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  1. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    A good job done in the end, yesterday, by the players. I was interested to read the St Mirren captain’s view of the game, knowing he’s a Celt, so I looked at his recent tweets.



    To be honest, it’s not always obvious to me when looking at Twitter who’saying what to whom and in what order the conversation goes. Anyway, Steph67Lisboa thinks Broony deserved the MOTM, Paddy and Griff brought quality to the pitch, Zig shouldn’t be in the manager’s thoughts for next week (or any week, if Ive understood him accurately) and the fans, not in attendance yesterday, but who are straining at the leash for the tribute act are a disgrace. Also, hoping for an all-green cup final.



    There’s something to consider for our CEO as well. AwayDays have highlighted, Orlando City’s new ground will have a designated smoke-bomb area.




    Is Boyata good enough? I would say yes.


    Last season? Not in a million years. However, by all accounts he has worked his socks off to get better.



    Brendan has obviously worked on his confidence but I think you must have something within yourself to achieve the transformation Boyata has.



    I’m not sure GMS has that.

  3. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on



    VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 6TH MARCH 2017 9:35 AM



    Devastating effect on family life?


    Evidence that home ownership had such an effect.


    Absolutely; look at the number of young families living in squalid conditions in our inner cities and the necessity for mothers to go out to work to help pay the bills. Is some of it down to “feminism”? Undoubtedly but, IMHO, 90% is down to the change in the housing market in the UK since 1979.



    Why do you blame Thatcher and not the evil people who purchased their council houses ?



    Duped were they ?


    Yes I do blame people for their greed and their “desire” to become middle-class. Duped they most certainly were. Look at the effects of negative equity in the UK.



    …. the enormous rise in children under the age of 12 months going into nursery. ”



    Nothing to do with feminism and the social pressure placed on young women leaving school not to ” get married and have children. ” ? An aspiration pre feminism `68 or so .


    Some of it is about the feminist ideal but a significant part of it is down to a necessity to have 2 incomes in order to meet the cost of housing in the UK today.



    The recitation of St Francis’ Prayer for Peace in the most nauseating and hypocritical display I have ever seen from a British politician and I include Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg in that comparison.








    Maybe that was the thinking behind the early wind-up of the New Town Development Corporations.



    I think Irvine was the only one which bucked the trend;instead of the tenants voting for transfer to a new Housing Association,they went council.



    More protection of status.

  5. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 6th March 2017 11:32 am



    Quick question if you don’t mind ?



    Is Boyata good enough ?



    Asking cause his passing was the problem that saw him pilloried and ridiculed by some Celtic supporters.





    IMHO he is; the problem he found with trying to get the ball to a team-mate was that St Mirren were very well organized and many of our players weren’t finding space. Brendan Rodgers has stated that if a player cannot find a pass it’s not his fault; it’s the fault of his team-mates for not creating space for themselves.







    I was being facetious after reading back earlier. I don’t think GMS played badly at all. He had a couple bad decisions in game, one when running through on goal and should have shot with his right rather than control with his left and shoot and the other again running on goal an obviously sleeping at their free to give bit space to cross.



    As well as the above GMS also nearly made first goal in first few mins, and then continued to create a couple of other chances. His running and breakup play was also good. He was no better or worse than any other player in first have. And overall in first half we were not on FIYA we were again the better side and could sti have scored 2 or 3.



    Second half we just destroyed them as they tired. Much like we’ve done most games were we score 3+ goals in a game.



    Good to see Leigh get on score sheet.



    Dembele should have had another Hatrick yesterday.



    Sinky was great again and super sub Paddy played well also.



    Boyatta was solid, goal apart, were he ball watched and dropped his man leaving Broony to try and cover two.



    In the first half our biggest problem was not GMS but some very poor passing from Bitton (at least 3 poor poor passes) and a couple of times pulling out of 50/50’s and Brown unusual for this season with a couple of stray passes and being caught on ball often albeit usually with two or three nipping at him a time. We didn’t control the midfield and we were not aggressive enough in that area in first half. Armstrong also wasn’t at his best in first half. But all that said the goal apart we were still the best team of the two in the first 45 mins.



    In the first half our midfield just didn’t midfield, to steal a phrase from Stupid FC Hun.



    Even if Moussa’s slice had went in I’d still have been confident of a win.



    In the end we just outplayed them and tired our opponent out as they chased the ball. Overall we can play much better.




  7. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 6th March 2017 11:48 am



    It was intrinsic to the planning. I worked for one of the Vol Orgs in the new towns so have many a tale to tell on that one!











    I suspect that the banks who were falling over themselves to offer mortgages to council tenants would pull the plug on Rent-to-buy landlords if that ever happened.




    Why do you mean by pulling the plug? If you’re talking about new buy-to-let mortgages or remortgages of existing ones, the banks have already tightened up the lending criteria, the stress tests mean its already much harder to get a high loan-to-value mortgage than it was even as recently as two years ago. The rates are about as low as they have been for a long time but they are selling fewer mortgages than ever because of the tightening of the criteria and because of the changes in stamp duty and tax relief on mortgage interest that came in last year and starts this April. Banks are already lending a lot less to buy-to-let landlords, that particular market has slowed down a lot.



    If you mean pulling the plug on existing mortgages I’m not sure what you mean.




    Think of the cost to The Treasury in lost stamp duty. Never happen.



    Stamp Duty isn’t a huge earner for the Treasury, less than £8bn last year. If you mean a drop in receipts due to a fall in private property prices, there would be a considerable increase in the number of properties sold which would generate stamp duty and the government would increase stamp duty on less expensive properties to make up some of the short fall. Or somehow make sure that they/the taxpayer doesn’t bear the cost of such a controversial plan.




    No-one will have the balls to stop the roundabout.



    I don’t understand what you mean, what roundabout, the housing market?

  9. Just watched whole game again on DC sports. The difference between the two half’s was stark.


    GMS started the game well and had some good touches and a good chance when put through by Armstrong on 8 mins, he couldn’t control it and lost the ball. After they scored his head seemed to go down maybe he felt he should have cut out the cross,it wasn’t his fault, everyone thought they were playing the diagonal but St Mirren slid it down our right which took everyone by surprise.


    Gms did some good work after that and wasn’t afraid to get stuck in with the tackles. The problem came in or around the last third, when bearing down on goal he seemed to either panic or rush it.


    He wasn’t alone btw, some slack passing from nearly all the side in that 1st half.


    Some were blaming the pitch, it didn’t help, but it was the same pitch in the 2nd half. In which we were excellent.


    BR did the right thing, we could all see it, and hooked him at half time.


    This is not a witch-hunt or scapegoating, the lad was just having a bad day maybe even trying too hard.