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  1. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Sky Sports Scotland ‏@ScotlandSky 4m4 minutes ago



    SKY SOURCES: @celticfc agree fee with @gnkdinamo for defender Jozo Simunovic. Player will travel to Glasgow for medical & to discuss terms

  2. CQN Corner Stats 2015/2016 (Domestic)


    Games: 6


    Corners Conceded: 28


    Goals Conceded: 0



    Corners Awarded: 53


    Goals Scored: 1




    CQN Corner Stats 2015/2016 (Europe)


    Games: 6


    Corners Conceded: 26


    Goals Conceded: 3



    Corners Awarded: 30


    Goals Scored: 4






    Very odd :-


    Domestically we are solid at defending corners (0/6) but rubbish at scoring from them (1/6).


    In Europe we are rubbish at defending corners (against one team) (3/6) but even better at scoring from them (4/6).

  3. mullet and co 2 on

    Interesting that folk are debating Johansen and Biton. I have a strong suspicion there is a bid in or coming for one of them.

  4. Sky sport reporting fee agreed with Zagreb over the centre half. He flies in tomorrow to agree finances and medical. Sky saying fee between 4.5 and 5.5 million.


    If true big change in the usual sums.










  5. South Of Tunis on

    Off oot to the Notting Hill Carnival .



    Raining !



    Aiming for under the Westway and some Reggae Revive ( cant be assed with a lot of modern Jamaican music – too much slack talk / gun talk / crack talk ).



    Curried goat , rice and peas and Red Stripe -way to go !

  6. South Of Tunis



    Many happy memories of the Bank Holiday under the Westway, have a cracking day!



    Got some Burning Spear on this morning to smooth way the day!



    Dry and Heavy..

  7. Som mes que un club on

    When Jo Inge Berget turned in one of the worst performances of recent times in a Celtic shirt at Dens last season, then hooked before half time, who was equally as bad, if not worse, yet remained on the pitch?



    Far too many poor games to mention, despite his awards last season.



    I can’t see him lasting.

  8. jump in time machine to mid july…bring in fletcher, mcgeady, simunovic and ledley….gives us a chance of CL qualification and keeping vvd…oh wait…we are poor

  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Blackett, signed Christie, fee agreed Suminovic, haggling over sell on clause Fletcher, possible loan deal Question, why wait until we’re out of the CL before starting to do serious transfer business? –



    Not sure if I would call one definite loan ( with signing option), an agreement and two maybes `serious` but, that aside, when should we have been pursuing these players?


    Is now too early to be considered preparation for possible CL next season?





    PS My brother-in Law at the Tyler presentation to the fans on Saturday said: We know he is good in the air, bur what like is Blackett on the Ground. Viva Bobby Jo!

  10. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    A fine sentiment.Maybe we should start a campaign to have Auldheid elected to the Board.



  11. What’s the reported fee for Christie ?



    Be surprised if we pay over 4m for defender but no reason we shouldn’t if we get around 10m for vvd.



    That’s the kind of figures most of us are talking about. We don’t expect to sell players for 4m and replace with 10m signing but vice versa should give us better chance to bring in decent replacement.



    Just need striker now ..plus few off the books.

  12. Goooooood Morning CQN



    Simonuvic is highly rated – and would think fee is in Euros ?


    Both young players though, Lustig and Mulgrew & Izzy give experience in defence


    Will have signed 3 young players ( if it comes off) with reputations for the future


    Have liked the look of Christie, in every game he has played against us, again a big future



    Let’s hope we can keep a hold of them for 3 or 4 years and build a team for our future.


    Oh think Fletcher is wrong move for us



    Hail Hail

  13. starry plough on 31st August 2015 9:47 am



    I think Bitton needs another good season with us before he moves but buying Christie and loaning him back is good preparation for that. If both players have a good season and we hadn’t moved for Christie now, he may have got snatched from under us.

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “.its about time they splashed the cash”



    Many moans that we don`t spend (which is inaccurate anyway) and then when it is suggested that we might, one poster shows his magnanimity . Never happy springs to mind.




  15. This notion that we had a list for if we made it to the champions league & a separate one for if we didn’t is somewhat ludicrous. As if individuals don’t want to join Celtic because we may not qualify for the big cup, then we should hold no interest in them at all.



    Signing Simunovic for 4-5 million as a replacement for Virgil may not have been necessary at all, if we’d been more proactive earlier in the window. Who knows we may have qualified, kept hold of Virgil & this money could have strengthened us elsewhere.



    Makes no sense at all to have waited until the last minute.



    As for Fletcher, he may be the type of striker we need but for me he’s neither mobile or dangerous enough to be considered. Surely we can find someone better to lead the line?

  16. Players who may be moving out


    Boerrigter, if anyone has a spare first aid room bed :-)


    Scepovic – not even in squad last few games


    Stokes – not in Ronny’s plans


    McGregor – create space for Christie ?


    Efe – defence well covered of we sign Simunovic, with O’Connell also coming through


    VVD – we need the money to change the squad around :-)



    All my opinion only


    Hail Hail






    My ‘bleak times’ comment last night was more in relation to that than anything. In terms of actually going to the games it’s actually really enjoyable at the moment. I suspect in part that’s due to having two wee boys in tow that care not a jot for the whys and wherefores of the club and how it’s run, they just want to see Celtic play football. One of them doesn’t seem to care if we win, lose or draw either.



    No chance of that attitude getting much of an airing on this site.Far too many spoiled brats in a tantrum.




    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-st-johnstone-live-updates/comment-page-37/#comments

  18. Anyone who thinks of signing Fletcher shopuld be sacked! A non-scoring forward. would you sign a goalkeeper who lets in 5-6 goals every game?

  19. I played against Charlie Christie when he had just signed for Celtic…Him and Hamish French up friont front for Inverness…. we beat them 3-0! Our centre forward got a hat-trick buyt was never signed………..Big Coyle

  20. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Turkeybhoy said:



    “Thank God,someone else agrees with me .”




    There are many who agree with you,TB. It is my opinion that the negatrons are much more aggressive and repetitive in their condemnations of all thing Celtic that makes it seem as though there are more of them than there really are. I do not know how many regular posters CQN has but I would guess that those who are ALWAYS negative are very few in number. Their style reflects great wisdom whilst reflecting the opposite.


    Cheerio for now,



  21. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    A late entry for the top 5s. Charlie Tully,Willie Miller,Bobby Evans,Joe Baillie and Neil Mochan. After Lions; Bobby Lennox,Bobby Murdoch,Artur Boruc,Lubo and Henke. All seen btw.

  22. I hope that the signing or getting on loan of Steven Fletcher is only paper talk as he is not the answer and would be a farther waste of money to add to the long list of failed strikers. If the story is true then it suggests that our scouts and policy makers have learned nothing from past failures and the failed scouts are still being used to source a striker. I’ve said before whoever scouted Derk should have been sacked and whoever seconded his ability sacked too, Fletcher although far better than Derk is also injury prone, forget him our market should be Eastern Europe, just my thoughts. Still time to offload players who have no future with us and Derk i think will be hard to shift , pay off required i guess.


    HH dog to walk

  23. weeminger



    I think Christie is a cracking buy and I would love to see Big Nir go from strength to strength, he’s my favourite Celt at the moment, I like his style!

  24. lennon's passion on

    All you bhoys Will remember me telling you of the Christie deal about a month ago.



    Is Joe Hanson away ?

  25. Tsk tsk Turkeybhoy. I thought swearing wasn’t allowed on the site?



    You do have a bizarre approach of angry sychiphancy. But hey each to their own.



    Jungle Jim it is convenient for you to believe there are just a few people who aren’t unhappy. Perhaps that can bring you some comfort at night. But lying to yourself tends to end in tears.



    Madjay1 I find it extremely odd that the only reposte to my post is either to swear (courtesy of the rather and increasingly shrill Turkeybhoy) or to have this bizarre thing saying I represent opinion as fact. as for telling me to go away because what I am saying is upsetting to scary. Do you burn books too?

  26. Weeminger


    Delighted for your bhoys, and you of course :-)


    As for the figures, no they don’t make for good reading, but as we keep getting told, Pedro is the man, he will sort it, the plan is nearly at fruition, the OF will be back and kicking next season, problems solved.






    Fletcher poss on loan, sort of proves that our signing policy hasn’t changed one iota, and the scouts are deciding who comes in, and what next season if he does come, back to square one in the search for a striker.


    And for those who think the Croatian boy is the biz, many of their supporters are more than happy to see the back of him, one comment suggested our scouts were on drugs, I will reserve my judgement till I have seen him.

  27. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Cosy Croner Bhoy



    Boruc is a great shout, although we have been fortunate to witness Frazer and the even better Craig Gordon, Artur Boruc is the first decent keeper we had in my time watching Celtic, I grew up thinking we weren’t allowed a decent goalkeeper !

  28. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ” Jungle Jim it is convenient for you to believe there are just a few people who aren’t unhappy. ”


    DoubleNeganon2?? 0:-))


    Definitely offsky now.