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  1. Gordybhoy64,



    Working doon in Barrow, most weekends when I’m up, me and the wee guy play a first to 18 @ Reardens.



    I Love the game it has to be said.




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Happy birthday Cosey Corner Bhoy and many happy returns, which looks likely now you’ve turned the corner and started getting younger 😀 Who says we’re no getting any younger 😀

  3. COSY CORNER BHOY on 8TH MARCH 2020 11:13 PM


    Have to laugh at two punters cyber arguing…I can hardly type two words without the blog jumping about like a bouncy castle!



    Enjoyed the game yesterday from my new age of 69!





    Brilliant post. Made me laugh. I’ll soon be 69 so I can still go to the games. 🤣

  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    Cosy Corner Loon ….hoopy birthday …..



    smiley may yer corner always be cosy thing



    may you and yours have a braw day…..




  5. 1 treble is hard to get.



    2 is mega mega especially in Scotland.



    3 is just insane in the membrane insane.



    4 TBC

  6. Bullets and Bombs never beat him.



    Wise as Serpents



    We are in very Good hands.



    Copenhagen was so very disappointing, these things happen.



    The Stadium Arcadium emptying was, IMO, a wee bit disappointing but understandable.



    Lenny is Magical and a true Gift frae the Almighty.

  7. They’re there for the taking on Sunday. They were honking against County. I believe the league is done regardless, although, entering the unknown with corona virus, I want a win to put this league to bed as quick as possible.



    If we defend well and by that I mean not gifting them any goals, we’ll win.



    The league may all but be won but Lenny will have some question marks hanging over him going into this game on the back of the December meetings between the sides.



    We have a week to prepare. I think we’ll use it well.

  8. An Dun,



    Lenny will stiffen this Celtic Team but also make it a lot more potent.



    I am loathe to criticise Neil but I think he got sucked into a tactical battle, and he lost against Copenhagen. We, Celtic, move on.



    Bayer Leverkusen will be a mega indicator for Sunday.



    IMO, the Newco are gonnae have their worst week ever. Ross County were so disappointing.



    Allow it



    Leave it YEAH…..




    I’ll be High next week, I hope the Bhoys are Spanking the newco. a 0-1 win would be Great to see.




  9. Lethal Leigh is getting back to his best, as Neil says, he still has a good bit to go. ;))



    Lenny speaks Truth Always. You cannae lose speaking the Truth.



    Jimmy Traynor ye are awesome possum. Yer club is DEID. zombie Zombie.

  10. An Tearmann,



    God Bless ye Big Man.



    Every post is a must read.



    Where is Big Cup Winners? another quality dude?

  11. PeteC



    I haven’t seen big cup winners for a while at games.its been a while since I was at the corner tho.


    A little track for you from a few lads I first heard on John Peel in the early 90,



    Underworld jumbo








    Back to work now:-(

  12. Relentless is oor CELTIC.



    Tontine Tim – WOW – We are so Blessed.



    Gordon get Bach posting, ye never posted a lot but when you posted it was MEGA.



    The auld yins are just incredible. Absolutely Incredible.




  13. An Tearmann,



    Working as well as ye can is All the Almighty sees.



    I am naebody to lecture anyone, all I can Ever do is gie friendly advice.



    Great Celt we are almost getting another GENUINE 9 in a row.



    Who knows we may even get 10 in a Row.




  14. German fitba is unarguably the best right now.



    Ross County must be kicking themselves, terrible performance by them.



    The Anger on Thursday will not be Vanilla Ice. No Mercy frae the Bayer Bad Lads.

  15. Good morning CQN from wet but relatively mild Garngad



    Hopefully Lenny has the team rested yesterday and maybe today, then work on tactics/formation and team selection. A rare chance to work with the players for a week as there is no midweek game, I hope we use it well.



    Going back to the Huns game on the 29th they had something like 3 shots at goal and scored 2, our stats were better and had we scored the Penalty then certainly the scoreline would have been different if not a draw we would have went onto win it.



    I am confident about Sunday






    D. :)

  16. How do you think players would react to playing behind closed doors?


    I would assume it reduces home advantage effect but does it also reduce intensity of the play? Do the players feel less up for it?


    Anyone been watching the Italian games? Are they going as expected? Or damp squids?

  17. 55 years ago today Celtic appointed Mr John Stein as our manager.


    The rest as they say is history.