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    Happy to have seen Roy Keane in paradise even if it was at the wrong time.














    Aye he was incredible on his debut at Clyde away :-)







    Not sure what he brought to us. Felt like he was ticking a box.


    Not sure what he brought to us. Me neither. Mindyou the Board apparently thought he was Celtic’s biggest ever signing.






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  2. One of Quonno’s daft questions.


    Come this time next year, will BBC Scotland still be pumping money into the second division on a weekly basis.


    No rude replies please.

  3. Could be an interesting 48 hours for us




    VVD off to either Southampton, Everton or Newcastle.


    I suspect we are hoping for a last minute bidding war


    Stokes off on loan


    Scepovic off


    Boerrighter off, with a pay off


    We will also get £1m ish for Wanyama, assuming he goes to Spurs







    Van Wofswinkel on loans

  4. mullet and co 2 on 30th August 2015 11:30 pm



    They don’t employ 500 people, and need to maintain a 60k seater stadium.

  5. weeminger on 30th August 2015 11:26 pm



    Bleak times my friends. Bleak times.



    Only for the fans.

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’ve just read the CQN piece on Bobby Lennox.



    As a child, my mum and dad received Christmas cards from America addressed M*****, Buzzbomb Drive, Clydebank, UK. They arrived every year..




  7. Actually looks like the board are going to stick their hands in the pocket and sign this CB. I’m delighted at this – as he’s young must still fit in the wage bracket



    Slight renewed optimism after Tuesdays debacle




  8. I had a wee cry when I was in the Jungle, when Paul McStay threw his jersey in, now I could cry for him , for not leaving and proving how good the guy was, and realising his ability in a better league. He was getting dragged down for years, carrying absolute diddies for years after that.

  9. WEEMINGER on 30TH AUGUST 2015 11:33 PM


    mullet and co 2 on 30th August 2015 11:30 pm







    They don’t employ 500 people, and need to maintain a 60k seater stadium.






    Over 400 of whom work at Parkhead every home game on poverty wages.

  10. saltires en sevilla on

    I got my first Celtic kit in a natty Umbro box for Christmas 1970



    Was delighted – although socks were the green & white hooped version rather than the all white from the classic Lisbon final



    Anyway , my dad has still never forgiven me for using an indelible black marker to write number ’11’ on the back of the hoops



    Bobby Lennox was and still is my favourite Celt – dad understood that but “son, never, ever break the Hoops…”



    My dad’s favourites were ,and remain, Charlie Tully & laterlly (sic) Bobby Murdoch



    My back up players are Danny, Kenny & Henke ( no surnames required)



    Watching the buzzbomb spring from the line at full pelt and weave into the box with his left arm in the air for balance as he changed direction, is one of the iconic images of Celtic.



    Endless excitement and joy in those memories,



    Hoopy Birthday to a proper Legend

  11. Bada



    Completely agree, my heart breaks that Europe didn’t really get to see just how good Paul was but at the same time I burst with pride for one of the last who appreciated how special Celtic is.








    I’ve got this wee theory that sometimes wee snippets of info are misconstrued.. So, for example, one of the staff at Celtic know we are liaising with Norwich, leaks info about a forward and hey presto, Hopper is coming back.



    Now as some have pointed out Hopper ain’t a Deila type of footballer at all…………….Van Wolfswinkel on the other hand………

  13. Haven’t been on but has the Twitter thing with Fenerbace been checked out?





    Fenerbace fans threatening us with knives and Celtic fans responding with humour and class.

  14. You just have to smile, some guys cribbing that we are hoarding money, others worried about pending losses and bleak times. Thank God we have a steady hand on the rudder, the much vilified Peter Lawell.


    Have it from a trusted CQN’er who sadly seldom posts now that Peter is as big a Celtic fan as any of us and he hates the Huns. He could have gone to Arsenal as CEO but stayed with the Celtic. There is no doubt he is on a huge whack but that is down to Desmond and the Board. One thing Desmond gets from his employees is value for money so he for one obviously thinks Peter is worth it.


    I find it impossible to justify the huge salaries that the Captains of Industry earn, I think they are obscene but such is the world we live in. However I feel the allegations that PL’s actions are motivated solely to increase his bonus are total rubbish. He is an excellent CEO and like many others his input and his legacy will not be appreciated until he is long gone.


    Expecting pelters from a few but won’t get to see them until late tomorrow evening as I’m off to bed now with a very early start in the morning.


    God Bless All.


    Art of War



    They can GTF, better discussing their violent tendencies with Ajax, another club blighted by cretins.

  16. BCW,


    I know where you are coming from.


    I struggle to think of an example, but often you hear snippets on buying and selling of players, which I suspect come from sources who know that club X are talking to club Y.


    More often than not the players mentioned are incorrect, and indeed, who is buying and who is selling is incorrect, but, there clearly has been dialogue.


    I think Van Wolfswinkel would be good for us.


    Looks like he is lacking confidence at the moment, but given he has moved country a few times, hopefully he could settle quickly.

  17. a light insanity on

    Watching the game yesterday my son (13) commented that he didn’t feel that the players were playing for the team / manager. Hope he was wrong but hae ma doubts.

  18. HAMILTONTIM on 30TH AUGUST 2015 11:42 PM


    WEEMINGER on 30TH AUGUST 2015 11:33 PM





    mullet and co 2 on 30th August 2015 11:30 pm















    They don’t employ 500 people, and need to maintain a 60k seater stadium.














    Over 400 of whom work at Parkhead every home game on poverty wages.



    Sorry,HT,are Celtic now not paying the “Living wage”.If so,is this now to be classed as “Poverty wages”



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  19. I heard he was dead on

    Apparently Sportscene said Christie deal will be done tomorrow with a loan back to ICT.



    Some other chat suggesting that Andrej Kramaric on loan from Leicester with a view to buy as Striker.



    2 Croatians in this week?




  20. i can only find one video of him on youtube and in it he scores an own goal in an under 20 game.



    of course he has my support but this seems a strange signing when you consider Ronny’s talk of “dead” money and experience.



    Simunovic is not experienced and would the EPL pay more than 10 mil if he is a success over the next two years? If not, then there is not much profit when the fee is 5.5 mil.



    If this is to make a statement about ambition despite the loss to Malmo then I would rather it was on an experienced play maker or proven striker.