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  1. why don’twe play our own young players before buying other teams… we have the vbest youth teams and players so play them!

  2. we don’t need other young players..how about a Lubo or Pat Stanton type..Someone who has had a great carreer but wants to finish it off with a great team


    Christie signed then loaned back to Inverness………….don’t you think giving another club upwards of £500,000.00 and enhancing the player’s salary, but the guy remaining in situ is weird ?



    Who is ICT’s CEO ?

  4. “And for those who think the Croatian boy is the biz, many of their supporters are more than happy to see the back of him”







    There are posters on here who think vvd isn’t that good, Kris commons and Joe Hanson are hopeless and can’t wait to see the back of last two seasons player of the year.



    Fickle fans….what are they like? ;)




  5. I would have thot that with the amount of kids who go through our academy we shouldn’t have the need to buy other clubs kids.


    I personally would invest in a coach from Spain-Barca to oversea Lennoxtown.



  6. I’m not a board basher per se but it seems crazy that Scepovic who came with a reasonable pedigree is not being given a chance, Maybe his attitude is bad but I wonder how much support is being given to him as a newcomer in Scotland. I always remember the way Stan Petrov said that he was left to fend for himself, despite speaking little English.



    As for Cifti, most of us thought that his signing was strange. Now it looks like we’re right about that as well.

  7. GM


    Oh I know we are :-)


    The comments I read were in the main not very complimentary, but as you say……


    My hope is that our scouts haven’t got their striker goggles on with the boy, he is good in the air mind you.



  8. MARADOMINIC on 31ST AUGUST 2015 10:49 AM


    we don’t need other young players..how about a Lubo or Pat Stanton type..Someone who has had a great carreer but wants to finish it off with a great team



    That may have happened 5 or 10 years ago but “Someone who has had a great career but wants to finish it off with a great team” is probably the marketing pitch for all the MLS, Middle East and Chinese teams nowadays

  9. I’d be very disappointed if we end up with fletcher.



    Anyone think Lawell will bring mcgeady on loan .. Keep the fans off his back for abit.

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The expectation levels of the vocal Celtic support are such that our young players won’t be allowed the time to gain the first team exposure that their peers at other clubs can obtain.



    With us now copping on to the advantages of the loaning of our young players, perhaps the acquisition of the youngsters from other clubs will be a stop gap measure until our own system is in full swing.



    It is worth remembering that our managers from MON onwards, until now, had no interest in developing our own, hence Lennoxtown was not being used properly as an Academy.

  11. PeteTheBeat – Sorry can’t agree with the Scepovic comment, he’s been given plenty of opportunities and just doesn’t look anywhere near good enough and especially as a lone striker, he’s poor in the air, not particularly quick, doesn’t hold the ball up, doesn’t take anyone on and misses chance after chance, what attributes do you see in him that I’m missing ?

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    I think from reading other blogs and the Dinamo one, that the fans were happy at the proposed fee, they are also complimentary in that he is good in the air, though struggles against a bigger stronger striker, has good passing range is lightening quick etc, his downside is that his positional sense in tight spaces is found wanting.



    As ever we will have to wait and see a) if he comes and b) how he plays.



    I think our youth set up is good at providing a platform for players, how many now ply their trade with others in the SPFL, its difficult to produce superstars, most teams buy them in. The Christie project is a good idea, basically i think we are buying him just now to prevent others from buying him and then building his experience by letting him still play for ICT.



    Im more concerned in the striker position, S Fletcher on loan, not for me

  13. Would imagine Kris, Stokes, Derk, Scepovic and McGregor, will join VVD on the road out of Paradise – Johansen is a mystery…will he stay?

  14. This time last year the Blog was awash with ‘How come we don’t sign good Scottish players?”



    This time last year the Blog was awash with ” How come wee don’t sign players over £2m?”



    This time last year the Blog was awash with ” Blah blah blah blah blah “

  15. Now that Sunderland have just signed Borini from Liverpool there might be something in the Fletcher story, good player and great in the air which me miss badly, but a lone striker ? No chance.

  16. By virtue of the fact he’s neither Scottish nor plays in the SPFL means Simunovic is an excellent signing for many on here. At least he’ll get a couple of games before being written off as a dud, Ciftci, Christie, Fletcher were/are written off before they’ve got the scarf held above their heads.

  17. Bsr,



    Is this the same Fletcher that was gonna save us a few years back?



    I’d have him. I think he could implant some knowledge onto wee leigh and they could weave some magic together




  18. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Not sure what to make of it all ??


    Like all deadline day business its a mixture of poker and luck (one transfer is dependent on another – one in one out)


    Lots of speculation on who’s in but I think there could be a few surprise’s going out (VVD obvious)


    Ambrose ?? Stokes ?? Commons ?? Skepovitc ??



    BUT whatever happens we will still be without a good centre forward to help Griffiths




  19. Steven Fletcher’s average goal rate is closer to 1 in 4 than 1 in 3 (0.28) ie a perfect Celtic striker target. Sheesh.

  20. Weeminger,



    Playing where though?!



    Does Sunderland have a striker who has played more than 25 games with a better record?




  21. Geordie



    It might mean Stokesy’s hair today but gone tomorrow. If we sign Fletcher we’ll still have a


    Bob n weave routine with him and the Griffalo.



    Personally jealous of Fletch’s unhealthy fetish for fancy cars.

  22. Simunovic deal appears to be a bit less than what Sky are reporting. Other reports are saying just under £3m plus add ons and sell on percentage.

  23. Ewan Murray journalist for the Guardian. Hurting Jambo Hun the amount of anti Celtic material on his Twitter page is shocking.

  24. Captain Beefheart on

    We need a striker. Not a short term loan but a striker.



    Glad that we are doing business but it is too late. As usual.

  25. PeteTheBeat on 31st August 2015 10:57 am




    Applaud your defence of Scepovic, however he has not shown even a glimmer – probably wants to go back to Spain.



    Cifti, on the other hand, has a SPFL pedigree with Dundee Utd – if we get the same return from him, he will be a good squad member, albeit, maybe just domestically.



    Fletcher is a good footballer, but to my mind not an out and out goalscorer – he has also had his fair share of injuries – so the jury must be out on him, if he signs.



    Who will take over Broonies mantle? – something maybe to consider for next season.



    So, let’s say we have the youngsters – Tyler, Janko, Simunovic, Boyata, Armstrong, Forrest, Thompson, GMS, Johansen,Cifti, O’Connell, Tierney, Biton, Allan, Rogic, Griffiths and Christie – that’s SEVENTEEN aged 25 and under.



    Then – Gordon, Bailly, Lustig, Brown, Izzy, Efe, Mulgrew



    (no doubt I’ll get pelters if I have inadvertently missed someone)



    That’s twenty-FOUR in the first-team squad – a figure that Ronny hinted at, at the start of the season – another striker may well be added.



    On paper things look good – but on paper we should have dispatched Malmo – it’s how the players perform and is the management right – we wait and see.



    Kris, Stokes, Derk, Scepovic, McGregor and of course VVD, on the way out.