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  1. CORKCELT said it well earlier. The purple paisleys have been clean and looking to compete. Solid back three saw some decent play from their wingbacks early on but we gradually bossed the game. Only one yellow card so far. Very few fouls of note.

  2. Is Elhamed on the bench? Would be good to get some time on the pitch if he is to be an option for ibrox.

  3. Sid chatting about the sitter he missed at Paradise against the Sheep that was his best chance in his career for his hat trick. Seems he never got one in his career.

  4. EspiritoDeCelt on

    AIPPLE Assuming the season doesn’t get truncated by Covid then would be nice to see more of Bayo, Klimala and Sors an maybe give Boli another run. Id also like to see the boy Okoflex given a chance this season, he looks a classic number 10 to me, very excited about Okoflex

  5. Burgas Hoops on

    NEUSTADT-BRAW All good here mate. Alan’s out next month, so we’ll be having a few BBQ’s



  6. Neustadt-Braw on

    give Allan my best Jackie…



    smiley bbq makes man thirsty thing





    BURGAS HOOPS on 7TH MARCH 2020 4:23 PM



    I’ll be in St.Vlas…as every year…..in June.







    In full agreement. Some of my American colleagues moving more towards Celtic than their EPL teams as they like the idea of youth and home growns getting a game.



    Not too noticeable on TV but the rain is really coming down now. Get the assets off before a slip pulls a muscle or a rogue tackle smacks a shin.

  9. No idea why Eddy is still on.A great chance to get Elhamady on as well.Mystifying.

  10. Julien does well to win in defence and plays out quickly to Rogic who in turn plays through wee JF. Takes a dig and saved. Fast, flowing play from defence and RC looks to be replacing TR.

  11. EspiritoDeCelt on

    DENIABHOY – Okoflex has bulked up a bit more and looks ready now for mens football and all the hammer throwers. Physically still have question marks on Dembele so might be 1 more year before we see him fully promoted, which will of course happen. Another question for these highly technical youth players is their capacity to perform the defensive and tactical aspects of mens professional football, which seems to be a key requirement for all footballers in the modern game

  12. Bhoy does he deserve that. He has come close a few times.



    Largely anonymous outside of his triple and his interplay, hustling and solid corners.