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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on





  2. JohnnyO



    Neil..In Ma Opinion.



    Wid not LAST .. mair that ONE season ,if he forlded his Tent,here, at Parkheid oan the Clyed.. n Made his Move tae at E.P.L. Team.






    Neil, is Doing jist fine Here..



    He is Larnin’ his Trade. n it is a Ten Year Apprenticeship. so



    he is Only Half-Way done..



    He still Canny hammer a Nail..in.. In ONLY… THREE BLOWS!



    But, wi’ practice..n ..if the Clyde Don Rise..n wi Kojo’s Help..



    Neil, wull,in the End… Mak a Fine Manager.



    Yep. Ah am sure wull Remain Here. fur as Long as Celtic want Him tae.





    Still. Laughin

  3. corkcelt,



    Well done, ya lurker.



    Get posting, as my granda joe said…let no man cast a shadow on you… speak your mind, if you have no voice, then you have gave up. HH

  4. Chilly wee afternoon at paradise. Looking forward to seeing Griffiths, Stokes and Commons linking up. 4-0

  5. paddybhoy1888 on

    5-0 today AS first goal and another LG hatrick.


    C’mon Celts make my day



    HH PB1888

  6. valentinesday



    Not sure how wise it is to have them next to away supporters. Is this common now or do they move section from game to game ?

  7. Amido, has went n INJURED himself.. Himsel!



    during .. his warm Up, fur the Day..



    Howdya Like That?






    His place oan the Bench wul be filled by




    The FRIDGE..



    Could be a Break fur the Kid..that is if Neil. Brings him Oan later in the Game..’



    Hey!… Ye never Know,Right?



    Fur they say.



    “Never Wan Door Closes. than Anither.. BANGS. right oan Yer Face!”







  8. It’s the area of the ground where the GB can buy a block of tickets together, next season will be different and I hope the GB will be in a standing area, the Celtic players and fellow supporters will appreciate them today,




  9. The Green Brigade wull Nevah..



    Tak the Huff.






    The . Bleed Celtic Green..like awe awe us..




    Tell Me..



    Wid YOU .. Gie up Supporting the Celtic?







    Ye sointenly widnae..






    The G.B. ur nae Different.




  10. Good day folks from a less cold eastern seaboard.


    Sunny day in paradise.


    Isn’t it always?

  11. VIRGIL van Dijk is restored to the Celtic side for today’s Scottish Premiership match with St Mirren after missing the 3-0 victory over Kilmarnock through suspension.



    The inclusion of the Dutchman is the only change to Neil Lennon’s side, the defender coming into the starting XI at the expense of Efe Ambrose, who is named among the substitutes.



    Teenager Liam Henderson preserves his place in the midfield following his impressive display at Rugby Park, which was his first start for the club.



    A victory for the Hoops today will put them within touching distance of their third successive title and there will be live updates of the action on the club’s official Twitter feed: @celticfc



    Today’s team:


    CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Matthews, van Dijk, Mulgrew, Izaguirre; Henderson, Brown, Johansen, Commons; Griffiths, Stokes

  12. 1 Forster, F


    2 Matthews, A


    3 Izaguirre, E


    5 van Dijk, V


    8 Brown, S


    10 Stokes, A


    15 Commons, K


    21 Mulgrew, C


    25 Johansen, S


    28 Griffiths, L


    53 Henderson, L



















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