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  1. Fletcher would be an ideal signing for us. He has the nous / experience that our Manager was talking about and can play the lone striker role, see performances for Scotland. Only concern – fitness, so a year loan deal makes sense.



    Money of course will be the main stumbling block but there is so much swill in the EPL trough that Sunderland might just subsidise his wages, leaving us to pick up a £1million loan fee and £30k wages.



    Waiting for the normal disappointment to kick in as deals fall at the final hurdle / fail to materialise but I for one would be happy if window closed with



    In : Boyata, Janko, Simunovic, Bailly, Allan, Christie, Cifti & Fletcher



    Out : Zaluska, Stokes, VVD, Mathews, Scepovic, Sick Note and McGregor

  2. Sunderland paying a reported £10M for Borini who has scored “3 goals in 38 appearances” for Liverpool.




  3. Tet,



    Fletcher not available back in the first week in July???




    I still think the sf story is made up bs.



    Mindye, I think they all are until I see the player run out in the hoops.




  4. In terms of goals per minutes played Steven Fletcher hit the equivalent of 1 in 2 in season 10/11. It’s been downhill from there.



    If we’re going to sign non-scoring strikers I’d rather they weren’t towards the end of their career when their is at least the vague hope that they might improve. Steven Fletcher is what he is and he won’t change now.



    (what is he?)

  5. “In terms of goals per minutes played Steven Fletcher hit the equivalent of 1 in 2 in season 10/11. It’s been downhill from there.”







    To expect a player to consistently give you a goal every two minutes, year after year, is rather unrealistic.







  6. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on



    Good luck to ole Lukasz Zaluska signed for Darmstadt




    I’d like to hear Awe_naw’s take on that as he has a wee soft spot for “der Lilien”

  7. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Mr Pastry on 31st August 2015 11:38 am


    I’m with you on the ins and outs – just not sure about Fletcher !!







    Your boorish behaviour did not elicit more openness and don’t apologies for it because I’m not interested.



    What prompted my input was timing. We have been waiting for feedback that would have added to an update.



    However time was dragging so I took opportunity to put out what I have.



    You could simply have asked for an update without the boorishness and I would have given one or, as another poster did, e mail me for some detail.



    That detail is a long read and it’s preparation along with the LNS stuff is part of what takes time.



    I try to be as open as I can but circumstances have prevented that.



    I hope that situation changes by end of this week but experience tells me not to set a deadline that depends on other factors.



    One last thing but not something you did. When I am open and some folk without knowing me or the facts say I’m wrong or misleading they are calling me a liar.



    Which entitles me to call them dicks.