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  1. TheOriginalSadiesbhoy



    You take it easy my friend in your recovery.


    I was fortunate enough to see us today and experience the singing and the support of those who wear the hoops.i thought the Celtic fans called the green brigade got the Bertie one to a t,the 67th minute one i thought was overdone on the pyro side,only in sense they blocked my view of Berties face,the sparkler outlining Bertie would have worked better imo if the flare/smoke hadn’t taken away.but all in it was a spectacle,with fireworks!-nutjobs lol



    Small steps to top of mountain on your recovery.👍




  2. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST NOVEMBER 2021 12:44 AM


    AT- i hope the excellent CQN’er Hot Smoked seen the KB sketch HH



    How? :-)))))



    Ah it was yourself BB advising J,it came up and i thought to post.v funny




  3. park the bus>blootir it>Gooooaalll>simple on

    TheOriginalSadiesbhoy, take care mhan. 👏 🙏 🍀



    An Tearmann, it would’ve been good to see you’re YouTube video’s but I’ve got the spooks about about YT and the one sided narratives that they deploy ruthlessly. My fault, my miss. hh

  4. SIONNAIGH @1:23am



    Plane crash at Los Gatos. One of my favourite songs to sing and play on guitar. The original Woodie Guthrie version is good, but I much prefer this version by Ani de Franco accompanied by Ry Cooder as I think it tells the story so much better.



    If you replace the word ‘Deportee’ with ‘Immigrant’ then this song is every bit as powerful and relevant today as it was when Woodie Guthrie wrote it! 😊 🍀




  5. I think young Abada has just lost his place in the starting lineup in next few games at least as James Forrest shows what needed and how to accomplish it. He can run straight at defenders and beat them and he’s bulkier than young Abada so can use his strength. As Turkeybhoy stated Abada had nowhere to run to in a congested right wing. Jota though found space with his trickery and rapid pace. The boy’s a genius and should be signed in January – his brilliance won’t fade and big clubs will be on the alert after that performance if not already. I hope he wants to stay with us for a couple of more seasons.



    Big Joe still brings hearts to mouths on occasion but you gotta love him. Tony Ralston excellent as usual. He made one or two slips but chased his man down right away. He is now a fully fledged first team player. CBs were excellent and wouldn’t every team like a Juranovic on the field? Bitton was excellent and showed some nice trickery which he has probably almost lost after being converted to a CB but it will come back in his new natural position. His passing is generally good too. Only problem I’d say is lack of speed, but who else in midfield has that – certainly not Rogic or McCarthy or Turnbull. Abada didn’t get much chance to play his game which I think is a bit limited. Still he has Jota and Forrest to learn from and he’s young and full of promise. Turnbull and Calmac both played OK but not their best games this season. Jota Jota Jota is full of brilliance. Not one of Kyogo’s most influential games but he is always a contributor and gives a full shift whatever the circumstances. I thought the substitutes did what was asked of them, especially MJ, James McCarthy who is still off the pace a bit but it will come eventually and he could be an important player for us. Nice to see Soro again and I hope it means he’s now finding his feet under Ange and we will see more of him. I noticed especially the way he interacted with everyone after the game. He has an infectious laughter and I’m sure brings a lot of lightness to the dressing room and training ground. Everyone seemed to have time for him.



    I think rangers will be inspired by change of manager (not sure how long it will last though) and will overcome Hibs. So roll on December 19! We can set down a marker for New Year game.

  6. park the bus>blootir it>Gooooaalll>simple on

    Who wrote the book of revelations ??


    Who wrote the bible ??


    How many bibles are there ??


    The Masons have a bible !!


    The OO march with an open bible on a purple cushion carried by sumdy wearing white gloves like the Masons wear at the front of the walk !!


    Who created all of these divisions ??


    So many books so many religions !!


    Who owns Hollywood, is it the same weird folk who own NASA ??


    Was Christianity not started until a long time after Jesus had died on the cross ??


    Was Jesus not a ‘socialist’ when he died ??


    Why was the Celtic race chased off of the face of the earth by the Romans, only to be celebrated every Halloween ??


    Why do all TV stations worldwide which are controlled by Masons show a globe with a map stuck onto it and tell you the world is round ??


    If the the world is round, why are there quite a few references in the bible about Jesus telling us, “There’ll be light in the firmament” what firmament ??


    Why must you be a Mason before you can work for NASA ??


    Why do Celtic’s Irish Republican leaning supporter base allow their club to be controlled by an Irish free state driven Masonic lodge of a PLC board ??


    As the truly magnificent CQN poster, JHB, has been saying recently, and has been saying in the gracefully mannered style which is unique to him, as he diligently outlined his line of questioning as to, why did Rangers FC managerial changeover happen with such a high level of professionalism, no annoying 3 month delays, just a seamless smooth transition, whereas Celtic’s recent managerial recruiting history has been littered with 100 day missing in action shambles episodes, and a backstabbing bitchfests from the best fans in the world, as magnificent manager, Brendan Rodgers, outgrew the minion mindsets of both groups, the custodians who govern the direction of Celtic, namely the PLC executive, and the entitled in a green Timmy style, and arrogant in a green Timmy style, and instant dispensers of justice in a green Timmy style, the customers, supporters, lifeblood, £49 same club mugging victims of 2016, same club deniers who finance the PLC executive, who laugh at those denials as they increase old firm ticket prices year on year, even when away fans are banned ?!


    Just Wow.


    If Brendan Rodgers had, parked the bus & blootired it in Europe with Celtic, ala MON, and NFL the 1st time, then its my guess that, Brendan Rodgers would’ve already have won a European trophy with a more financially robust club by now.

  7. Park Th Bus.



    This simple personmality test should provide some answers to your queries. Just answer True or False and tot up your scores.:-




    North Dakota Null-Hypothesis Brain Inventory


    Answer True or False to the following questions.


    1. I salivate at the sight of mittens.


    2. If I go into the street, I’m apt to be bitten by a horse.


    3. Some people never look at me.


    4. Spinach makes me feel alone.


    5. My sex life is A-okay.


    6. When I look down from a high spot, I want to spit.


    7. I like to kill mosquitoes.


    8. Cousins are not to be trusted.


    9. It makes me embarrassed to fall down.


    10. I get nauseous from too much roller skating.


    11. I think most people would cry to gain a point.


    12. I cannot read or write.


    13. I am bored by thoughts of death.


    14. I become homicidal when people try to reason with me.


    15. I would enjoy the work of a chicken flicker.


    16. I am never startled by a fish.


    17. My mother’s uncle was a good man.


    18. I don’t like it when somebody is rotten.


    19. People who break the law are wise guys.


    20. I have never gone to pieces over the weekend.


    21. I think beavers work too hard.


    22. I use shoe polish to excess.


    23. God is love.


    24. I like mannish children.


    25. I have always been disturbed by the sight of Lincoln’s ears.


    26. I always let people get ahead of me at swimming pools.


    27. Most of the time I go to sleep without saying goodby.


    28. I am not afraid of picking up door knobs.


    29. I believe I smell as good as most people.


    30. Frantic screams make me nervous.


    31. It’s hard for me to say the right thing when I find myself in a room full of mice.


    32. I would never tell my nickname in a crisis.


    33. A wide necktie is a sign of disease.


    34. As a child I was deprived of licorice.


    35. I would never shake hands with a gardener.


    36. My eyes are always cold.


    37. I never see double.


    38. I never see double.


    39. My nipples are talking to me.


    40. My father was a good woman




    I will provide the key to assess your personality once all questions ahve been answered

  8. park the bus>blootir it>Gooooaalll>simple on




    You don’t have shares in NASA by any chance ??


    If you do, well I didn’t say those things on purpose, well not all of them.


    Hope there’s sumdy there to tuck you in, and take that silly book out of you’re room.


    Books used to be good.


    Look what they do to folks nowadays !!




  9. Good morning to all cup finalists



    Good luck to the Hibees lets make it an all green final

  10. Goooooooooooooooood morning Tim’s from all over the Globe from a deeeeelighted Garngad



    Just watched the game again, oh the pain of the hun panellists…I’m loving it.



    We are building something special here.



    Time for the board to show some foresight and spend whatever Ange needs



    By the way St Johnstone are a disgrace of a football team they join a list in Scotland that is ever growing.






    D :)

  11. Come on the Hibees.



    I would imagine Hibs wont sit back like St Johnstone did.



    The way to beat the Huns is have a go.







    D :)

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