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  1. Timmy Timmy Timmy on

    he moves like she don’t care


    Smooth as silk


    Cool as air


    Oooh it makes you wanna cry


    She doesn’t know your name


    And your heart beats like a subway train


    Oooh it makes you wanna die


    Oooh don’t you wanna take her


    Wanna make her all your own

  2. Timmy Timmy Timmy on

    Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home? … There is no pain you are receding

  3. 3-0 to the good guys, will be intresting to see how we start, Has Neil let the Bhoys take it easy since Wed or will they be still flying?




  4. 1 Forster


    2 Matthews


    4 Ambrose


    6 Wilson


    21 Mulgrew


    8 Brown


    67 Wanyama


    16 Ledley


    15 Commons


    7 Fedor


    9 Samaras

  5. The thing I like most and least about that selection is the left hand side. On the one hand we have Kris Commons, in terrific form especially at LM, who v St Johnstone a week and a half ago gave what I thought was the best individual display under NL’s tenure. However, he is paired with Mulgrew at LB, and while I rate both players highly, they have a stinking record there (4 pts from 12) and have only once looked good together. Hope that changes today.



    While their record (7 from 15) is also poor, I like the industry of Brown and the way it suits attacking wingers like Matthews and Lustig. Matthews today needs to have the confidence to get forward, knowing Brown will cover for him.



    Sammi didn’t even look 50% v Barca, so it looks like Lenny believes he needs games. He may also be wary of giving Watt a start – too much too soon and all that.

  6. googybhoy ♥ Celtic


    14:32 on


    11 November, 2012


    davy bhoy



    14:30 on


    11 November, 2012


    top 10? I hope yous all read the article first? ;)



    Poor article. Lazy journalism.





    Stndards are dropping . I’ll wait for Paul’s article later on.



  7. up_over_goal



    Agree – looking strong down the left side today. Hoping for a good performance but it is always tough coming down to earth after such an effort from the Bhoys Wednesday. The crowd may need to be patient today

  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Obama’s daughter asked….. “mummy is daddy the most important black man in the world”……..Michelle responds “no darling that would be Victor Wanyama”

  9. Let’s put this game to bed early so we can relax a bit after the last few games.


    Nice to be on the edge of your seat in the Champs League but SPL not so.



    Funniest moment for me from Wednesday when 2 balls arrived on the park and the ref stopped the game.


    Messi picks up the ball and hands it to the ref who indicates a drop ball from around 25 yards.



    Messi says to the tune of “just give me the ball here” to Charlie who says something like “whit? give you the baw there? think ma heid zipps up the back”


    Ball dually pumped downfield and normal service is resumed.


    Made me laugh at the time anyway.

  10. Would like to see kayal get 90mins under his belt and watt start aswel maybe resting big sammi



    Anyway im sure lenny knows best.



  11. I predict Sammi moving out left at the first signs of him up front with a partner not working :O)

  12. Is game on radio anywhere ?



    I have tunein radio app on iphone so hoping might pick it up on there ?

  13. Good Selection,Neil.



    Should Dae the Joab..



    Tony, should sit oan the Hoab.. wullnae dae him any harm..





    Ye done good..kiddo.



    Please.. gie .. Ibrahim, a shot.. the Lad is …some kinda..






    collie, thinks so..






    Ah always listen tae collie.






    Still , Laughin’

  14. Stringer Bell



    v Raith Rovers. He played the full 90 mins, got the assist for Hooper’s 1st.

  15. Uog



    Thanks mate. Wold like to see him play today at some stage. He is rated higher than Tony Watt by our academy staff apparently.



    Good enough for me!

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Hope rowan vine brings his sour grapes with him like last time when he got hooked at half time.



    A wee english born hun!!

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