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  1. Celtic Mac 5.57pm



    Egg chasing ?



    I though Livvy were an excellent Rugby team the other night … kick the ball into touch and get up the field to “try” and win or draw the game

  2. Expect Hun supporters including Scottish media still hope to see them win double of SPL and Europa league. The pages in next week will be pro Huns, and lots of negative stories withCeltic in headline.

  3. MELBOURNE MICK on 8TH MARCH 2020 12:58 PM



    Not a great admirer of Kenny can’t deny what a world class talent but no legend in my mind.



    *we’re all aware of Kenny’s affiliations with deidco Mick, in fact while staying at the ibrox flats its alleged that as his da walked out the door wearing his hun scarf Kenny was leaving tae play for us, still wished his boy well though which is more than can be said of the Big Mhan’s mother who as he said could never do that, they wurnae bitter but staunch as Jock has been recorded as saying.



    Kenny joined us in May 1967, 3 months later at a game Jock claimed as the greatest victory under his management, aye even more so than Lisbon, a young KD and his buddy were sitting in the stand and when the latter started cheering fur us was alleged tae remark “your no supporting them” tae which a future Celtic legend replied “why no we play for them noo”.



    During the interview with Donnie B MacLeod on live TV Jock said when confirming if he had the choice of only 1 of 2 boys of equal ability, one being a ben affleck and the other a ken dodd, he would take the latter as deidco widnae sign the former.



    He also said the Catholic bhoys are bursting tae play for us but after they have worked with the prods they are worse than the Catholics.



    That IMHO is what happened with the likes of Kenny, take a swatch at Old Celtic Images on KDS and look at the infectious grin on Kenny’s face, not just after he scores but when any of his team mates do as well.



    For me he was one of the greatest players I ever saw in the hoops and I don’t say that lightly. Much much more that other perceived “diehard” supporters, one who walked out of the hotel room 5 times during negotiations when we signed him fae Watford and the other who has merr good tae say about the arse, who really messed him around, than us.



    Kenny left us as he felt, like Stan Petrov, the game north of the border had gone stale for him. He didnae choose Liverpool it was Jock who made the deal, unlike we skip tae ma lou who turned Shankly down as the Doc had already tapped him, and we not only gave him a testimonial but a job tae, WTF.



    Kenny spent 10 years with us, 8 in a professional capacity, he has been at Anfield on and off since 1977. Hysell and Hillsborough obviously affected him and he left Anfield, he resurfaced at Ewood park where he stayed for 4 years, one at St James’s Park, the only part of his career that came anywhere near failure, before much tae the consternation of the Bunnet he returned tae us in a season we would all like tae forget although he did guide us tae a League Cup victory and Lubo’s first medal in the game.



    He has been back at Anfield since 2009 and is often seen sitting in the stand with that same infectious grin when they score that he had when wearing the hoops.




    It’s safe tae say that’s he’s a Liverpool fan more than us or deidco, and before anyone jumps in and say “aye but he was their international scout”, he was as successful there with the signing fae Universidad Católica of big Rozental as he was with big Scheidt for us. He allegedly scouted both players on his VHS.



    I have no doubt he has a close relationship with slippy, after all he was involved with their youth academy, and mibbees that’s why he’s reluctant to criticise him.



    I’ve also thought for a wee while that mibbees just mibbees slippy is only at hades on loan, after all young players do that to gain experience so why not young coaches.



    Clarence was seen on a regular basis in the Liverpool stand even when sevco were playing and this may have been the reason.



    The fact that the under 23 billet is now available and Klippety has mentioned him being his successor points tae a return if not next season then the one after.



    If so he will do a fraudgers and the whole backroom staff will go leaving only ding dong left tae tend the fort. Anyways just a wee hunch I have.

  4. fairhill bhoy on

    GERRYFTB-when I came of the phone yesterday I laughed myself.


    Some good goals scored yesterday in poor weather


    3points closer

  5. Fairhill Bhoy 6.08pm



    I hope he keeps you on your toes for many a season to come :-)

  6. fairhill bhoy



    He’ s been on the bench for a few games now and he looked fit and composed in the Glasgow rain late in the game. Maybe we have got his recovery spot on, if so a real asset from here on in. Does anybody know offhand if he plays for Israel? Just wondering with the Scotland play-off match in the next couple of weeks or so.

  7. gerryftb



    Great to see you on CQN. You’re about Livvy though got that particular tactic down to a tee. Then again didn’t Lenny, or rather Eddie, not use the same tactic at Ayebrokes early this season, and right from the kick off? Put them on the back hoof early doors.

  8. fairhill bhoy on

    CELTIC MAC-said to bhoy who sits next to us perfect timing hopefully,the way he made up the ground to eventually get the pen was prove he was back.we actually laughed and said that will be him lot for another 3months.😉

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 8TH MARCH 2020 6:07 PM




    Perfectly plausible and understandable reason for someone who has an emotional foot in both camps .



    ” I have no doubt he has a close relationship with slippy, after all he was involved with their youth academy, and mibbees that’s why he’s reluctant to criticise him. “

  10. fairhill bhoy on

    Macjay1-a bit like you will never get Martin saying anything other than good things about Lenny

  11. Celtic Mac 6.31pm



    I think our Celtic team (& especially Neil) are expected to play the “Celtic way” …. we are (Celtic fans) spoilt brats … we want the Celtic way, trophies and every success under the sun …



    Am delighted with Neil, big Julienne has been magic, Eddy is pretty amazing and Broony & Calmac are a Celtic wall I’m midfield … one day we will lose a cup and even might lose a league but stuff worrying about things until they actually happen. …



    Ps no annual leave so Gdańsk’s loss :-)

  12. fairhill bhoy



    Played in some of biggest wins this season. Not goals wise, results wise.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CELTIC MAC on 8TH MARCH 2020 6:50 PM



    A Gael succeeding!






    Great to hear that .



    Another Gael succeeding .

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 8TH MARCH 2020 6:49 PM


    Macjay1-a bit like you will never get Martin saying anything other than good things about Lenny.



    ================================================================= .



    Hard to find reason to .


    Lennie imho may well be growing in the job .



    Kenny was a stalwart for us for many years .

  15. gerryftb



    Domestic wise we have more than kept up our levels. For instance yesterday against the Saints wasn’t a whole lot different than Celtic against the other Saints at the start of the season. Need to make more progress in Europe over the couple of seasons or so. Or work toward it at least.

  16. fairhill bhoy on

    CELTIC MAC-how much more progress in Europe do you think we can realistically make

  17. fairhill bhoy



    Like to see him in the team next week, but Lenny’s call, big Nir and Boli both played in the 2-0 win at Ayebrokes, I think.


    Further than we went this season. Primary objective to qualify for the CL group stage. Not beyond a club like ours. Failing which, or after which, progress via the EL.

  18. fairhill bhoy on

    CELTIC MAC-we would probably be in the same boat as them,1more game at best.Then what

  19. Remember Neil Lennon left the premiership for less money to play for “his” team…. I have always loved Lenny but even I had my doubts after Brendan ….



    Neil is even more of a hero … not many players can do the management stuff as well … it’s quite heartening to know our manager hurts like us …. a link that not many clubs worldwide have :-) 💚