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  1. Storm no name squalled around 4.45 in Parkhead, the road to Dalmarnock and beyond could have been Everest but it couldn’t halt the Celtic fans who scurried away for buses and trains all over the Parkhead footprint after another fine instalment in the nine of those things in a row show.



    The Brennan mantra of getting the job done early was carried out to order, as Celts coasted on a cold day to half time cuppas, with two close range Griffiths digs. Both of the brace were set up by Edouard the provider, the second being a classy well worked dink which set the tone for the day.



    Celtic oozed pedigree from the K.O. and although Saints started brightly the inevitable shine went with those two pre-emptive strikers goals, from a man who really was backed by his employer, surrounded by his supportive peers, his face was a picture, when he wrapped in his third to complete the hat trick.



    Before then Odsonne Edouard’s goal was plainly absurd in execution, sometimes you want him to shoot sooner but this time the third Celtic goal was in the net, before we had time to say the word, and the Eddy song was duly underway. MacGregor, Rogic, Bitton, Taylor and Brown were standouts. Edouard is nothing other than a gift from above, James Forrest is Neil Lennon’s rock and the Celtic wing wizard worked tirelessly providing a formidable shape to the formation along the right zone for 90 minutes.



    But this was Leigh’s day all round and the man is living proof it really is o.k. not to be o.k.



    M.O.M Leigh Griffiths



    HWG 10IAR

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Chairbhoy@ 11.25


    The photograph I was looking at showed Mr.Stein and ten players and the player missing was Jim Brogan who at the time was into his third year apprenticeship.If I had known Big Billy was in the same sort of work would have


    put the question differently..,..and yes Billy was in the photo.

  3. Don’t think Big Billy was an accountant.



    When I left school I joined an insurance company.



    Pretty sure our finest captain worked for an insurance broker who placed business with my employer.



    (Royal Exchange Assurance Group)

  4. ernie lynch @ 11:30



    Thanks for that.



    I would think that ` For those who are interested, ` should apply to everyone and the sooner, exponentially, the better “-)

  5. BHOYJOEBELFAST @ 11:37 AM, Philbhoy…



    Yes, seen older and wiser heads say it was Jim Brogan.



    Just thought Billy was an accountant as it was on the back of a football card:))). As a youngster I had the full team, so I could well have miss remembered and it was Jim Brogan’s card I’d read.



    My mum often asked me what I wanted to be when I left school, I said a footballer…



    This did not impress her, so after reading that you could be a Chartered Accountant and Play for Celtic, that was my profession of choice;)



    BTB: Her brother was a footballer and her cousin was a Chartered Accountant…



    Keeping my mum happy and still playing football – that was the career for me.



    So, of course, true to form I became a non football playing engineer;)



    Hail Hail