as you do these days too.

  19. St Stivs



    Re getting the steps in Totally agree on the good of that.



    I used to park in the main car park. Now I am happy to park right along London Rd almost at St Peter’s Cemetery just to get the steps and an easy getaway.

  20. RC. Today was blatant but it is accentuated by how quick we are these days. One of the many big improvements from Ange.

  21. martin o'seville on

    Would I be correct in thinking that if our opponents park the bus and play on the break, then we should reciprocate to bring them out of their bus shape, get one of our fast players to run behind their bus when they start to move forward and get our tall striker to mingle with opposition players in their bus and position himself to receive a high ball from us and head it down to his fast team mate for us to create an opening behind their bus and hopefully score?

  22. Get Juranovic into his proper position.As much as we all have a soft spot for Tony,he is not good enough.Bolingoli in at LB until Taylor is fit,then its his to lose.


    Two strikers playing through the middle?Not a novel idea,why does Ange frown upon it.Henrik and Sutton\Hartson.Hooper\Stokes.Going back Sutton \ShearerDalglish,and take your pick.Kyogo wasted on the wing.

  23. SuperSutton…. I think it’s only a matter of time that games are timed by ‘ball in play’.


    A couple of seasons ago I’m sure we played less than 18 minutes in the 2nd half at Ibrox…. An absolute joke and fans in other countries must be noticing it as well.

  24. martin o'seville on

    Tony is getting better every week. David Turnbull is no Tommy Burns but maybe David could copy TB and go left back, and move the dynamic energetic and tough Juranovic in next to Callum?

  25. To clarify, it happens in all countries and UEFA will make a rule change I think.


    £30-£50 a ticket to watch an hour of sport is bad value.

  26. Superstition, unless I’m mistaken the ref can add on “injury” time accrued during the first half at the end of the 90mins. Today’s additional time was a total of 4plus minutes.

  27. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Great win today Celtic, loved it.



    Who would win the Aggregating Service Years Together Cup Final between Celtic plc NEDs v The Celtic Trust Trustees?



    Asking for indolent mischief-makers such as GuyFawkesaforeverhero at CQN? (i know the answer).



    We’re all about transparency and corporate governance these days, so long as our club doesn’t mess with the away ticket con.

  28. Onenightinlisbon, the add ons the Green Brigade sing to decent rebel songs are a fcuking disgrace never mind cringeworthy.

  29. martin o'seville on

    We know what MIBs are like before we take to the pitch.


    Was Ange made aware of this at his interview for the job, or is he picking it up as he goes along?

  30. MOS, Ange has seen worse bargies at First Communions. You can take the Greek out of Australia……