Celtic v St Johnstone, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. I think Neil is not wanting to have too many changes. Pukki and Derk start in place of Lustig and Sammi. Later changes can be made from the bench.

  2. Looking for a positive response from my team today,LL are hoping for a CL hangover.lets be sure and disappoint them.

  3. How Celtic may line up:



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews ::::::::::::::: Ambrose ::::::::::::::::: Van Dijk ::::::::::::: Izaguirre



    Commons :::::::::::::::: Brown ::::::::::::::::::: Mulgrew :::::::::::: Boerrigter



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Pukki ::::::::::::::::::::: Stokes ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    First chance to see a proper Stokes/Pukki partnership today. Looking forward to it.



    The team will inevitably be affected by tiredness, and I expect Lenny to make relatively early substitutions in the 2nd half.



    We look strongest on the left, where I expect a fully fit Boerrigter and Izzy will put in a lot of crosses for the strikers; we’re possibly vulnerable on our right side, but so much depends on how quickly Matthews and Commons have recovered from the exertions of Wednesday night.

  4. In the absence of any plausible explanation regarding the meaning behind the first post,and,given that the second post is more of an exclamation than an actual statement,i’m sure you will all agree that I should be recognized as the REAL first post on this thread,thank you.

  5. Neil, Ah approve o’ Yer Line-Up!



    That’s the Ticket..



    A Stokesy, Pukki, Combo!






    Stokesy,in the role of the Shadow man , At INSIDE LEFT.. and Pukki..in the Role of..



    Roy, of The Cel’ic!



    Stokesy,is a Natural Born.. PROVIDER.





    Neat! Sweet! n.. This Combo Should Work a Treat!



    Boeriggeter, is a Left Winger… No a Right Winger..



    Gled ye agree,Neil..



    Man.. At this Rate. .Ah figger You n Ah may be able tae Lick this Group of Disparate





    Intae a Real Celtic Cocktail.



    Wit’ a Kick,like a Mule!



    As Ah said..



    Ah like yer Line-Up, Kid..





    Still, Laughin

  6. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    Mon the hoops.



    Intae these trackter boys.




    Watching the team warm up here.



    Nice sharp passing and moving. So far no euro hangover on show.



    Usual 4 nil prediction from me.




  7. NewradBhoy



    Jamsie, is Sick..



    Plus, he has Sciaticatic Symptoms.. which, is not good.




  8. Agreed Snake, Strikers operate on confidence, Hooper did not look confident in what I saw of him in that match. I bear no grudge at all against Hoops, he served us well and I wish him every success but like many others who left Celtic, he will not appreciate what he had till its gone.

  9. corkcelt



    Hoops is a Fool.



    His Patriotic Ambition, Over Rode his .



    Guid Common Sense.



    He had everthing going for him ,with us.. and He Blew it.



    Do Ah think that He wull Ever Play fuor England?







  10. Corkcelt



    Like yourself I wish the boy well but I just wish we’d kept him and I think he’ll realize later that he’d have been happy here for years to come had he done so.

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