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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Night Night





    Afternoon .








    (PHILBHOY’s daughter,who’s OK really)

  3. Good morning friends from a slightly damp but broken clouded, calm and mildish East Kilbride.

  4. Good morning from a GMS scapegoating reality.




    I wonder who will get it when GMS is gone?




    Gee the Bhoy a chance and judge him after a good wee run in the team if he gets the chance. And remember that absolutely spectacular smile the day he signed. One of us trying to do his best.



    Keep the faith Gary. Your time will come.




  5. An Teach Solais on

    In Tesco for a box of chocolates for a last minute gift. Picked up Rectum, scanned back pages and out it back. It has an article by former referee slamming Beaton’s performance with additional dig at Junior Dallas. What is the world coming to? Level5 not being paid?


    Anyway, if Celtic play to their best it should be a no-contest on Saturday. HH

  6. Marrakesh Express on

    Those booing GMS yesterday were in effect having a go at the manager. I’ve never booed a Celtic player in fifty years but admit to practically writing off Brown (best season to date), Armstrong (a transformation perhaps only surpassed by Stein’s magic on Murdoch, McBride and Johnstone), Boyata and Forrest.


    I think Brendan’s biggest problem is where to play GMS but he’ll be on the case for sure, reinstalling the player’s confidence as only he can. It would be folly to write any player off with BR in charge.





    I thought GMS played reasonably well until he got a boot in the napper.

  8. I was listening to the first half while driving.


    The Shortbread pundits were giving it tight to GMS. disparaging would be the word.



    Seems some on here agree.


    Not borne out for having now seen part of the game.



    The kid is shy. The kid is a Celtic fan. The kid has some box of tricks. I’d like Brendan to tell him to stay brave and intelligent in his defending. And to go and express himself with the ball. Try stuff. Be(come) a wee bit gallus.



    Our job – as supporters – well the clue is in the title.



    HH jamesgang

  9. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (inspired by a second half comeback)



    Abirritate /æbˈɪrɪˌteɪt/



    1. (transitive) (med, obsolete) to soothe or make less irritable



    Origin of abirritate


    ab- + irritate




  10. An Teach Solais on

    Good news on the televising of Champions and Europa League matches. BT Sports have won the television rights (and not Sky) until 2021. No listening to McCann, Tanner et al. HH

  11. The hand of God on

    I was at the match yesterday and whilst there were some moans and groans when GMS was involved in moves breaking down I certainly did not hear anyone booing him.

  12. Goooooood morning CQN:-)


    Was out of the loop yesterday, as the family got its new edition


    Wee Hector was collected, our new Cocker Spaniel :-)


    Needed some additional joy in our hearts


    The wee fhellla’s has been Dannybhoy, Paddybhoy this past 24hrs, but we’ve settled on Hector



    Best wishes to thsome who’s birthday I missed yesterday, and to Philbhoys daughter today



    Hail Hail


    Hand of God.



    That’s correct, no one booed. Audible numbers do have a lack of patience, quick to moan and display unparalleled stupidity at the least error.



    Boyata got it yesterday too.

  14. We have 11 league games (plus 2 cup ties, we hope) to complete in order to preserve the unbeaten record.



    That is just under one-third of a season.



    It is a marvellous achievment to have got to the number of games we have reached.



    But the record goes whether you lose in game 1 or in game 38 and it is just as likely to go in games 1 and 38 as it is in game 17 or 28 or whatever. It just takes one game.



    That is why an Invincible season (barring Europe) is such a rare experience. I would love it to be achieved but I find it still unlikely that we will.



    The only downside to an Invincible season is the level of moaning that would occur at the first loss in the season afterwards.



    Anyway- work calls

  15. When the new BT sport CL contract kicks in games will start at 6.00pm and then 8.00pm .

  16. Late in the game Celtic, 0-1 down and


    Practically devoid of ideas in forward play,


    scored twice to record a sensational victory.


    …….. found the pace of his first


    Scottish League game overwhelming


    and none of his forward colleagues


    was capable of coaxing him into confidence.





    “A red card should have been issued- will McGlennan issue a retrospective suspension to the Ibrox goalkeeper which would rule him out of his side’s next Scottish Cup tie?”



    That’ll be naw then…

  18. Cowiebhoy


    Is Hector a nod to HMRC to do its worst to the dark side…..





  19. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 6TH MARCH 2017 12:59 AM


    MARGARET MCGILL on 6TH MARCH 2017 12:52 AM




    ‘Americans voted for an amateur politician and did so knowingly.’






    To be fair to the Americans, more of them voted for Clinton than for Trump.

  20. Oh look there’s a pig flying across the sky:))



    I thought the compliance officer was only for the lesser of the teams in Scotland, The peepul don’t associate themselves with such minor trivialities as the rules:))




  21. It is natural if something goes wrong or a bad tackle goes in that individual supporters give an OOOHHH or an AAwwe. It’s not premeditated it’s just a natural reaction like as if you hit your finger with a hammer when driving a nail. As we are all watching the same event a howl will go up for a bad mistake just like a roar of appreciation for something clever.


    Now getting on a players case & booing him is something totally different and in my eyes is disgraceful. Listening & watching game on TV I did not hear any deliberate booing.


    We all want all our players to prosper but the reality of life is if we are to add to our squad & buy in more quality some existing squad players will have to be culled. It doesn’t mean they are bad players & in a different time they would have been more than acceptable.


    Just now the bar has been raised at Celtic and some of the present squad won’t make the cut.


    At this moment in time GMS looks one of the vulnerable ones but a few weeks ago so did Boyata,


    Personally I simply trust Brendan to make the right calls.

  22. I was reminded when GMS took an excellent pass from SA early in the game but failed to collect it properly of the importance of first touch.



    Even though only at amatuer level I had a good first touch until it just went.



    I lost my place in the team then the squad and was right out of the picture so much so I could not get into the NSB second string when there were only two NSB teams. 67/68 it was.



    Through persistance (which meant annoying the 2nd string manager until he gave in) I got to travel with them to Temple pitches, up Anniesland way.



    The game was postponed due to a frozen pitch but the dafties wanted to play a friendly with no ref, so I got a start.



    The ball came off the surface at an awkward angle but my first touch collected it and knocked it where my second touch took over. That took me past a defender and my shot hit the post. I didn’t care, my touch was back and by end of season I was back in first team winning a cup and scoring in the semi final.



    My hope for GMS is that his touch returns and let’s him do what he is naturally good at when in his stride.

  23. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 6th March 2017 3:08 am



    Controversy corner.



    With the sale of council houses to their tenants , the Thatch achieved precisely what she had intended to make.



    Capitalists of us all.




    I’ll take you on on this one!



    Capitalist of some, not all; and roofless for a large percentage of others.



    In one foul swoop she destroyed social housing in the UK and had a devastating effect on family life. Young people not able to get accommodation of their own UNLESS they opt to buy. Young couples being (almost) compelled to have both parents working; increasing the numbers of latchkey kids and the enormous rise in children under the age of 12 months going into nursery.



    An horrendous piece of legislation IMHO and one that British society has never recovered from.













    Absolutely correct. I try to limit my audible dissatisfaction at any such time to a barely-audible “Aw,ffs!”



    Multiply that by 60,000 and it’s no longer barely-audible.



    However,there are some right nuggets in our midst as we all know. A few posts about them yesterday.



    Mibbe my Dad’s right-we should all be happyclappers at all times. It works for him.



    (I think I’d explode in time though!)





    “How come I’m in the second team?”



    “Because we don’t have a third team!”



    You are Swallex and I claim my five pounds…

  26. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 6TH MARCH 2017 9:35 AM






    It was the worst social and economic policy of the second half of the 20th Century in the UK.





    Compounded by legislation which prevented councils using sales receipts to build replacement housing.



    Know your enemy-I read her memoirs three times before giving it away. By that time I’d given up looking for an apology from her.