Celtic v St Mirren, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30.

Today’s team…




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  1. Inside Paradise



    Subdued Celtic with several players struggling including GMS and SA, especially poor in the delivery.



    Expect to see Paddy Roberts in the second half where Celtic need width to get past the Paisley parked bus.

  2. We are playing a team bottom of the championship. Think about that. No mibbery (yet) Nervousness all over the pitch. 45 min to save the treble.

  3. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Time for Roberts and Griffiths.


    We are terribly predictable and St.Mirren are well organised and full of confidence.

  4. Nothing at all to do with the pitch,the ref,and any other excuse,at present we are not playing good ,and yes up till now well done St Mirren,

  5. foghorn leghorn on

    tom boyd in the press area of the main stand with a cqn tammy on



    did he pay for it or get it free from the cqn hat clique?



    we should be told

  6. GMS does not have the ability or self confidence to be player Celtic can regularly rely upon.



    This has been obvious for some time.


    He can’t handle the pressure that goes with having to perform well regularly.



    He is decent when the match is won and he is not under pressure.



    Time for Griffiths & Roberts.





  7. HT – Celtic seems uncharacteristically out of sorts. GMS not working (imo) seeing plenty of the ball but not doing anything of note with it. I’d bring on Paddy. SS not seeing a lot of the ball either. Most of our play in the 1st half was aimlessly pinging the ball from one side of the pitch to another with little in the way of penetration. Moussa missed an open goal. On first viewing I think the ball took a ‘bad bounce’ and it ended up hitting him on the shin. Apart from that a Scotty B shot that went wide (should he have done better?) and poor effort from SS is the sum total of our efforts. Strange game !!!

  8. GMS needs to sit down with one of those well paid mental coaches, he has closed down well and one few tackles but time after time he screws up.



    With that said this pitch is bloody awful, not surprising that they scored with an a ball in the air.



    Will take a lot of graft in the second half but we are not looking good.



    KTF. wee leigh to come on and score 2 freekicks 2-1 Celtic

  9. Bhoys are playing ok up to final third. St Mirren are doing well to close down the space for Sinclair and Moussa. I think Brendan will just tell them to calm down and be more careful with the final ball. Their one chance was poor marking all the way across our back-line. Other than that, St Mirren have done nothing but frustrate us, they don’t look like they can score another. GMS has worked very hard but has struggled in forward positions.



    Hopefully St Mirren will tire as the game progresses as we will find more space. Not panicking yet.

  10. Fullybhoy not an excuse just an observation St Mirren deserve their lead ,we’ve got to start playing. H H Hebcelt


    Looks like some of the players were up the town last night.



    Half hearted display by some, whereas The Buddies are full of vigour.



    A fair chunk of the supporters able to attend also reverting to moaning at players.



    We’ve seen this type of game before

  12. The Pitch is in very poor condition. BR on record stating it impedes us. Having said that it in no way excuses the rather lack lustre performance thus far. St Mirren playing well but Celtic are not giving them too many problems. St Mirren will be happy to allow Celtic the majority of possession if we do hee haw with it.

  13. Disjointed, with lack of penetration; hopefully will be sorted by Brendan. Need Paddy on I think.

  14. Sadly must agree with Tiny Tim. It’s not about being a Drama Queen or not backing a player.


    I wish nothing but success for GMS and if he ends up match winner today, I’ll be as happy as Larry but just watching him since his arrival at Celtic, I just don’t think he is good enough.


    I trust Ronny to change things and I look forward to a much different second half.



    By the way today is a reminder of the reality of Football, it also shows how much credit is due to the team for the tremendous run they have put on up to today.

  15. Dexter P. Bampot on

    It goes without saying that this is our worst performance in a long time



    The main issue for me is the lack of tempo in our passing and the biggest culprit is boyata



    He is consistently slowing the play Down and taking extra touches which are totally unnecessary



    GMS? More like PMSL.



    The one or two times when a midfield runner has gone beyond the back four of the opposition have looked promising but beyond those straws in the wind, the attacking performance has been abysmal.



    Sutton has won every single challenge in the air and to be frank we could be a couple down.



    Let’s now see our new signing on for Armstrong and PR for PMSL.

  16. Paddy coming on for GMS I think. GMS having a poor game but the guy behind me continually shouting abuse at him does my head in. “An embarrassment ” he said.



    Told him the only embarrassment was him pretending to be a Celtic supporter.



    We started well enough but lost our way. Time for Brendan to do his stuff

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Not a pitch for tippy tippy football.



    We are in a battle, so some players need to show up.

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