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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Premier Sports commentary team were an embarrassment.



    Thick nut blood and snotters types who know absolutely nothing about the game.

  2. Jota,Biton,Calmac (second half ) ,Tony,CCV,terrific,played excellent.Turnbull,Abaca,not really at it,but not easy playing this team,who are,no matter how much we hate it,are good at it.


    Brilliant from the fans.Never showed the display before KO,bass as,but 67 was immense.

  3. Semi finals are there to be won. A shame a football match never looked likely to break out but we got the job done against another opponent who played for a 0-0.



    Forrest will be a big bonus to us in the weeks ahead and I look forward to Rogic and Starfelt coming back.



    Onwards to what in all likelihood will be a difficult night in Germany but we’ve little to lose.

  4. spl teams just fill their squads with big brute’s of players with little skill and just play to stop the opposition with constant time wasting , fouls etc. , they will drive fans away and kill the game.

  5. Great result from a talented attacking team against defensive hammer throwing anti football plonkers.









    Premier Sports commentary team were an embarrassment.



    agree , they are hurting once again.

  7. I must have said it a thousand times, but I will keep saying it…….


    If the hun decided tomorrow that football and not the fare we are given in Scotland was the name of the game, it would change overnight, but as we all know it ain’t gonna happen, sadly.

  8. The praise that commentary teams tend to lavish on our opponents who never threaten our box and get everyman behind the ball is a bit much and to be frank, it’s pathetic.



    Even Michael Stewart was at it tonight. Saints deserved no credit. They went out with a whimper having never attempted to win the game.

  9. JHB on 20th November 2021 7:14 pm



    A tortuous win is a tortuous win, however if anyone seriously believes that this Celtic team will win the title, I’d like to hear the reasoning.






    I’m not worried about our First team. We have a Gem you unearth because you are an actual Iconic team.



    Superb result Ange – Big Nir was strolling it.



    The Huns DIED in 2012.

  10. Huns in the away support.


    Huns in the away team.


    Huns part of the refereeing team.


    Hun pundits.


    Hun posters on CQN.



    Makes days like this even sweeter, particuarly with the our dynamic style of play.




  11. “JHB on 20TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:14 PM


    A tortuous win is a tortuous win, however if anyone seriously believes that this Celtic team will win the title, I’d like to hear the reasoning.”



    Because we have scored more and conceded fewer than any other team in the League?


    Because, overall, we are improving whilst our main challengers are not?

  12. Cup games are all about the win and delighted to be in a final.



    What I would say though is that we struggle against teams with a low block and this threatened to be a rerun of the Livingston game. This is something Ange will have to think about.



    I love Ralston and his improvement has been inspiring but we really do need full-backs in their correct positions. That’s going to mean a tough decision of either dropping Ralston, putting Juranovic on the right with a regular left-back or dropping Juranovic who looks a great signing but needs to be playing in his correct position.



    Luckily, these aren’t decisions I have to make :)

  13. AN DUN



    We tried a couple of times to let them back in.





    Forgot it was THAT Walsh.



    Game changed when James came on…………you realize how much he has been missed.

  14. Super win for Celtic against the legendary St.Johnstone parked bus.



    Celtic’s silky players overcame the issues, of 11 men all set behind the 20 yard line, objectivity of who’s playing football becomes the first apparent victim for media viewers and listeners. Had David Turnbull or the ever excellent Jota put away early chances, it might merely have overshadowed Bertie’s single goal winner in 1969.



    St.Johnstone never laid a glove on Celtic but Shaun Rooney’s elbow assault was red, all day long and another in a sequence of honest mistakes, for Dallas see Walsh. The only unanswerable question was, what time the Celtic winner? James Forrest’s goal instinct has served us well for a decade and points Leil Abada in the right direction, AP called the crucial substitution even although Forrest had been buzzing in Lennoxtown over the break, he was unleashed with impeccable timing



    Bitton controlled the midfield whilst on a yellow for his first tackle, just another Saturday Celtic peculiarity. 0-0 at half time gave nothing but heart to cynics and Saints, it really was only a question of when.



    M.O.M Celtic TIFOS



    Hail Hail to Mr Celtic

  15. The funniest thing (for me ) was the replay of the goal and common tatter saying if we had var it wouldn’t have stood 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. VALLEYBHOY on 20TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:43 PM







    Not often I post, boy you’re hurting tonight.



    ———————— —————————–






    well said



    “… they do experience an underlying unsatisfactory quality to existence, even if they’re not conscious of the fact. And the offending words that spew forth from their lips are the direct result of their suffering state. They are subject to the impermanent, unsatisfactory, and impersonal conditions of the universe that we all are. Identifying with the person that they think themselves to be, they react against the world in the only way that they know how, which at the present time takes the shape of distasteful diction. They are truly a pitiable being, and feeling compassion for them will result in immediate forgiveness for anything done that wasn’t nice. ” Ahjan Bram



    buddist translation.



    eat p#sh ya troll





    Glasgow is Green an White

  17. To be honest I thought there was something wrong in the way Jota won the Ball, cant say I saw a handball in real time, was on my feet when Jamesy stuck it into the net but didn’t go into my fist pumping Dance Routine for a few seconds until I was sure goal stood.

  18. DR saying we”Ground out a win”.Never seen this terminology used this season in any Mordorite game,and they have had plenty.Just luv it when it hurts so bad.

  19. E-Tims








    Ange “Pleased for the players, staff & fans. Tough game but thought we deserved to win. St J make it hard for every team. We had to be disciplined. The players are starting to get real belief in how we want to play. Delighted for James now he’s fit as he’s a quality player”

  20. Just in from game.i enjoyed that.


    We had to keep working and looking for


    A well content tim,happy that Ange guided us to his first final.well done Celtic and each player wearing those hoops.may be back later to play a song or 2 and talk a little treason.:-) enjoy your night Celts.:-)



    TeT hope your good lady is taking it easy.




  21. Difficult job successfully navigated.


    Semi Finals are at the business end. The end result is all that matters.



    Two things stick out for me ;-



    James Forrest is a proven asset for us. Collectively we really need to appreciate the gem we have.



    Anthony Ralston’s improvement is astronomical. We cannot drop him, we must accommodate him somehow.



    And now to Bayor Leverkusen on Thursday. Let’s enjoy the spectacle and a distinct possibility of points.



    HH to all, the journey continues. YNWA Bertie.