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  1. A semi final we will forget very quickly. Masses of possession against a team parking 2 busses.



    Oh for a Paul McStay,,,

  2. madden should be removed from refereeing, this is just ridiculous. and as a ps, wtf do aberdeen play in all blue against united, where the clash in wearing all red.















    Bobby Madden sends the Aberdeen player off and awards a penalty to Rangers…who are playing tomorrow.




  3. park the bus>blootir it>Gooooaalll>simple on

    Well done Ange 👏 well done Celtic 👏



    If the huns urny the same club


    why did the tickets remain the same price


    in 2012 = £49, and in 2016 = £49 ??


    and why in 2016 did 7000+ Celtic season book customers


    sell out the Broomloan Road tickets at £49 × 7000 ??


    Something isn’t adding up ??


    Or some folk are being deceitful ??



    Anyway not seen this before !!! 👇



  4. We move onto Leverkusen (or however you spell them) and the challenges that they bring, but at least they will open up and come at us. This will allow us to play expansive football unlike todays opponents who would get football banned a disgrace of a team.



    1st final of the season and we are in it….wow. smsm eat yer black hearts.



    Over to the zombies, come on the Hibees.



    D :)

  5. Saint stivs


    It’s not about kit clashes it’s about selling a 2nd and 3rd kit – that’s why teams wear them on away fixtures

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    If we had VAR, st Johnstone would have finished with 9 men.


    Straight red for Rooney and a yellow for the guy who tripped Bitton would have seen him walk for the yellow he actually got.


    Also, was the goal a clear and obvious error? It took the commentary team ( or the studio watchers) quite some time to identify a “potential” hand ball.

  7. he;s rubbish right enough.







    Inside The SPFL








    James Forrest – Celtic record.



    Games: 423


    Starts: 326


    Assists: 105


    Goals: 95

  8. Again why were they cutting the grass at the final whistle?


    Was it not cut this morning….



    D :)

  9. 80% is an obscene amount of possession to concede in a semi-final if you get beat. Pitiful



    100% all that matters is that we’re in the final, and Ange’s team winning another must-win. The team is growing as a group, character and a winning mentality.



    9 victories and a draw in 10 games in all competitions is an exceptional run. It’ll come to an end in Germany in midweek but we have built up enough confidence that the inevitable defeat shouldn’t derail us.



    I still think we’ll win the league

  10. From the BBC Match report. :)))))))



    Man of the match – Jota



    He went to ground a bit easily at times but again the Portuguese winger (right) was Celtic’s bright spark and failed to let St Johnstone’s stubbornness impact his game

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    When we got back to Prestonpans said to my daughter at least we don’t have another two hours the St Johnstone have to endure.



    What a waste of a day out for them, no attempt to win the game, If ever you watched a team playing for penalties this was it.

  12. HOT SMOKED @ 7:58


    I hope to God you are right, but for you to be so, our opponent will need to have degraded a sight more than we appear to have upgraded – I can”t see it. However I will be prepared to eat any amount of “humble pie” should I be proved wrong.



    Help me with something else if you feel inclined. If James McCarthy is an answer, what was the question? His body language when coming on was a puzzle. He was strutting around as if it was the pre-match warm-up and not a cup-tie where we had a slender lead. He then nearly ‘sold the jerseys’, under no pressure, with probably his first touch. The few times I’ve seen him, he looks like someone who feels he’s proved himself in football after life in the EPL, has set himself & family up for life and sees Celtic as a favourite-team hobby to see out what’s left in his career.



    That’s my first impression, I may be wrong, but often first impressions are spot on.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ignore the trolls and anyone souring the milk tonight.



    That was a terrific win.



    We knew it would be tough and it was.



    St Johnstone had a clear 14 days from their last game to drill and prepare …



    … with a healthy squad of players that don’t trouble international selectors.



    We had guys away for 10 days returning as late as Thursday.



    Despite that our fitness told.



    We stayed disciplined and wore down the thugs.



    Job well done.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Next up for us, Leverkusen midweek.



    St Johnstone can now rest up until the weekend as they are no longer in Europe.



    For anyone who may have missed it, they lost 0-2 to Lask having had 2 men red carded.



    Strange how Scottish thugs don’t get sent off domestically but seem to very often in Europe?




  15. Callum Davidson, “I didn’t see one dirty foul in the whole game.” I guess someone has to have a leg broken, or an eye out, to meet his definition.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Anyone got a link to our goal, would love to see this handball. From behind the goal we were shouting for a penalty before it went in.

  17. My youngest made his hampden debut today and what an experience for him. The 10 minute train journey from Central to Mount Florida was raucous, to say the least. Great atmosphere in the ground and a Saturday 5:15 certainly beats a Sunday midday hands down. More time to “prepare” shall we say.


    Conor McGregor would be a great signing for St Johnstone.