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  1. GG on 30TH OCTOBER 2019 9:43 PM


    Video replay of US Seals V Al Bagdadhi released


    VAR shows first bomb was out of play




    News just in, Kurdish forces on the ground mistakenly stole wrestling leotard. DNA has now been confirmed to be that of Big Daddy.

  2. Not a game that will live long in the memory but at half time., I would have taken any win. So yes 3 points in the bag & we move on.


    Now to pick the Jobo 3.

  3. Great debut for Taylor.Ollie looking Claus when he came on.Still a bit worried about Ajer.Good and sometimes shaky,in a mixed bag from him.For 6.5,not the greatest in the air.Elyanoussi put in a shift.5 goals into the bargain.Good loan.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Before the year is out Ryan Jack will ’emerge as a shock £20m target for (vlookup,”Team Name”,1,100)’



    Mountain gorillas swallow excrement.



    I don’t.



    Thanks all for the entertainment.



    Good night and hail hail

  5. The Rekord Hoatline will doubtless exclusively reveal very soon, that an as yet undisclosed EPL,crack outfit are eyeing an audacious Big Bucks move for Peerless Ryan Jack that will tempt the resolve of Steven Gerrard’s “rangers”….




  6. ‘Great business by Slippy G,signing up the £20 mil rated Ryan Jack,just before he was ‘snared ‘ by Arsenal…..Juve and Bayern have also scouted the Govan Galactico.

  7. Air China flights full as agents and scouts rush to see Jack before he is humiliated in December games at Celtic Park

  8. Agents for “Turkish” cracks……Trabzonspor……………………*cough*………………………….


    …………………………. put on high alert as Ryan “Peerless” Jack runs amok……against………………….Ross County.




    ( Dry kecks required in Corcaigh)







  9. ‘GG



    Video replay of US Seals V Al Bagdadhi released



    VAR shows first bomb was out of play





    LOL…tickles my funny bone




  10. Now to the serious business of CQNPOTY


    Too many players were just ordinary.




    Taylor, Forrest, Julienne

  11. “Peerless”,well it’s a change from “Peering”out of Broonys back pocket,as he has done all his carrier.

  12. So – we won 2-0 – good



    However Sevco, away from home, cut the goals scored deficit



    They remain the only one of the top two who have not lost to a team below them in the league



    Complacency, complacency and complacency – the most important competition we are in is the league – we should be taking 5 from the 8th 9th and 10th in the league at CP – great performances at Pittodrie and in Europe are erased by mediocrity in run of the mill league games (Inverness in Neil’s first season springs to mind) – in this league, when every goal is significant, there can be no ‘foot off the pedal’ games. Sevco will get every leg up, every penalty, every dodgy decision. We need three for their one – we could come to regret the first half misses against RC and the second half ‘calming’ at Pittodrie.


    I hope I am completely wrong but I well remember Dundee scoring in the last minute at CP on the way to losing the league in goal difference – we were 6-1 up and took our eye off the ball – nether Sevco nor the MIB will do that this year.


    We need to be totally focussed and ruthless or the nine is gone.



    I don’t mean to put a downer on the season but this looks like 2002/3 all over.

  13. With the emergence of Frimpong, I can’t see us taking up the option to buy Bauer.


    I must also admit that I am very worried about the form of Ajer. Been very shaky for weeks now

  14. Westcraigs – where is James Forests evidence?



    Sevco drew at Tyncastle, we drew at Easter Road. Sevco won at Livingston, we lost – every other result has been toe to toe, apart from our great performance at Ipox.



    Let’s assume a 3-1 victory for us in Derbys – that’s 9 points



    We have already dropped five, needlessly



    I do t get the complacency

  15. JINKYREDSTAR on 30TH OCTOBER 2019 10:45 PM


    So – we won 2-0 – good







    However Sevco, away from home, cut the goals scored deficit







    They remain the only one of the top two who have not lost to a team below them in the league







    Complacency, complacency and complacency – the most important competition we are in is the league









    time for everyone to get more serious, every goal scored, every goal lost, all that matters is we get ahead and beyond these cheating monkey hun fuckpigs,



    i want us to win everything this year, but the only winning line that matters is the 9th league title,



    thats not a wobble on my part, its a straight forward eyes on the prize comment.






    sinclair has been over the course, get the bhoy back on the park,

  16. Certainly not one of our better performances tonight but a few of our guys still put in a decent shift. Narrow your choice down to 3 and fire an email over to cqnpoty@gmail.com before 10pm on Thursday please.

  17. not long in from the game ,


    thought we were very passive far too many passes across the back line , when they occasionally ventured into our half from a punt up the park their centre forward caused our centre backs problems far too easily for my liking, st mirren very well organised defensively and we struggled to create any clear cut chances from open play , big Julian could have had a hat trick from corners if he only was a little composed and timed his headers correctly when to jump or not , relieved when we scored back to back goals but we were exposed when OE was subbed and our lack of strikers is frightening and we just played out the game not looking like we would score a third.

  18. Saint Stivs


    Agreed – when you’ve been over the course wi the huns in Inverclyde- you know the score – golf shoes on their neck, hose pipe down their throat 😀

  19. as much as i would like to yap with jinky,



    the previous blog comments about the



    Video replay of US Seals V Al Bagdadhi released



    means i will leave it for tonight,

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just in and openning a can to put me to sleep, that certainly was defending in numbers. Job done onto the next game😁

  21. Celtic striker Vakoun Bayo has undergone a knee scan and “may require surgery” that will sideline him for six weeks, says manager Neil Lennon.



    some knock.

  22. A worthy listen,thanks Matt



    MATT STEWART on 30TH OCTOBER 2019 6:41 PM


    Obviously I don’t know if any of you caught PM (the programme not the Westmonster Honeyminister) on Radio 4 tonight, so there was a wee segment from 44 minutes in that may interest you if any of the following apply :



    You have an antipathy to orange walks ( anywhere will do but Glasgow Specifically)



    You don’t have an antipathy to orange walks and you feel that they are the highlight of the year



    You believe that they are anti-catholic



    You don’t believe they are anti-catholic



    You like Jeannette Findlay etc etc



    Anyway here’s the link to the programme. Just move the time slot to 44minutes.



    It seems Catholic Churches should never have been built beside main roads.






    Hail Hail




  23. Stivs



    Would you rather the laughter was mirror…that’s the joke…none of it is laughter worthy




  24. Good morning CQN from a delighted, but dark, dry and cold Garngad



    3 points was the most important thing last night. Of course we need to start banging in all these chances, but for now when we are fighting on all fronts let’s just get the winning mentality.



    Sevco will slip up of that I am sure. We will also pump them at paradise.






    D. :)

  25. Good morning, friends from a gorgeous looking clear skied frosty and dry East KIlbride. A very cold cycle to work awaits!


    2 more sleeps till we attempt to get into our 10th domestic cup final in a row (here we go….10 in a row…). But only 1 more sleep for me before my bucket list event of seeing ole Gilbert O’Sullivan at The Pavillion.


    What a time to be alive ;-)



  26. My friends in Celtic,



    Again many thanks for the relevant updates during the game.


    Between that and various ” watch parties” I managed to get a fair reflection of events.



    My personal opinion is that it should be horses for courses and we need to be wary of overplaying key players.



    We have a large squad for a reason and St Mirren’ s form of late has been dire. We need to have a ready squad of players match fit and that means game time. E.g. Scotty Sinclair being ” frozen ” out is a wasted opportunity.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  27. Whats worth gettin’ angry aboot is the huns being helped to give the impression it’s nip’n’tuck in the “League Table”.



    Twa penalties denied here…..a wee incredible offside there..a goal-scorin’, game-changin’ decision thrown in for guid measure… an’ hey – presto!…….”Huns Neck’n’Neck” in scoddish handicap hurdle for silverware.






    Fix Fitba: Empty Hampden.

  28. BankieBhoy1



    I’m with you ……….



    Empty Hampden, highlight the cheating and corruption in the game, but sadly it won’t be our club who do it.



    When Aberdeen again have cut our ticket allocation for Pittodrie, with 1,000’s of empty seats in the stadium, this was an opportunity for our club to publicly challenge Aberdeen over their ticketing policy.



    Nothing has been done.



    Cheating referees and match officials ?



    Nothing again, our club just accept it and turn the other cheek.

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