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  1. C.O.Y.B.I.G.



    Celtic: Hart, Taylor, Starfelt, Carter-Vickers, Juranovic, McGregor, Hatate, O’Riley, Jota, Abada, Maeda.



    Subs: Bain, Bitton, Ajeti, McCarthy, Rogic, Ideguchi, Forrest, Ralston, Dembele.

  2. Stopping work for this one – too much drama, with a full fixture card.



    Hoping we win – any win and the other mob continue their away form.



    Mon the hoops!

  3. That’s about our strongest line up – I hope it is Abada through the middle as inferred.



    Plenty opportunities to tweak midfield if needed.



    GG must still be injured.

  4. The Establishment of Scotland ignored the Liquidation of Rangers and pretended the new club at Ibrox were ,in fact, still the old Rangers. From that moment, I decided not to go to games against them. The numbers who do still go, suggest I am very much in a minority.

  5. Coneybhoy – I think you’re right but hope you’re wrong.



    Maeda is more effective than, say, Kyogo, when moved out from the middle and Abada has a better instinct for goal when played centrally, IMHO.

  6. Tom McLaughlin on

    People asking about Jullien. Ange confirmed a few weeks ago that CJ was fit and in full training, but was way down the pecking order. In other words, not deserving of a starting role.

  7. AP sees the big picture and doesn’t accommodate favourites, the need is for a tactical bench and with Bitton covering CB there’s no point in having Welsh and Jullien there. Those waiting for Ange to split up CCV and Starfelt will have a wait, why would he when we’ve the best domestic record in the SPL?

  8. Good to see Ajeti back. He actually really seemed to be trying too hard before his injury. Hopefully he is showing up well in training unlike Julien. Hopefully hole isn’t needed tonight to make the difference !

  9. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 2ND MARCH 2022 7:09 PM



    Is that really what Ange said? ie way down the pecking order?



    Early goal? You are made of sterner stuff than I am. I need three early goals !

  10. sceptical citizen on

    Tom English ripping the piss out of the dim Tims who ‘confirmed’ the oldfirm status when they bought £49 tickets to see a ‘new club’ and these Tims couldny give a fk what price thee tickets were as they thought the PLC was on their side, how could the PLC not be on the Tims side?? the PLC had just recruited £45k a week Brendan Rodgers to help the Tims cause, right??


    Brendan Rodgers was recruited in 2016 as, Ronny had failed v Sevco in SCSF pen shoot out, and Sevco were going into SPFL in 2016 also, so Celtic had to tool up, right??


    Desmond was abused by hun directors so he recruited BR for revenge, right??


    Desmond recruited BR to create a circus around the ‘trick’ DD was about to pull by ‘slyly’ agreeing to the oldfirm status ticket price of £49?????……


    2012 / £49 = 2016 / £49 as this would be Celtic PLC’s under the table response to ‘any’ media questions as to “did Celtic agree that Rangers 2012 were the ‘same club’ as Rangers 2016??” right??


    and srangely the corrupt media didn’t ask a single question about “the same club issue” now why would that be??


    What if Tom English, or anybody else, goes on radio and says….


    “These Celtic supporters are hypocrites, in 2012 they paid £49 for a ticket to a game against, Rangers, and yet these same Celtic supporters, also paid, £49 for a ticket to see a game against, Rangers, and now these Celtic supporters are saying that, Rangers, are a different club?? So if its a different club, why pay the same £49 ticket price??”


    Dim Tims have fkd it up!!


    Kept paying the PLC sellouts whilst they again ‘slyly’ agreed to the 5WA under the table, threw Auldheid & co and Res12 under the bus, £3 million-ish per annum, ((former Eye)) former my ass say the dugs on the street, woof woof, CEO Lawwell fkd up the CBC abuse issue when he bottled out of an interview live on CH4NEWS with the very shouty, louder and louder, journalist , Alex Thompson, and the putrid ugly hun looking MP, James Dornan, who’s shouty voice was just as loud as AT’s, and their swagger got more gemme, as the clock ticked down without an appearance from, Lawwell.


    Lawwell’s ((NON)) appearance in front of these 2 cheap punks made Celtic look grubby.


    That Celtic supporters – so called – Irish Republicans didn’t invade the car park, kick the doors in, and drag these PLC cants out the door, grab a loud speaker and announce a take over of Celtic fc, by the Tims, for the Tims, merely demonstrated that, Celtic supporters were ((ok)) with their club being run by unaccountable slime balls, who thought that CBC abuse cases weren’t worth turning up to be interviewed about?? Really??


    Why not grab the mic off of AT and warn him, and anybody else, that a previous CEO, Fergus McCann had dealt with this can of worms and put it to bed, 20+ years ago, and if the media are fueling this new plethora of abuse cases, then you’d better have irrefutable evidence as, “he says, she says” will not be accepted by us, Celtic fc, in a country that could easily be twinned with Mississippi in the 1900’s especially with the present sitting local, Celtic hating, ScotGov, who now want to remove jury’s and then, abracadabra, all of these new cases emerge??


    Get Galloway in as leader of the new, ballsy, uppity, fk the oldfirm, Celtic board, or Celtic will be eaten by the sharks!!!!


    Get it done!!!


    Tom English 👇




  11. Well if Ange thinks Ajeti is worth a place on the bench,and not Jullien,I can’t see his logic.Surely Dawson should be given a slot.

  12. Great news about the friendly cup in the summer. Let’s bring that cup home. Glasgow Derby is the best derby in world football

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  14. Burnley,



    How do you know Jullien is not showing up well in training?.Think we should all be told.


    You think Ajeti must be showing up well.Whatever made you think that.No one has heard his name in months.

  15. Tom,



    If our second most expensive signing cannot work his way back into the team and Ajeti can , then there is something we are not being told.



    Our defence needs reinforcements.




  16. TheLurkinTim on

    Ok Bhoys…eyes on the prize…3 points please, a storming win as a bonus ;-))




  17. Tom McLaughlin on



    Is that really what Ange said? ie way down the pecking order?


    Might not have been his exact words. Might have been, he’ll need to bide his time. But the message was the same.

  18. BSR,


    No one is looking to split the CHs,but if there is a chance to give Jullien some game time,surely it would be sensible .Biton is not a CH.Also Jullien better in both boxes than the incumbents.Very strange.Lack of info ,sending out mixed messages about injuries,recoveries,not good for the fans.

  19. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 2ND MARCH 2022 7:09 PM


    People asking about Jullien. Ange confirmed a few weeks ago that CJ was fit and in full training, but was way down the pecking order. In other words, not deserving of a starting role.




    Im glad Ange picks players based on who he thinks is best for the team, rather than based on their price tag when bought.


    If Jullien was impressing Ange (more than those selected tonight) in training, he’d be stripped tonight – unless he’s injured, of course.



    In Ange I trust.




  20. In Ange we trust, but it is always prudent to question.



    Indeed it would be folly not to question.





  21. Sláinte Ange on

    Interesting comments on the team selection and the speculation on the reasons why some players are in and some are not. I am more than certain that the manager’s knowledge far exceeds anyone on here!


    In Ange We Trust

  22. GREENPINATA on 2ND MARCH 2022 7:29 PM


    Ajeti has no future at Parkhead.



    Jullian may have..




    Thankfully, Ange has selected a team to win tonight’s game – rather than a game in the future…







  23. Good to see Ajeti back, never know Ange might get the best out of him, and he might suit the way we play. Good to see a player get back from injury regardless.

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