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  1. Morning all.



    I certainly never heard any booing yesterday.



    Audible moans and groans, mainly directed at GMS, Bitton and occasionally Boyata.



    As Brendan said – “The players are not robots.”




  2. LG pop up seems to have gone so able to read and post again.


    GMS had crisis of confidence and Brendan did the right thing by removing the most willing, but dysfunctional and unfortunate young man from the action at half time. There were groans but I heard no boos, in the south stand, though there were a great many strange, new faces populating the seats with paper tickets. I suspect not a hard core crowd.



    St. Mirren played very well for an hour, were well drilled, at times 10 men behind the ball, played compressed into a 15 yard depth. There long high ball to Sutton tactic was surprisingly as effective as it was predictable. Only when the play became stretched did they falter. I predicted 3-1 at half time but was wrong as it could quite easlly have been upwards of 6 in the last half hour.



    I’m mildly annoyed that the club are further buying into the bigot blue pound for next week’s visit of the sevco hordes by raising prices to £49 and increasing the Paradise windfall to £25 k. Surely my chances of an increased monetary prize should come when I and my fellow stalwarts are enduring a freezing midweek cuptie v an Alloa or a Morton in support of our bhoys?







  3. So the Semi Finals will be played on the 22nd and 23rd of April. I have a feeling that Police Scotland will probably prefer to have the Celtic vs Sevco match on the Sunday with a 12:00 KO. This will mean that our match will take place on my birthday.



    The last time Celtic played in a Scottish Cup Semi Final on my birthday Paul McGrillen broke my heart.



    I demand that Celtic make it up to me.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 6TH MARCH 2017 9:35 AM



    Depends on your definition of capitalist , of course.


    Is there a more capitalist organisation than Celtic ?


    Supported by all of ourselves.


    Hypocrites ?



    Devastating effect on family life ?


    Evidence that home ownership had such an effect.




    Why do you blame Thatcher and not the evil people who purchased their council houses ?


    Duped were they ?



    ” the enormous rise in children under the age of 12 months going into nursery. ”


    Nothing to do with feminism and the social pressure placed on young women leaving school not to ” get married and have children. ” ? An aspiration pre feminism `68 or so .




    Bobby .


    Apology from the purchasers ,perhaps.

  5. Vft/macjay



    Coonsil housing. Resale. Etc



    Thatcher sold off council stock


    Disallowing receipts from going into new stock instead insisting it go to paying back debt.


    New Labour under war criminal or Gordon the dyscalcic refused to alter this change,.


    Little wonder politicians are loathed.



    And its interesting to think yir easterhouses, drumchapels and.castlemilks just widnae.be built if todays laws applied after ww2.








    Average house price v average income dictates that average couples no longer have the luxury of a breadwinner/homemaker arrangement.



    Add to that,private rents are now spiralling too.



    Far too many aren’t just turning to The Bank of Mum and Dad to get a foot on the housing ladder. They are also relying on them for childcare.



    Now there is little doubt that most grandparents love to have the wee yins about. But they didn’t work their whole life to have the rest of it dictated by others.



    It’s a bliddy shambles long in the making. Although I hold Thatcher responsible for initiating the process,I also hold Blair/Brown responsible for not discontinuing it when they had 13 years of chances.



    And for once I’ll give credit to the SNP for doing just that.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    No reason to dispute anything you say there , Bobby.


    My original point was that Thatcher achieved her aim.


    Making capitalists of the population.


    Certainly worked in England.





    Maybe some control of the population.


    Maybe ?




    It’s a bliddy shambles long in the making. Although I hold Thatcher responsible for initiating the process,I also hold Blair/Brown responsible for not discontinuing it when they had 13 years of chances.



    Even worse, nominally Labour, prospective Chancellor Ed Balls was quite happy to state his willingness to set about well off pensioners.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Successive British govts. have provided an opportunity which significant numbers of the population have taken advantage of.



    What is the problem ?



    Ideology ?

  10. BT agree a new bumper deal with UEFA for CL rights.



    Not great news for der zombies. The gap will last a generation.

  11. On CQN,I find the GMS posts more interesting than the Council House posts.


    Gary did some good stuff and he did some bad stuff.


    Brendan was proven correct to have subbed him at half-time. I hope he can work his magic on an obvious ( to me any way) talent.


    Fine day for cycling so cheerio for now,




    PS I didn`t hear any booing of GMS either. Groans and moans but no boos in 106 area.





    Once a public asset-such as a council house-is removed from public ownership,it is gone forever.



    I was brought up in them in my formative years. My parents then bought their first house and gratefully returned the keys to give someone else the chance to do the same.



    Social housing has been around nearly as long as the industrial revolution. Think of Saltaire,New Lanark,even The Railway Village in Swindon.



    Hard-nosed capitalists even then realised that workers need somewhere to live. And that might be a problem now in cities like NY,London,Sydney,etc.



    If the people who are paddling like f..k to keep the duck floating serenely on the surface can’t afford to live there,then capitalism will finally have eaten itself.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Definite boos in the Jock Stein stand.



    As I mentioned yesterday – if you want to boo Celtic players, put on a different scarf and stand in the away end – you are no Celtic supporter.






  14. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 5TH MARCH 2017 11:19 PM


    The treble.




    Does it really matter ?



    Will it be celebrated in 50 years time ?



    5 years time ?



    SFA marquee tournament. Who gives a ……………..?




    Just beat the huns.



    The final. ? I wouldn`t be unhappy if Lenny won it.




    Just build a team , Brendan , that gets us to the group stages.



    Eyes on the prize.





    One half of me agrees with that assessment. We are a European team with aspirations of re-establishing our credentials and reputation in a European context. Success in Scotland is only a means to that end.



    However, it is also incumbent on us to stick it big time to those who would keep us down in Scotland. Those who have conspired against us. SFA and media in particular. Whenever, the opportunity to win a treble or set a new record presents itself we must do our best to take that opportunity to further enrich our history, make our supporters happy and an awful lot of others unhappy.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    I’m standing up for wee GMS…i’m getting sick of these so called supporters moaning and groaning. Somehow, these types need an Escape goat. Well, away doon the masonic hall- you’ll find plenty goats just dying to Escape. You are becoming more hun-like with every passing game.

  16. BBC page saying that semi v sevco is on the Sunday @ 3pm.


    Probably be changed to earlier KO




  17. If the sale of council houses was such a huge success why shouldn’t the same policy be applied to the private rented sector?



    Houses sold off to the tenants at hugely discounted prices.

  18. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 6TH MARCH 2017 10:24 AM


    ‘Successive British govts. have provided an opportunity which significant numbers of the population have taken advantage of.’






    You approve of huge state intervention in a private market?

  19. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 6TH MARCH 2017 10:43 AM



    ‘these types need an Escape goat.’






    Hardly a new development among the support though is it?



    It’s been like that since I can remember, and from what I’m told, it goes back even further.



    Every squad has had its scapegoat.

  20. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH MARCH 2017 10:44 AM


    If the sale of council houses was such a huge success why shouldn’t the same policy be applied to the private rented sector?



    Houses sold off to the tenants at hugely discounted prices.





    Would you approve of the state taking tens of thousands of pounds out of your childrens inheritance? Why? Because the state has failed to provide enough affordable housing themselves?

  21. TIMALOY29 on 6TH MARCH 2017 10:54 AM



    The state did provide enough affordable housing, but it sold it off on the cheap.



    And by doing so it did, in effect, take tens of thousands of pounds out of everyone’s children inheritance.



    So if the right to buy is a good policy for the public sector, why not the private sector?

  22. South Of Tunis on




    Andrea Belotti .



    Hot poop in Italia . 22 goals in 24 league games for Torino. Scored an 8 minute hatrick v Palermo this weekend .



    Asked about – Chelsea / Manchester City / PSG / Bayern Munich , Barca and Real Madrid and a release clause of 100 million euros .-He said this —



    ” I was watching the tele the other night , @ 40 % of my age group are unemployed . . It’s good to know I’ve got job opportunities ” .



    Very good player !!!! .



    Warm and sunny -way down south .



    Today’s -get up and out choon –



    7 ” -Arthur Alexander — Hang My Head And Cry ( Dot )





    I suspect that the banks who were falling over themselves to offer mortgages to council tenants would pull the plug on Rent-to-buy landlords if that ever happened.



    Think of the cost to The Treasury in lost stamp duty. Never happen.



    Then there’s the associated collapse in prices. Down to a realistic level? Aye,probably. But down. So never happen



    No-one will have the balls to stop the roundabout.

  24. Marrakesh Express



    Have to disagree with you on how Jock worked his magic on Joe McBride. No magic was required. Jock just had to pick him for the team each week. Joe was banging them in for Motherwell the previous season (I used to go every week to watch him). Before we beat Dunfermline in the 1965 final, we met Motherwell in the semi. Joe scored two goals against Celtic in a 2-2 draw before Celtic prevailed 3-0 in the replay. Jock knew what he was buying. Joe was a proven goalscorer.

  25. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 6th March 2017 9:45 am



    I would stick at the worst social and economic policy the 20th Century!






    That was always enshrined in the policy and planning; I worked extensively with voluntary organisations in the New Towns looking at the impact of these policies and the move away from Local Authority housing to Housing Associations.



    I was actually lecturing in HND Housing Policy at one of the Glasgow colleges in the early ’90’s; my classes were made up of housing professional, many from Glasgow District Council. I did an exercise with them one day in which they had to plan the transition from local authority to Housing Associations as it was my belief then that this was the next step. They argued that it was a waste of time and would never happen; I told them it would be in place within 10 years.



    Glasgow Housing Association was up and running by 2003. Still, IMHO, a ridiculous decision.









    I agree in part.



    Yesterday I actually thought Brendan was partly at fault (there I said it) sticking the boy wide right, when he is all left-side.



    Quick question if you don’t mind ?


    Is Boyata good enough ?



    Asking cause his passing was the problem that saw him pilloried and ridiculed by some Celtic supporters.



    Contrast our opinion then with the now, mainstay of our defence and THE key component of Brendan’s build from the back platform.



    Confidence worked for Dedryck, why not GMS ?

  27. G.M.S……..Efe…..I can remember Tommy Callaghan getting the same groans and moans…



    I’m sure some can remember further back…

  28. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    STARRY PLOUGH on 6th March 2017 9:54 am



    I also did a good deal of work on that with NUS (I was mature student at the time). I worked closely with a very idealistic young man called Jim Murphy, along with Donnie Munro of Runrig; I appeared on TV a couple of times doing interviews on the news programmes. However the whole concept was lost on a lot of younger students who were only concerned with getting their money and didn’t see the long term consequences; they do now and many paid for a long, long time.



    Further and Higher Education free at the point of delivery? Not any more.





  29. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821



    I’m out of touch with Scotland and it’s policies to be honest but recently my nephew finished Uni and he’s heading into his work life with a debt on his back. That just doesn’t seem right to me in a society that has enough surely to educate our children.



    I’m really proud of him, his generation in our family go to Uni, wasn’t really possible for me and my lot:))



    He has a lovely girlfriend and is already talking about moving to London to pursue a career and pay off his debts to buy a house to live his married life in:))



    And round it goes.