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  1. Doesn’t matter much what we do from the sidelines, it is the players who do the hard work. We cannot be getting upset every time the Zombies score more than us.



    The players stayed on for the full 90+ minutes last night when half the crowd had departed by the 80th minute. In truth, it could have been 3 or 4 to nil, but big Eddie sclaffed his shot from Jamesie’s assist (greedy wee bass that he is) and Jamesie’s first half shot was well saved by their keeper. Their 4:0 could easily have been 2:0 or 4:1, these are margins that you cannot control.



    The argument will rage on here over whether to play your first 11 or rotate but Neil Lennon will not have the luxury to pay it much attention. He knows you cannot overplay players during busy match spells, or we end up with possible injuries, and you cannot persist with breakthrough youngsters like Frimpong because they have to be bled in gradually. The best of them will nail down a place in their 2nd season but they will always serve an apprenticeship.



    We did well last night to overcome a dour defence and secure 3 points. We came nowhere near the heights of recent matches but we won through. There will be more games like this over the long season; there most definitely will not be a procession of 5:0’s.



    We are all worried about who will stumble first in the league race but, even if it is them who do so, the league is not over. So, despite the importance of 9iar, we can be relaxed about the idea that, even if we stumble first, the league is also definitely not over.



    This is not complacency on my part and it is obvious that the players are not complacent. It is just re-stating the eternal truth that every league win ever was won by the sweat and skill of our players. As a support we can glory in their triumph and help them on with vocal backing….. or we can make things hard and difficult by carping that it’s still 0:0 and “when are we getting our 5 goals” type of support.



    After the match is over we can dissect and criticise to our heart’s content but let’s show a bit of pride in a club and the players that have given us so much success over the past 8 years and, to be fully fair , over this millennium.

  2. Moravcick……………



    In Hampden terms we’re all in the same boat I think………



    The Knuckle-shufflers, mouth-breathers and Knuckle-draggers in Scotland have gerrymandered a Hampden fit for one purpose only. Hun supremacy or at the very least ABC.



    Our Club has one vote in the Hampden “game”. Our fans however have thousands.



    If we don’t support Hampden, and are in turn supported by any reasonable supporters who’d like a fair and decent game here then that begins to mean something.



    Scotland needs to sort ooot the Blazers and Whistlers first. In that way change will be real and sustainable. Anything else just galvanises those who already hate us and actively seek to diminish and marginalise us.



    Hampden’s just the start……..




  3. We have to play Sevco 3 more times in the league



    Let’s stop bedwetting about goal difference. Just beat them.



    The people who believe we rotate aren’t doing it to “risk” the 10. They believe that the best way to get through this run of games (including last night it will be 15 games in 60 days) is to utilize your squad.



    Makes sure we get the points we need in December

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from a gloriously bright and sunny Central Highlands. Not many Brass Monkeys running around though, and those that are, are singing Soprano.


    Squad rotation is a necessity, and it is not just about resting players. Players on the fringes of the first team, need game time to keep them sharp and motivated. Younger players need game time, to learn the game and to flourish as footballers.


    Sevco’s top 13 or so players, seem capable of dealing with every other SPFL team other than us. It is the quality of the rest of the squad, where we currently hold an advantage, not the starting eleven. Bitton, Johnston, Simunovic and co. are better players then Halliday, Barker and co. As injuries and suspensions kick in, the Squad players will move centre stage. If they are to be ready, if they are to be part of the team, they need games.



  5. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on




    Nicely put. Just positive support to the men on the park ans the team on the bench.







  6. Late as usual for an important event the missus and me were firin’ down various boreens en route to a mates nuptials in Thurles. Having set off from her mothers ( a tactical mistake right away!) we stopped in a place called Hospital ( it has no Hospital btw) and asked a fella by the road if we were vaguely travelling in the direction of Tipp / Thurles??? ( this was before google maps)


    The memorable reply came…



    ” If I was headed for Thurles I wouldn’t be startin’ here….”



    If we are ALL bound to sort out the problems we face in footballing terms in Scotland, I wouldn’t be starting with Celtic ( or more specifically the vaudevilian vilified Board) Start with the Biased Blazer Company at Hampden and work the way doon)




  7. T- Gordon’s contract up at end of the season and will leave,FF has another 2 seasons on 70k a week at Southampton…..I think we will get him on loan again next season, Bain back up, IMO

  8. All the Bloody rumours that are reported from Lennotown are a load of shite. Lenny threw a plate of sandwiches at Brooney after the Cluj defeat, Bain had a bad fall out with Lenny, who by the way has also lost the dressing room & Taylor called Griff a Fenian Bassa during a training bust up.



    I’ve never seen the Team more united, Brooney playing his best stuff for years, Taylor ran himself into the ground last night & now Bain has signed a new 4 year deal.



    What does the Bain deal mean, I have no idea but my intuition tells me that Craig Gordon will depart next season, we will have a new number1 be that Forster or a buy in.


    Every Club needs a good reliable back up Keeper who is prepared to sit on the bench for months on end with the comfort of a good pay cheque to console him.


    Bain wouldn’t have made a fortune out of Football prior to his sudden arrival at Celtic Park, I reckon he got an offer that provides him with Financial stability & he took it & why not.

  9. An Tearmann @ 12:24



    A good listen but I didn`t read this bit the way you did:



    `It seems Catholic Churches should never have been built beside main roads.`



    I though the Orange guy was saying that as their marches are on main roads and Catholic churches are, too, then it was inevitable that marches would pass Catholic Churches.


    He did not expand on whether or not conflict was also inevitable :-)

  10. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    3 points last night is the main thing, not a classic by any means but job done.



    Now Saturday. I actually think this is a massive competition for us.


    If we win it again then it’s a psychological disaster to the rangers as it means we have the potential for another treble, it bursts the SMSM bubble that Slippy G has the best team in the country and the hun fans have the fear again.


    If, God forbid, they win it, then the we need to listen to all the crap for months until the end of the season when the title and Scottish Cup come into sharp focus.



    So to me, the League Cup this year is a massive prize.

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